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  1. I wonder how many of you even realize that once upon a time, there were no demos at all. For anything. Not for hair. Not for shoes. Not for skins or shapes. Not for outfits. No limited-per-use items you could test drive. Not for anything. Can some of you even image that? I also wonder how many of you has ever made or attempted to make hair. Any one of you know the amount of time and work that goes into that? The resources required. The textures just right. The flexi just right. The size just right. Every conceivable color that anyone could possibly want. Not to mention that certain style that each person wants. The packaging. The options. The photo ads. The place to make that all available for any one of you who is in search of just that right set of locks to adorn your otherwise bald and empty head. A creator wants one lousy Linden dollar for a demo version of his or her product line, for you to try before you buy, so you can be certain in advance if the style and color suits you. And typically, all many of you can do is snivel and whine about it. It may or at one time been for tracking purposes. It may be to offset the time and effort spent trying to keep business afloat. The practice has been in place long before the Freebie Roadmap was written, so to even suggest that is ludicrous, but naturally someone had to suggest it. Or maybe they simply feel that 1L is just not that much to ask. For many of you, it obviously is. And for that reason, you will always have to option to shop with them and begrudge giving up your lousy 1L, or with someone else. This is just one more example of the growing sense of entitlement which has become so pervasive in recent years.
  2. Unklebob.Hotaling wrote: Silly perhaps, but if it's not an abuse issue (the reason for 'reporting' being unknown) that would negate the need for an AR; in lieu of anyone else coming to mind contacting a Linden who has exercised influence with these forums (closest thing to a mod i've seen) about an issue pertaining to the forums seems a reasonable alternative... barring any other ideas of course. I meant silly in the sense that reporting a post for something doesn't necessarily mean abuse. Reporting a post can include things like posting in the wrong category or advertising when you shouldn't be advertising. I don't see that as warranting filing an Abuse Report. I would think (and hope) that ARs against your account hold more significance over reports for posting in the wrong forum . Now if someone is truly being abusive in the forums and attacking people personally, and one feels it warrants an Abuse Report, by all means, that option is available.
  3. Beyond the weirdness of this experience, it's really a sad story. Good friends kept at a distance not because of miles, but because of lag. Who'd have thunk it. I can't account for why this would happen only with this one person. Lag is caused by so many different things and there are lots of variables. I would highly recommend though if you are able to, upgrade your RAM to 3GBs. You'll see a significant difference in your experience. Ram is pretty cheap, although I don't know that for certain in Australia.
  4. OMG We have illegitimate alts running around the grid?
  5. Yes, a little silly to fall back on that. But for those who are determined, they will take the time to log and file an AR. Others won't be bothered, and perhaps the mods are counting on that?. Fewer reports to deal with.
  6. There was a report post button at one time, but apparently something happened to it. Coincidentally right at the time the Commerce forums opened. Apparently it's being fixed.
  7. I'm relieved to see "Avoid nakedness" is not yet another protest about something. You've missed a lot in two years. Have fun catching up and welcome back.
  8. HeidiJo.Cooperstone wrote: My tier payment isnt due until 10-07-09 and I want to pay it early, can you tell me how to do this? Mainland? My tier payments are on an automatic cycle, so I'm not sure how you can prepay. I suppose you could contact Billing and ask them about changing your billing date. Estate Land? Contact the person you pay your tier to.
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