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  1. Hello people, The last plugin released by Adobe (11.8) is not working for the SecondLife viewer and Third Party viewers (only for Mac). You must to rollback the plugin for the prior version if you wish to watch flash content. Check the report here: http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-11057 I am requesting for all Mac users to vote in this bug to fix the adobe flash player plugin for Mac users. Vote on this bug here: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3597462 This is the answer from Adobe: "Hi, Thanks for reporting this bug to adobe. However I don't think Sec
  2. Thank you Porky, Thank you Madeliefste, I only stopped to sell my money to Lindex because LL blocked the cashout for non usa residents to Paypal, in the past. But off course they could allow again, but i never returned to LindeX because i found a better way (faster) to send my money out. But i will research better Thank you again
  3. I am a premium user since 2007. I have a payment info, but i am not american citizen and the only way to cashout to Paypal. LL only allow american citizens, residents in USA to cashout money to Paypal. Did you understand now? Edited: Now, by a minute, imagine all the other residents not usa residents, what do they do with the money? English, australians, italians, all the rest of the world, what do they do with the money?
  4. I am really thinking to leave SecondLife. Only us residents can cashout to Paypal. If i can not cashout, there is no reason to stay here. And i am sure, i am not only one. The economy will brake.
  5. Hello Jessi, We have a solution for your need : The NHC Media for Skyboxes. The NHC Media Center works for Skyboxes, Apartments and Houses, even they are sharing the same parcel because it does not use the media URL of the parcel and it does not use "shared media" too, working for all Webkit Viewers. Unlike all the others systems in its categorie, it does not require a new viewer to play videos because it does not require the "shared media". The system sends the command media directly in private mode to all residents inside its range and the range is adjustable using the receiver's menu.
  6. I forgot to say .... Why are you still taking comission from the seller, when the seller try to test the delivery? If we can not trust in marketplace delivery system, we must to try the delivery by ourself, and you take comission from the seller, this is unacceptable. Where is the "test delivery" button that you removed from the old marketplace to avoid take comissions from the seller?
  7. We had issues with deliveries for over 4 months, and i am not sure that you fixed it because it still open: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4260 Your gesture certainly minimizes the problems for a single day, but most important is to solve the problem in the bud to prevent it from happening again.
  8. Amazing Now we will have "The SIMs" in the sims. Welcome Rod! Happy holidays to all from Linden Lab and specially for your Residents !
  9. Please ... In name of God, look my post in Jira, fix the issue (it is so simple to solve) and give a better experience for buyers and sellers to browse the marketplace: Marketplace - Wrong GET variable () while browsing categories https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2985
  10. I do not understand why Kim came to SecondLife.
  11. Welcome! As Marketing VP, I hope that you have jurisdiction to recover the prestige of this company with their customers and not only with their players. Good Luck
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