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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you Prok, we need all these things. A warm welcome to you, Mr. Humble. May you stay humble and true, listen to the residents, and keep the heart and soul that is SL burning brightly. We, the oldtimers, have wished for someone like you to come to our world for such a long time. We hope you share the same visionary as our dear Philip Rosedale, and continue to improve and guide SL in a direction we can all be proud. I do not speak for all, but from reading the posts above, I can see I am not alone in my hope that SL will prosper and continue to be a creative, innovati
  2. "I don't understand why there is so much negativity toward mesh, whatever the reasons be for people going nuts." "In a word, protectionism." Yes I am inclined to agree, just seems funny that not all the naysayers are builders first in SL, makes me wonder what their angle is.
  3. lolz! mmhmmm had to be said. That vid is funny and meant to be. I don't understand why there is so much negativity toward mesh, whatever the reasons be for people going nuts. Granted I have done my fair share of griping during the XSL takeover/absorption and AO censorship, but I have nothing but praise for this endeavour. As an oldtimer who still logs in to SL EVERY day, and has been wishing for some kind of mesh support since my first week here, I say about freaking time. I was hopeful when sculpties were introduced, but not being able to add or delete vertices and faces kind of killed my
  4. Quoted from Onix: "Wow this one is a puzzler. Here's a few things to try.... Clear your cache and then restart your client. It's a button found under the network tab in prefrences. Play with your graphics settings, try turning the avatars slider down. When your friend detached everything did they put on a different skin too? Maybe there's a bad skin texture causing it?" On Onix's advice I cleared cache. Helped a little bit with overall performance because it HAS been a while since I did that. Most of my Graphics settings are always mid to low, though I do have local lights and shiney/glow
  5. Yes, I am sure they do, but she took off all her attachments and HUDs, AO etc, so the poor girl was bald and shoeless, in nothing but her base clothes. I waited, staring at the floor until she had taken them all off, then I looked at her, froze for what seemed forever and finally crashed anyway... so I have no idea what is causing it. It's just so bizarre that she is the only one (that I know of) who causes my client to crash. I can hang out with my other friends, 3 of whom are furries, and nothing happens, but if she comes near me my PC goes 'Oh noes!' and goes caflooey. Thankyou though Tempe
  6. I don't know whether I should put this as a question or discussion, but I would like to know if the following happens to anyone else, and if there is anything I can do besides upgrading my PC to make it a more robust and capable machine. My specs are:- ATI Radeon 9550/X1050, 1Gig RAM, Intel P4 3gHz and 80Gig HDD. This is a pretty big issue for me and it nearly killed a friendship. My friend and I have known each other through SL for near on 5 years. We have had pretty different interests in that time, so it was only 9 months ago that we started hanging out every day for about 5 months. We then
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