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  1. See here - Click on linux. You likely lack required libraries. This may also be handy.
  2. Sera Lok wrote: I hope it is normal that all of my listings that I corrected are in fact items that I had deleted over a year ago? I no longer have any access to them on my side. Same here. It was just one item, but I deleted it long ago. I also had a message on the merchant dashboard about items having been delisted - yet none were. Odd.
  3. tools-pegasus is the name of a module in a specific brand of bed. I can't remember offhand which brand. It gives those errors when the script is unable to connect to their web-based database. I would contact the maker of your bed(s) for more information. It has nothing to do with viewer bridges - be it Phoenix or Firestorm.
  4. All good to hear - but as always, we shall see how it pans out in reality. I do find this line highly amusing: This was often experienced as “jitter” on the sim, especially evident when many avatars arrived at the same time, such as for a live event. Jitter? I'd hardly call 10-30seconds of total freeze "jitter". LOL and yes, it isn't gone at all - though admittedly not as bad as it used to be. I'll be happier when the bug itself is fixed; threading is just a "band aid" solution, and is currently resulting in many TPs failing with subsequent log-out.
  5. No. You should manually delete the contents of your cache folder. Preferences -> Network -> Disk Cache Location will tell you which folder it is. Log out of SL, find that folder and delete everything in it. Then log back in, preferably to a VERY quiet, low lag SIM, and allow your inventory to fully repopulate. While it does, do NOT TP or access your inventory. Once your inventory has fully reloaded, relog once more.
  6. Very good idea, thank you. I'll mark this an answered - and thank you again!
  7. OK thanks. I thought there might be a place hidden on the website for website issues. But thank you for digging. :-)
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