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  1. More often then not, the color change i apply is just a light tint that actually makes a huge difference to the overall look. You might not believe it, but most of your customers would actually know the limits of how much tinting a design with a pattern can have before it looks aweful. The fact that you spend hours on creating this actually doesn't matter. I spend hours to create textures for my furniture, but i don't mind if some club desires to tint it a bit so it matches better with their interior. I checked your template supplier and indeed he says "Derived products must be no modify alon
  2. The point is not whether i bought it or not. Often i like the design and i would contact the designer if its possible to obtain a mod version after buying a fatpack. And for your rl analogy. Dye is not included but widely available, although i dont find rl analogy relevant.
  3. Thanks for your answer, however they are not resizable, there are many other espects that can be altered like color, specular settings, turning off full bright, transparency etc, They could make their own texture if they wanted to, however i doubt that the amount of people that would go through that kinda trouble would affect the market (how it it affect the market if someone that has a fatpack requests a mod version and adds a texture from their own?). It is in my experience harder to match your new designed mesh to a texture than quickly create your own texture for a mesh you designed. I w
  4. I'd like to understand why so many designers make their objects no mod. For obvious reasons i can understand why no mod scripts exists, but i can't get my head around why people refuse to provide a mod version when asked. Everyone that likes dressing up knows that even when you buy fat packs of everything, it mostly isn't the right tone of the color you which to match or the designer did not use the specular settings as you'd like it to be or worse, they make their shoes full bright and you can't turn it off. Often things you easily miss in a demo. I can understand they don't want to sell sell
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