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  1. Bump. Bump. Bump.
  2. It could do with a more clear button. Like right beside the Submit Reply one, a Preview button in the same orange as Reply to this topic.
  3. Setting the maximum complexity to 300,000 should work fine. If you then stumble on people that are a colored blob - we lovingly call them jelly dolls - that you want to see you can fully render them from the avatar right click menu. Right click on the person then: if you use the vertical (drop-down) menu, look for "Render Fully"; or: with a circular (pie) menu click 'More >' twice, then 'Render >', then 'Fully'. Not asked for, but more on the topic of avatar complexity: toggles for seeing the avatar render cost / complexity value in the name tags can be found in Preferences > General. Your own complexity always shows in the Outfit Editor.
  4. As others said (and saying this as a non-native English speaker) "honoured" does look more noble. (Yes, I know, that's not what the others said, but it's true.) Signed, HR Thern Lorefield
  5. For the curious ones: these are the privacy settings (see top right of the page, next to the name) you find on http://my.secondlife.com/username Note the top check box? "I want my profile to be available on the web." Just for fun I tried that on an alt, then tried to open the profile from a viewer using web profile. The result? A blank page with the text "This name is unavailable". Ergo, as long as I keep that "be available on the web" unchecked nobody using a viewer with web profiles inworld can view that alt's profile. Good thing: if you have unchecked "show in search" in your profile before, the default new privacy features follow that (as they should): people trying to access your profile from out of world will get the "This name is unavailable" page.