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  1. I can't say what body to go with now (they all have up and downsides.. seemingly much more so than the female bodies out there), but it could pay to wait for Belleza to release their male body (coming soon). Don't know when they'll be done with it. Of course clothing made for it specifically will at first be hard to find, but maybe it'll work quite well with standard rigged and fitted mesh: here's hoping.
  2. It could do with a more clear button. Like right beside the Submit Reply one, a Preview button in the same orange as Reply to this topic.
  3. Setting the maximum complexity to 300,000 should work fine. If you then stumble on people that are a colored blob - we lovingly call them jelly dolls - that you want to see you can fully render them from the avatar right click menu. Right click on the person then: if you use the vertical (drop-down) menu, look for "Render Fully"; or: with a circular (pie) menu click 'More >' twice, then 'Render >', then 'Fully'. Not asked for, but more on the topic of avatar complexity: toggles for seeing the avatar render cost / complexity value in the name tags can be found in Preferenc
  4. As others said (and saying this as a non-native English speaker) "honoured" does look more noble. (Yes, I know, that's not what the others said, but it's true.) Signed, HR Thern Lorefield
  5. Seeing these new forums here this'll probably be removed sometime, but it is on topic since this particular spam I'm posting is highly entertaining. So, anyway, one might have heard of this BanClone thing some places run. Now this is supposed to help "protect you against Identity Theft", but thinks that sending you unrequested messages, in bulk, is the way to do it. Redacted copy/paste: BanClone Alert! This message is to warn you that a resident called <legacy name> is using a Display Name of <display name>, which is the same as or very similar to your name (edit: legacy
  6. For the curious ones: these are the privacy settings (see top right of the page, next to the name) you find on http://my.secondlife.com/username Note the top check box? "I want my profile to be available on the web." Just for fun I tried that on an alt, then tried to open the profile from a viewer using web profile. The result? A blank page with the text "This name is unavailable". Ergo, as long as I keep that "be available on the web" unchecked nobody using a viewer with web profiles inworld can view that alt's profile. Good thing: if you have unchecked "show in search" in your profile befo
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