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  1. Thanks, Deej... I was afraid of that. I've also seen proposals from the SL Flying-Aviation Community referenced in the SL Sailing Association's web site <http://slsailing.com/blog/2010/10/13/sl-flying-–-aviation-community-partnership-program/> and a proposal from the Chilbo Community Building Project <http://chilbo.wikispaces.com/PartnershipFinal>, but haven't found whether or not they they had any success. I wonder, has anyone heard of anything similar? I represent an association of over 700 members whose primary goal is to promote surfing in SL. We're a loosely knit group who presently offers around 40 public surfing sims, are open to anyone interested, hold regular inworld events and competitions, have an off-world forum, and a web site. I would like very much to pursue some discussions with LL to see if there is any interest from them in promoting the exposure to and use of surfing in SL. :matte-motes-smile: - Kantbe
  2. Interesting stuff, Qwalyphi, and I'd want to be part of the gateway if it were still around, but the CPP is different. It's the program under which the SL Sailing Association (not to be confused with the SLSA (SL Surfing Association), which I represent) set up at least part of the Blake Sea area. - Kantbe
  3. Does the LL Community Partnership Program still exist? My old URLs to information about it are now redirected to a more generic community information page. If it's still an active program, could someone please point me toward where to find out current information about it or a LL contact who works on it? TIA - Kantbe :womanhappy:
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