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  1. 40L$ is one thing, but $40USD? I think I'll just stick with the SL name I've had since I joined over 10 years ago. Kantbe Thursday
  2. I was thinking I saw 511 (or 512) somewhere, but the one I've been working on is 723 characters. When I trimmed it down to 716, I was able to post it. Oddly, I had another post to make at a different venue, but with the same description. When I copy/pasted from the 716 one, I got the error again and trimmed it down to 701. I also see that some formatting characters are removed from the post (like paragraph breaks), but my shortest one still ends up being 692 after LL does its reformatting. Makes it a little hard to tell anyone something definitive about where the threshold is. Love your a
  3. I keep getting a duplicate Event error when I'm trying to post an Event. Through trial and error, it appears that the error is really the length of the Description. What is the maximum number of characters allowed in an Event Description (including spaces and punctuation)?
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