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  1. Have you tried marketplace ANS? If you know a little about php, mysql and have some server space you can accomplish what you want. If you want to try this route (not sure if you have yet), here is a great starting point : Make sure to read to the end of the posts as some of the variables have changed. I hope this can help point you in the right direction.
  2. Yah he threaten our first born child child to some extent when he went on his customer service rage when this all happened. Its a lot to come from a person that gets most of his stuff from turbosquid.com and other sites alike. He threatens alot for content he can't even do anything legally about, seeing that most is actually owned and created by real mesh designers like myself. I don't make a lot of items, but at least I created them by hand in maya, not baught (or maybe baught) off some 3d website. Only the person from turbosquid or the alike can file the dmca anyways. He has no real case here.
  3. I had this problem in firefox and fixed it by going to this page and clicking the big blue "refresh firefox" button. I can see all the images now. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings
  4. Great post Sassy! I needed to make an auto-shoutcast server setup script and thought hey "why not try ANS" So I was glad to find this post to get started. I found that yours is set for Xstreet, so I decided to be nice to the community and release my updated version for the new SL marketplace. I have also added in some functions to clean the input (for security). This is much the same as Sassy's Tut, but when it comes to the part about hooking up your marketplace store to the php page, you will need to do this instead.. In the top of the php page the variable $myMPSalt, needs the code that is generated from your merchant account page. To get this code : Log into your merchant account and from the top menu choose My Marketplace>Merchant Home then on the left menu under Store Setup click Automatic Notifications (ANS). You will then need to enter the exact url to the php page you have uploaded to your server. example: http://mysite.com/rt_mp_ans.php When its saved you will need to copy the Notification salt code into $myMPSalt variable. example: $myMPSalt = "yourNotificationSalt"; Now as seen in Sassy's video, add the Sql query below. Then you should be good to go Heres the php page: <?php // This is your ANS php page // This file name MUST be linked to your marketplace store in order for this to work!!// When you set the URL of your ANS/SLM Processor in the Merchant ANS Configuration, a Salt Code will be generated and displayed.//error_reporting(E_ALL); //uncomment this for debugging$myMPSalt = "yourNotificationSalt"; // Salt code from MP$isValid = false;$myMPHash = $_SERVER['HTTP_X_ANS_VERIFY_HASH'];$myCalcHash = sha1($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] . $myMPSalt);if ($myMPHash == $myCalcHash) { $isValid = true;}if ($isValid) {if (isset($_GET['TransactionID'])) { $myServer = "localhost"; // Your database server$myUser = ""; // Your database username$myPass = ""; // Your database pass$myDB = ""; // Your database name$dbconnect = mysql_connect($myServer, $myUser, $myPass) or die("Couldn't connect to SQL Server on $myServer " . mysql_error() );$dbselect = mysql_select_db($myDB, $dbconnect) or die("Trouble selecting the database.");if (!function_exists('sql_val')) {function sql_val( $input ) { if ( get_magic_quotes_gpc() ) { $input = stripslashes( $input ); } //get_magic_quotes_gpc() return ( "'" . mysql_real_escape_string( $input ) . "'" );}} //end function not existif ( !function_exists( 'clean' ) ) {function clean( $input, $type="", $no_tags="" ) { if ($no_tags != "") { $input = trim(strip_tags($input)); } if ($type != "") { if (strlen(strstr($type,"("))>0) { $split = explode("(", $type); $type = $split['0']; $limit = str_replace(")", "", $split['1']); if (is_numeric($limit)){ if ( ($type == "int") && (!is_int($input)) ) { $input = (int)substr($input, 0, $limit); } else { $input = substr($input, 0, $limit); } } } } if ( get_magic_quotes_gpc() ) { $input = stripslashes( $input ); } if ( @mysql_ping() != "" ) { $input = mysql_real_escape_string( $input ); } else { $search = array("\x00", "\n", "\r", "\\", "'", '"', "\x1a"); $replace = array("\\x00", "\\n", "\\r", "\\\\" ,"\'", '\"', "\\x1a"); $input = str_replace($search, $replace, $input); } return $input;} //end function} //end function not existif (!function_exists('reverb')) {function reverb($value) { return htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($value));}}//end functin not existsif (!function_exists('print_x')) {function print_x($value) { echo '<pre>'; print_r($value); echo '</pre>';}}//end functin not existsdate_default_timezone_set("America/Los_Angeles");$TimeStamp = gmdate('l, F j, Y h:i:s A', time()); $TransactionID = isset($_GET['TransactionID']) ? clean($_GET['TransactionID'], "bigint(20)") : "";$ItemID = isset($_GET['ItemID']) ? clean($_GET['ItemID'], "int(10)") : "";$ItemName = isset($_GET['ItemName']) ? clean($_GET['ItemName'], "varchar(100)") : "";$PayerName = isset($_GET['PayerName']) ? clean($_GET['PayerName'], "varchar(100)") : "";$PayerKey = isset($_GET['PayerKey']) ? clean($_GET['PayerKey'], "varchar(36)") : "";$ReceiverName = isset($_GET['ReceiverName']) ? clean($_GET['ReceiverName'], "varchar(100)") : "";$ReceiverKey = isset($_GET['ReceiverKey']) ? clean($_GET['ReceiverKey'], "varchar(36)") : "";$MerchantName = isset($_GET['MerchantName']) ? clean($_GET['MerchantName'], "varchar(100)") : "";$MerchantKey = isset($_GET['MerchantKey']) ? clean($_GET['MerchantKey'], "varchar(36)") : "";$PaymentGross = isset($_GET['PaymentGross']) ? clean($_GET['PaymentGross'], "varchar(12)") : "";$InventoryName = isset($_GET['InventoryName']) ? clean($_GET['InventoryName'], "varchar(100)") : "";$PaymentFee = isset($_GET['PaymentFee']) ? clean($_GET['PaymentFee'], "varchar(12)") : "";$Date = gmdate("Y/m/d");$query = 'REPLACE INTO sl_marketplace_ans ( `TimeStamp`, `TransactionID`, `ItemID`, `ItemName`, `PayerName`, `PayerKey`, `ReceiverName`, `ReceiverKey`, `MerchantName`, `MerchantKey`, `PaymentGross`, `InventoryName`, `PaymentFee`, `Date` ) VALUES ( '.sql_val($TimeStamp).', '.sql_val($TransactionID).', '.sql_val($ItemID).', '.sql_val($ItemName).', '.sql_val($PayerName).', '.sql_val($PayerKey).', '.sql_val($ReceiverName).', '.sql_val($ReceiverKey).', '.sql_val($MerchantName).', '.sql_val($MerchantKey).', '.sql_val($PaymentGross).', '.sql_val($InventoryName).', '.sql_val($PaymentFee).', '.sql_val($Date).' )'; /*<!-- depending on how you want to display errors, comment or uncomment the following -->*/$result = mysql_query($query) or $db_message = '<p class="db_error"><b>A fatal MySQL error occurred while trying to save <b>'.reverb($_GET['TransactionID']).'</b> to the database.</b><br />Query: '.$query.'<br />Error: ('.mysql_errno().') '.mysql_error().'</p>';if ($result) $db_message = '<p class="db_success">Successfully saved <b>TransactionID : '.reverb($_GET['TransactionID']).'</b> to the database!!</p>';else $db_message = '<p class="db_error">Error saving <b>TransactionID : '.reverb($_GET['TransactionID']).'</b> to the database!!</p>';print_x($query);/*<!-- end of error displays -->*/if (isset($db_message)) echo $db_message; }//end if isset TransactionID}//end if is Validelse{ //$isValid = false; $ANS_error = '<p class="ans_fail">Hash calculation <b>Failed!</b> Check Your Salt Code!!</p>'; echo $ANS_error;}?> And heres the SQL CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `sl_marketplace_ans` ( `id` int(12) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `TimeStamp` text COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `TransactionID` bigint(20) NOT NULL, `ItemID` int(10) NOT NULL, `ItemName` varchar(100) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `PayerName` varchar(100) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `PayerKey` varchar(36) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `ReceiverName` varchar(100) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `ReceiverKey` varchar(36) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `MerchantName` varchar(100) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `MerchantKey` varchar(36) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `PaymentGross` varchar(12) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `InventoryName` varchar(100) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `PaymentFee` varchar(12) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, `Date` text COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`), UNIQUE KEY `TransactionID` (`TransactionID`)) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci AUTO_INCREMENT=0; I hope people find this useful. With a bit of php and lsl know how, you can do many things with this.
  5. He should also take warning that: If it is determined that the copyright holder misrepresented its claim regarding the infringing material, the copyright holder then becomes liable to the person harmed for any damages that resulted from the improper removal of the material. [512(f)]
  6. Yes, However, I myself did not break any terms. To try and file a DMCA against me just because they want to, is to say the least, childish. That would also imply that anyone could put a notecard in their products and say, "I have the right to take all my products back and refund your money for just about any reason I see fit". Then threaten DMCA infringement for non compliance of removing said products. If that was the true case, I would not see the marketplace as a reliable place to purchase items anymore.
  7. Thanks for the very informative reply I agree with your idea on a acceptance of terms and license button prior to purchases that would require such. Could you imagine if people were in fact able to file a DMCA against others based off a review? We would never see an honest review again lol
  8. Ok, so my wife gave a 3 star review on a semi-popular mesh creator (whom I wont disclose of yet), and they seem to think its ok to threaten a DMCA complaint on a "violation of license terms" . He sent back 24k to her and told her he was going to have the lindens remove all the products she baught including all the ones she has sold. Then he came to me and threatened the same thing and payed me about 9k (which I sent back and laughed). I didnt even write a review nor was I any part of this lol, but he seems to think its ok to file a DMCA agaisnt me as well. He thinks im an alt because we are under the same company name, but I am not an alt and have my own payment info on file. Im wondering what some of the rest of the sl community has to say about this. Is it just me or does it seem he's waaaay out of context here?
  9. Must See Sim! We are selling the sim with all of the sim decorations intact :) .... more info below... All of the photos are actual screenshots from SL, with region windlight settings on. Mentioned in LillyBeth Filth's (TRU TEXTURES CEO) blog, before final texture work - LINK Also showcased in the sim to see in this months Breeders Blend magazine - (cover story) Its a full private region on the Magnum RC server (class 5). Asking Price With all that you see in the pictures $150 USD + transfer, buyer covers transfer of ownership. For inquiries send a notecard to Roscko Cobalt or my wife Bonadea Avedon in world and we will discuss further. Please only serious inquires apply.
  10. speaking of ratings and reviews has anyone else noticed that when we merged from xstreet only ratings followed not the reviews right? well how is reviews from 2007 show up for magic box
  11. Haha yah, made me laugh quite hard seeing Bill like that. Damn, now I want a pudding pop 0.0
  12. lol who said anything about hating Bill Cosby, I like Dr. Heathcliff oh btw the sim was Nexus Prime on Aditi Test Grid, when a mesh sand box is no avail I keep getting sent there grrrr its still there and sooooo laggy. I hope I dont keep getting sent here. doah!
  13. This morning I jumped on to SL to go work on a new mesh item of mine and tried to get into a mesh sandbox in Aditi. Well lately its been a hit and miss for me to actually get teleported into one in the firstplace .. grrrr any hew, as I was waiting for things to rez while being stuck at the nexis default region I decided to fly around and explore. What I didnt know was me flying up whould trigger this massive attack red ball from hell spewing thousand of posters and hitting me up with tons of messeges and other crap........ its probably still going on now as I write this..... so a warning to mesh uploaders on mesh beta sandbox grids- If you get sent to nexis (I think thats the name), what ever you do DONT fly around lols ... unless of course your a huge fan of Bill Cosby and Jello ;) 0.o Screen 1: and no thats not me shouting, its the object... Heres screen 2:
  14. I am guessing eccomy is good because ll has stolen alot of ppls money on oct17th ll took 35k from my account and has failled to respond to my ticket even though the transaction is clearly stated on on transaction history .I attempted to sell 35k and it went no where except for ll pocketsand out of mine.Hoping by posting in here it will let others know what is going on and maybe add some pressure to ll to look at my problem.
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