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  1. Follow https://fabfree.wordpress.com/ for free/low cost items. The people blogging there are very talented.
  2. Would it be posisble for LL (or a TPV) to enable Rich Text format, on notecards?
  3. One thing I would recommend is exporting your shape via Firestorm to an XML file. THen you can don a new shape (with your new head) and IMPORT thos XML settings. It won't get you (even) vlose, head wise - but it does give you a starting point - and you WON'T screw up your old shape!
  4. Shades of Frank Lloyd Wright. Kewl! How about HOBBIT HOMES (Earth Sheltered)?
  5. STILT Homes (as in S/E US). There'll be three styles, all on stilts. Overland Overwater Mixed (over land AND water) They'll just be on demo, for now. They cannot really proceed with any regions until their Project: UPLift is complete (move to cloud). 1024m², as well. JUST got crashed out of the region - so - yeah, it'll be a while.
  6. Tiny Trailer.... Owner: Notta Mole Creator: FrankLee Anatra http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SL17B Exhilarate/51/34/23 Can't wait, for the big reveal!
  7. I wonder if the theme has something to do with VACATIONS and Vacation Housing (hence the tiny campers, tents, etc). That could also explain the 'Bungalo' {?} Patch posted.
  8. Gianfar Peaks of Pern (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuma/103/179/83) while not STRICTLY Midæval, is set with a Midæval level of technology. The sim is based off the book series, Dragonriders of Pern.
  9. One of the peccadilloes of the Linden Lab SL viewer (and TPVs) which has been bugging me of late, is the support for multiple monitors. Now, I'm not talking about being able to extend your screen across two adjacent monitors, I'm talking about the ability to pop out, and move chat windows, notecards, HUDs, etc off to a second monitor, leaving a 'clean slate' for SL in all its SLishness :-). Now, I'm not a programmer, but I wonder if some smart viewer programmer would be able and willing, to rise to the challenge, and garner a legion of fans (or at least, just me).
  10. What may be an interesting experiment is to create a windows VM under virtualbox under 'buntu, and running SL/FS in that.
  11. One thing I believe may make (help make) smaller (512m²) homes more popular would be to include some basic furnishings, in the build (outside of the LI allowance). AS for styles, I would love to see smaller abobe based housing, or tiny homes (such as the last option for the trailers (I forget the name)). Basically a one or two room virtual structure.
  12. Still running /c classic avatar shapes, skins here. Haven't seen much reason to change, although, truth be told, it's probably due to sheer laziness on my part. I did spend a lot of lindens (in the day) to buy this shape, and I LIKE it, dangnabbit! Of course, my RP group has started educating us on MESH heads, etc, for general avatar customization and education. We'll see if this old dog can learn new tricks.
  13. It WOULD be a good idea, (IMNSHO) if LL would allow inventory sharing between alts. Obviously, this would require some (or a lot of) oversight. Perhaps if it was limited to PREMIUM accounts, registered to the same eMail address AND credit card number. Then, perhaps require the account hold to register them as known alts.
  14. I picked up a houseboat near DellaLaBella's earlier today, just a little bit further east - over in Ambition. Was waiting/trying for several weeks now.
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