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  1. Thank you to everyone who replied - it has helped! I was here back in Beta days (with a different avie), left and returned several times. I do miss those days when we creative people could spend way too much time subtley adjusting our own skin features - that was fun. But as I understand it now, that is no longer possible, and you must get a skin to look "professional." I can do that! When I returned this last time, I used the avie I had back then, hence my inability to change what I wanted the most. I dug out a new and improved model that already had the bald cap on, so I am quite happy wi
  2. Interesting... ...but I still can't find "hair" or "skin" or any updated info on how to manipulate those, and believe me, I really need to change this red lip color!!
  3. Okay, so I've been away a good long while, but now that I'm here, I am unable to figure out how to change my avie's hair while in appearance mode! I know this must be simple, but I am stumped. Is original hair now set in stone? Thanks for any help for the ancient re-newb...
  4. It's mainland, and I am the sole owner. Is this something the Lindens can clear for me?
  5. I recently purchased some land and need to return some leftover objects to their owners. The problem is that when I click on the object and choose "return," nothing happens. Also, in the "about land" box, it shows 28 total objects when I can only see 3 of them (buried). Possibly these other objects are at a higher altitude? Choosing "return" on the objects page of "about land" does nothing. Could the original owners no longer be on SL? Any advice is welcomed:)
  6. Moochie Mendicant

    world map

    How do I find a particular sim when I am not inworld, but am looking at the world map online? Did that make sense?? The world is now so huge that it would take too long to hunt for one sime... thamks!
  7. Why does my avatar keep flying when I want to stop? It is completely unresponsive and takes several seconds to quit moving. I am looking to buy land, and wonder if, when this happens, if it is the sim, and if so, maybe I should keep looking? Thanks!
  8. >>If you're "dragging", you're replacing the outfit. If the folder only contains shoes, that's all you'll be wearing. Well, duh!! How could I forget that?? Avatar dementia is really embarrassing... Thank you!
  9. Hello! After a 2+ year absense, I'm back in SL and loving it. Unfortunately, I have forgotten some details that I used to know... When I am wearing a new outfit, but am barefooted, I drag on a pair of shoes, only to loose all my clothing. Please remind me how to avoid this! Barefoot & happy Moochie
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