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  1. 40L$ is one thing, but $40USD? I think I'll just stick with the SL name I've had since I joined over 10 years ago. Kantbe Thursday
  2. I was thinking I saw 511 (or 512) somewhere, but the one I've been working on is 723 characters. When I trimmed it down to 716, I was able to post it. Oddly, I had another post to make at a different venue, but with the same description. When I copy/pasted from the 716 one, I got the error again and trimmed it down to 701. I also see that some formatting characters are removed from the post (like paragraph breaks), but my shortest one still ends up being 692 after LL does its reformatting. Makes it a little hard to tell anyone something definitive about where the threshold is. Love your a
  3. I keep getting a duplicate Event error when I'm trying to post an Event. Through trial and error, it appears that the error is really the length of the Description. What is the maximum number of characters allowed in an Event Description (including spaces and punctuation)?
  4. Now that I've used it for a few days, I am discovering something. While I'm able to originate a message to someone inworld, it goes as an Object message in Local Chat. Most of the people I've sent messages to don't notice it, or ignore it because it looks like a generated chat (which it is). I've not tested it yet, but I'm not sure if object messages get queued up on local chat for the next time someone logs in, or if it's just lost if the person isn't logging local chat. --------UPDATE------ Just tested it and the message does get queued up to be displayed with the AV logs in.
  5. I feel a little silly for not having looked at MarketPlace instead of first thinking to build something. RD Email to IM looks great! I did find another one that basically has taken the freely available scripts, modified it a bit inside some prims, and packaged it up for easy set up and use. You're absolutely right in there are several options out there. I picked up https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TaSteLeSS-Communication-Gadgets-Email-IM/2669892 for $50L and trying it out now. It seems to work for what I was wanting. Thanks for all the help!!!
  6. I've found a script that can be put in an inworld object that will provide you it's email addy when rezzed, but it seems to be set up to send an IM to the object owner. Are you aware of a script that somehow parses out the AV name as the IM destination?
  7. I regularly use email to respond to IM's I've received inworld when I'm not able to log in with an SL client and only have access to email. It seems as if the IM support from the web based My Second Life is just a tease and tries to launch the SL Viewer. Is there a way to originate an IM to someone (not a reply) via email, even if it means leaving some sort of scripted object inworld to which you send the email and it can somehow parse out the Avatar name and generate an inworld Object IM? TIA - Kantbe Thursday
  8. Yes, I've seen this done as well. In fact, it's a shared account for a group where the management team changes on a regular basis, so they have procedures in place for password resetting and sharing. Unfortunately, in my case, the fairly extensive rental Inventory already belongs to the owner and it'd be pretty expensive to start over with all new inventory for a shared account. But that may be the only reasonable approach.
  9. I realize there are tons of intellectual property and permissions issues with this idea, but I'd like to float it out there anyway. I also know that SL isn't a cloud storage provider, but Inventory is stored in the asset servers. I help manage rental property on a number of sims. The houses and furnishings used are owned by the sim owner. We normally will provide a house, selected from a variety of houses in the same theme promoted for the sim. The challenge is that when the owner is on holiday or otherwise not available, new tenants have to wait until the owner is available to get a
  10. With the brand spank'n new zero-day vulnerabilities announced for various current and earlier version of Flash Player, I've gotta bring this up again. Not everyone has the wherewithall to have their own server to convert things to a different format to play within SL and even building your own object to play youtube media isn't something everyone wants to tackle. Is there ever any hope for LL to fix this, or inworld TV makers to abandon Flash so this won't continue to be an issue? - K
  11. This sounds like a known Mac Flash Player issue with the LL webkit and has been in their outstanding queue for a long enough time that I doubt it will be fixed until there's an entirely different way to play media in SL. Unfortunately, the only work around is to us a back level of Flash. Since this is installed as support for your web browser, it will impact you there as well. I've not found it to be too big of an issue, but some sites won't play if you have an old version. You also run a risk because the security patches that have been done over the years won't be in the old version. You
  12. It seems that searching on Places uses any word above a certain number of characters as searchable keywords while Events seem to only use words in the Event title. Is there a definitive source that describes how inworld searches and keywords work? TIA - Kantbe
  13. Are there any current SL usage statistics still being reported, particularly relative to time of day and day of week concurrency?
  14. I work at a club that uses the Intan Couples dance balls (Heart and Anyplace). Only the owner can get the balls to rez. Oddly, if he is in the parcel, it starts rezzing for others. We can get things to work by turning on Build for Everyone or Group, but we don't really want to have Build enabled due to possible griefing. It's been suggested that we create a new "land group" to own all of the objects in the parcel and limit the membership, or to move all of the club members to a new group other than the parcel group. I don't understand how that would help. I've also wondered if eac
  15. ~HyDrA~ Seductions The most seductive live Music you’ve ever heard in an adult lounge like none you’ve ever seen before… DJ Floreo Noon - 1PM DJ Thyana 1PM - 3PM DJ Tanya 3PM - 5PM DJ Cabe 5PM - FOREVER
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