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  1. thanks for the reply dr oz! this simplifies things. now i don't have to figure out how to get it to work. i can explore other alternatives in notifying about updates automatically. it seems my free shop is taking off. i seem to be getting an increase in messages from random users every few months who are asking for help or giving feedback on the items i have in my marketplace . i don't know if that's a good or bad indicator for second life health, seeing how it's a free shop i have, if users are spending less money on SL turning to free items, or there are more users in second life overall. maybe my shop is simply becoming higher on external search engines. i don't really check my actual sales because i make free things, even though i think i can see how many people have gotten my items. well that's the answer i wanted, even though it's not the answer i wanted. it's good there is an actual staff member replying to forum posts. so many games and community forums are entirely user reply driven. i don't like when there is money being transferred from users to games or businesses , and they can't even dedicate a staff member to reading and replying to users on their forums. kudos to second life for that.
  2. it's a shame web browsers tend to see the my marketplace website just fine, but i can't seem to get any reply from SL commands. i guess i do get a reply, that the website is there or not. if i put in an unknown domain it doesn't give me a status code. why is all i get a status code? as for the unwanted items you can probably just block the sender and it will stop it. i wanted to keep things i give out non auto update by default, but if someone wants to be notified automatically about updates, i want them to have that option. my fallback is to make an item and rez it in my home, and try to get items i give out to communicate with that. it's a bad way of doing it because it's all tied to an item i created forever, and i can't really change that item in the future or remove that item from my home because it's communicating with all the products i've given out so far. it's much more elegant to have all items people get from me be able to have an object which checks if the webpage they got the item from is still there. i can simply cancel the old items (i don't actually update my items on the marketplace like i imagine most creators do, i make an entirely new upload page for each version update, like an entirely new item). i think second life is very good for being so customizable, but why make a command which communicates with websites, and then make it not work with all websites? it doesn't have in the caveats how there is some way the command does not communicate with websites but web browsers can communicate with those websites. how hard would it be to have a command which can communicate with all websites? i thought that's what httpresponse and httprequest is supposed to do. why is it kicking back an unknown error to a website which obviously works with web browsers whether the browser is signed in or not?
  3. i figured i would start a new thread, because after reading the recent topics, nothing applied to my question. i am a very good mostly self taught programmer, and i'm having an issue with http response and request commands (llhttprequest()). the recent moderator thread about MIME doesn't seem to apply to this problem. i don't think it's needed to post any code, because i've been trying all different ways within LSL and i always get the same return. i'm simply trying to check if a marketplace page is there or not. i want to be able to optionally automatically notify my customers who have bought something from my shop (everything in my shop is free) about when there is an update, without using the spam most creators do every time the particular creator decides there is a minor update to an item. without going into more detail, the problem is with this event http_response(key request_id, integer status, list metadata, string body) the "status" alway returns 499 when i try to visit any page on https://marketplace.secondlife.com whether or not the page exists. i tried everything i could think of, even all the https (as opposed to http) things on the wiki and read all the caveats and read the jiras. it's like the sl marketplace doesn't know how to handle that command. in fact after looking the source of a marketplace page i saw literally the command httpresponse, as if the page is intentionally blocking that command. i didn't understand what the source was doing with that command. generally professionally created software is difficult to understand anything going on with the code, becuse it links to so many other places, so it would take hours just to figure out what is happening. every other website i've used the http response it returns the body or a different "status" code, and even the other sl website the event seems to work (https://secondlife.com) but no matter what i do i always get a 499 for the "status" response from the marketplace website. i'm writing this on the SL forums because i don't think trial and error will solve this. i thought of accessing the marketplace site with a sort of spider or webbot which automatically writes to a page on my personal website, and then using the llhttpresponse event to that page on my personal website, but that's a lot of work for something which should be easy to do within LSL when accessing SL's own website. apparently https is supported with this command and event from what i have been reading, so i wanted to see if i'm missing something or coded something wrong. all i'm asking is how to access the sl marketplace with this command. posting invalid tries seems useless to me. i can post a hundred ways it doesn't work. all i need is one way it does work. give me the body of a page on the sl marketplace, or give me some code other than 499 and i'll be happy. if i get the body i can run an auto word search i created from scratch within LSL to determine if it's the page i want or not. regardless, any advice anyone has will be helpful. i'll keep checking this thread for a few weeks to see if anyone posts anything. several customers have asked me for an automatic updater, and sending messages to everyone 'whether they like it or not' seems an unprofessional way to notify about updates to items i bought, like most creators in sl do. i swear i get a dozen of these unwanted updates every day because i paid for things i never or rarely use. i know i can simply block the sender, but most people don't know that, or don't think of doing that. i'm not asking "because i can't figure out how to stop creators from spamming me". i'm asking "because i don't want to spam my customers". sorry for the rant.
  4. yes you are correct rollig. there seems to be no problem typecasting strings to vectors in LSL. thank you for replying. now only if all commands in LSL worked. i keep a list of LSL commands which have bugs. i guess you can see bugs in the http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Portal under 'caveats'. i wonder if SL removed the known bugs in LSL commands forum area. i have a couple bugs in LSL i could add from commands not working how they "should". i guess LSL commands were made so they worked in one situation, not all situations. typecasting usually works between commands in LSL, but not between every type it "could". LSL has less major bugs than i thought it did, but let's not kid ourselves, LSL is buggy.
  5. i know this is an old post, but it has a lot of hits and i wanted to offer my "transfer vector between objects" solution. instead of fumbling with type casting in an old framework like LSL, i program my way around the "holes" in the commands. i put this example in script format, so the newbies can copy and paste the parts of the script (not the titles ## ##), and then "touch" the first object and the second object will pop 1 meter above the first object showing how to send a vector between 2 objects. ## put in first object ## default { on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llSay(1011,(string)llGetPos()); } } ## put in second object ## integer lha; default { on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { lha = llListen(1011, "", NULL_KEY, ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { string m = message; integer spaceIndex = llSubStringIndex(m, ","); string x1 = llGetSubString(m, 1, spaceIndex-1); m = llDeleteSubString(m, 0,llStringLength(x1)+1); spaceIndex = llSubStringIndex(m, ","); string y1 = llGetSubString(m, 0, spaceIndex - 1); m = llDeleteSubString(m, 0,llStringLength(y1)+1); spaceIndex = llSubStringIndex(m, ","); string z1 = llGetSubString(m, 0, spaceIndex - 1); vector position = <(float)x1,(float)y1,(float)z1>; llSetPos(position + <0,0,1>); llListenRemove(lha); } }
  6. thank you for the reply whirly, but i was referring to the main thread on answer pages, not this page. i know the rest of the main pages on these forums display comments like they should. the answer forums allow comments but hide comments. the problem got fixed after a weird phone call to linden labs. just to finish the story about my problem... i just finished a phone call with lindens labs, and they were able to help me with a technical question (exactly the opposite of what the "senior helper" wrote in the "answer" thread I'M TALKING ABOUT THE ANSWER THREAD I LINKED INITIALLY, NOT THIS THREAD. PLEASE READ CORRECTLY AND AT LEAST REALIZE THOSE LINKS WEREN'T REFERRING TO THIS THREAD IF YOU ARE GOING TO DISAGREE ABOUT SOMETHING). after i cancelled the limit buy, the money just disappeared for a couple days. the money would probably be missing forever if i didn't submit a ticket. my guess is that they won't even fix this problem. they will allow this bug to go unfixed. the money magically reappeared as if had never cancelled, and only after i submitted the ticket. i got no message telling me the money was back, and the "answer" is still open. if i had not contacted support i doubt the money would have ever come back. even the woman on the phone when i called lindens labs agreed it was a bug of some kind. the LINDEN LABS WOMAN ON THE PHONE SAID IT WAS BILLED AS BOTH AN INSTANT BUY AND A LIMIT BUY. that was the bug . THIS IS A BUG ON THE WEBSITE. EVEN THE SUPPORT PERSON GAVE VERBAL PROOF. when i gave my security question, they never recieved it apparently according to the woman i was talking to. why ask for a security question and other personal info if you arent going to do anything when you get it? maybe the person reading the ticket doesn't know how to operate the website? maybe the person reading the ticket could not see my reply due to another bug in the website? i think linden labs should fire their website designer and half of their staff who are not getting anything accomplished. it wouldn't make much of a difference if they fired a lot of people apparently. just don't fire the people who are doing a good job.
  7. thank you for replying however, there are a lot of incorrect things about what alwin wrote... there is obviously a major problem because my money disappeared after cancelling an order and it's the 3rd day now my money is still gone. it's supposed to go back into my account "immediately" so i can buy lindens at a different rate, but the money is still not there. maybe threatening an SL employee won't do anything, but it's worth a try, and when linden labs gets served, it will mean something to them. they need to fix my problem, or they could be facing a lawsuit. the answer section DOES NOT work correctly. i can comment on "answers". here is "proof". here is the main link people will arrive at when they click on my thread. as you will notice, no referene to any comment is there. there is NO DIFFERENCE in the way this page looks whether or not there is a comment or not https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/i-cancelled-an-order-and-the-money-disappeared/qaq-p/3086068 and here is the SAME PAGE showing my comment. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/i-cancelled-an-order-and-the-money-disappeared/qaq-p/3086068/comment-id/13578#M13578 regardless whether the forums is "run" by users, it has to be moderated in some fashion. this website was not designed by users. i've created forums linked to video games and payment options before. it's not really that difficult. someone screwed up. as for the answer the "senior helper" gave, how does that apply to my question? i asked a very specific question, and i was given an answer which did not apply to my question at all. if people simply post on a forum to up their post count, it fills a forum like this with unneccessary posts. if the senior helper in some way was approved by linden labs, they should not be posting in the answer section with unrelated things. the senior helper should have simply wrote "you did the right thing filling out a ticket" or offered some advice which helped me, not just posted non technical contact information. i really don't see how this isn't a technical issue. i don't mind people disagreeing with me about things, however please don't disagree just to disagree. i'm making legitamate points here. it's great people like to disagree, but please make sure you know what you are talking about before you "randomly disagree" with things people write. one of the problems with society is the ability to disagree and accuse people without being at risk in any way yourself. so alwin disagreed with me. does alwin get to keep disagreeing with anything and everything people write? how many times has alwin disagreed with people before and it been incorrect? honestly i don't know why anyone uses forums if more than half of the things people write on forums are incorrect or not pertinent. maybe i should go to alwin's posts and just disagree to disagree without caring if what i'm writing is legitamate or not. please be considerate of other people's problems alwin.
  8. there are major problems with the second life website... first off i used the delayed buy feature to buy lindens like i've done many times before. i set a pretty high rate, and after the recommended 4 days 0 lindens were filled, i cancelled the order. the money disappeared. you can read the details about the money disappearing if you want here https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/i-cancelled-an-order-and-the-money-disappeared/qaq-p/3086068/comment-id/13578#M13578 i contacted support and i told support privately if this takes more than 2 months i will take them to small claims court (sue second life). it's not ok for a website to make your money disappear. it's been 2 days since it happened, and after i contacted support they asked me for my security question, my date of birth, and other information. i replied and i haven't heard back since. i know it's only been 2 days, but if it's a problem with the website they don't need to "communicate" with me. they should just realize it's a bug and fix it. still if they are doing this to other people, it could turn into a class action lawsuit. my other problem with this website is that it doesn't show comments in the "answers" thread. one of the "senior helpers" answered my question with something unrelated to my question as you can see in the link above. i guess the senior helper didn't know what to say to help me, so she gave a generic answer which didn't apply to my question. i replied and thanked her for the quick reply (as you can see in the above post) but my comment was hidden by the website. i found out if you click the "permanlink" at the bottom it shows my comment. "permalink" means "permanent hyperlink" which implied "anchor link". there is no way to tell a reader there is another comment, if that's even supposed to happen. i don't mind bugs in second life, even though it's the buggiest "simulation" or "game" i've ever played, because i understand it's free to use and things are constantly changing. bugs in the website especially when a website eats my money is not acceptable. they are gaining interest off of the money i paid them while it's hidden in their website. i am jumping through hoops just to get my money back. what the hell is wrong with this website?
  9. " Answered Options on ‎12-06-2016 10:16 PM If you have a non-technical issue related to billing concerns, you can call the Linden Lab billing team at the following toll-free numbers at any time 24/7: Local Toll-Free numbers US/Canada: 800-294-1067 FREE France: 0805-101-490 Germany: 800-724-4552 FREE Japan: 800-100-3060 FREE Brazil: 800-878-3076 FREE Spain: 90-083-9074 UK: 800-086-9081 FREE Long distance ( not free, but you can use Skype to save some cost ) : 703-286-6277 **Note: Support is offered only in English Not as dumb as I look " it looks like this is a technical issue to me. there is no "non technical" problem here. your reply was very fast, so thank you for replying rolig loon! i submitted a ticket. this is the first time i've had a problem with buying lindens in second life. hopefully this problem will be fixed quickly and i won't have problems buying lindens again.
  10. i tried to buy about 13,000 lindens at a rate of 299 lindens. after waiting more than 4 days (the suggested time to fill order) 0 lindens were filled so i cancelled the order, but the money seems to have simply disappeared. from what i read on other forum posts the money is supposed to go back to "my account" immediately, however when i go to my account page the money is not there. i checked and the money was taken from my card 4 days ago, also the account history page shows the money was withdrawn. where is my money? on https://secondlife.com/my/account/?lang=en-US Linden Dollar balance: en-US 277.00 US Dollar balance: en-US 0.00 my account history Starting Balance $0.00 LindeX Buyer Total $44.40 Balance Adjustment ($44.40) Ending Balance $0.00 i relogged into the website just to make sure. did the money disappear into the website? ------------------------------ edited... i posted a comment in reply but it doesn't appear until you click the "hidden" permalink word at the bottom. here is my reply for people who are not used to navigating this forum. most forums show all comments when you click on the thread without the need to click a word like "permalink" which don't look like a link, and most people would not know that means "show acomment". https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Linden-Dollars-L/i-cancelled-an-order-and-the-money-disappeared/qaq-p/3086068/comment-id/13579#M13579
  11. i'm sorry about resurrecting a very old post, but since some of the pertinent links are broken i wanted to post the answer here. i'm a webmaster over a few websites. i believe it's impossible to animate your marketplace gif banner publically at this time (101016) this is why i believe this is the case... i tested the most basic possible gif (2 frames) and i am doing exactly what the SL website tells me to do when i upload. the gif animates fine privately, which tells me i'm uploading it correctly. when other people view your shop it is not an animated banner. the second life marketplace website actually changes your gif to a jpg when it's viewed from the public "my store" page. i don't know if this was intentional, or something which was overlooked by the second life webmaster. if there is any way to get your banner to animate publically, it would involve some type of trick you would not find on any official second life webpage. there seems to be no way to get an animated banner on your marktplace at this time.
  12. Sassy Romano wrote: Mute, de-renderer, ignore work perfectly. Stop playing the victim, it only empowered the abusers. this isn't a problem with harassment to "me" . this is a problem between people in the group i am sole leader in my land. i don't care if someone tries to harass me (ow my eyes hurt from harassing text), but i can't let this go on between people who visit my land at the level it has been the last few weeks. the things a land owner can do to stop some of these things like make it so avatars only 6 months old or older can come to the land works "perfectly" but doesn't perfectly solve this problem. a leader of a large group of sims told me that i could not even talk with her about the possible other avatars this .Linden impersonater has (even though she probably already knew the other avatars). it wasn't like i was copying and pasting ims or repeating something told to me in confidence. the other avatars i thought this griefer owns was based on the way most of the avatars are dressed (in furry females) and using the same type of wording in nearby chat with caps. even the amount of time between when this "griefer" logged on and off between avatars was always about the same amount of time. the reason i was talking with this leader of a large group of sims is because the griefer tried to pit that sim group against me. that's why i was talking directly to the leader of this other sim group, in order to clear up the things which were told to her which were lies about things i wrote. thank you for the clarifications with the replies. this thread helps clear things up for me (i'm relatively new to SL being only "8 months old"). i think part of the problem is i read second life stopped verifying credit cards 7 years ago. i guess the abuse reporting was set up to handle reports from a community with verified credit cards. it doesn't do well when second life keeps the same type of abuse report system after removing credit card verficiation.
  13. Sassy Romano wrote: Disclosure Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent -- including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile -- is not allowed. Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants' consent are all prohibited. From https://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php yes i see those are the rules you posted. so back to the problem at hand... if land owners are not allowed to discuss avatars in 1 to 1 ims (which are also considered private) between each other a person might have, how is this problem ever going to be solved or even slowed? this harasser has repeadedly broken just about every part of the "rules" in this quote, so is the solution simply to file single abuse reports against 1 week old avatars and hope second life handles it? what should we do until then, allow avatars like abuser1 abuser2 abuser3 to keep coming into the land harassing people, or ban these avatars from our land? i don't understand how this passes as "ok" to let people harass other people like this.
  14. a few groups i know have been having a problem probably with a single person who creates avatars and uses these new avatars to harass people and file abuse reports. this makes it hard for SL to stop because i was told something i believe was false. someone told me i am not allowed to even discuss other avatars a person "might" have. i don't see why this would not be allowed. i asked this person to show me where a .Linden wrote or said that users aren't allowed to discuss other avatars a person may also have. so anyway the bottom line is i don't have a good answer to how to stop someone who has been doing this in dozens of sims over months or years. the best solution i have is to put up a sign with instructions at the landing point of the land i own so people can report harassment easily. the harassment by this person should have been stopped by the second life abuse report people figuring out who created these avatars the first time the person impersonated a .Linden representative and somehow making sure this person never did it again. i think this harasser signs up for second life in different locations to make it seem like it's different "households" creating these avatars. i guess this is one of the biggest problems in second life because sims and .Lindens are simply banning avatars and not stopping people who create these avatars from making more avatars. i have a theory to require people to use facebook or twitter logins to sign up for second life, because somehow facebook manages this kind of thing a little (remember when facebook deleted so and so's second facebook account?). i don't think facebook is 100% at it, but it seems like second life doesn't manage anything beyond avatars at all, so second life only bans avatars and not people who make the avatars. this is causing a big problem with "counter" abuse reports and harassment without accountability in dozens of sims (i will not name which sims to protect those groups and businesses from even more harassment). someone told me this person has started doing death threats in instant messages. i told the victim to report it to SL. should they also report it to the police?
  15. i hope this post isn't too old to resurrect. after a lot of searching on these forums i did not find an answer to this problem, but i did figure it out myself. i was helping a friend who was running firestorm with this same exact problem and she finally fixed it by "stopping all animations" and detached all animation overriders then relogging. i hope this helps other people, because apparently this bug has been a problem for years. being a programmer myself i think this isn't a problem specifically with firestorm or second life, but with the lack of enough intolerance in firestorm when there aren't enough computer resources to handle everything properly in second life. it should notifity you or disconnect you if you don't have enough virtual ram or something. i would make it so you recieve a message "low ram, system restart suggested" when there is a possibility of bugs meaning you should restart your computer or mobile device to dump the ram. in laymen's terms this means if your computer is struggling with second life you run the chance of more bugs. seeing how firestorm is looking for people to volunteer in the welcome screen i saw today, i don't think a problem like this will be fixed on the backend any time soon.
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