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  1. Which is why I don't understand the logic of increasing group allowances to premium members as a bonus when its been said group spaces are already "a burden". If its a burden on resources then take it away regardless of what level of account they have, don't add to it and give out something else in return of loss of groups like increased stips, increased Li on mainland parcels. I might be wrong here, but is it not also an issue that limitless amounts of free alts one can make that would also contribute to this? As well as hoarding of extra inventory etc?? My worry is that basic accounts a
  2. Been premium for a long time and I will continue to be a premium user so as although I feel the perks could be still a little better for Premium members, I find it important to keep an extra leak in funds to keep the grid going. In reflection to this, I do grimace at the past desicions made with Linden Labs running that made life for its overseas customers far harder, be that Linden Labs cut so much down over the years, the loss of jobs and regional offices in many of SL's hosted countries. If California is so darn expensive then move the operation to a more profit reflective area. But that's
  3. TY Venus, I found the problem which was down to Firestorms latest bug infested viewer. No issues on the official viewer at all. Thanks
  4. I think one of the issues we do have is numerous, first is your own ISP connection. I live in the UK and seen my connecting rates go down significantly while we wait for fibre optic tech to be installed. As we are held to ransom by the slow transfer rate of copper cable, this also affects how far it has to get to the LL servers. If Linden Labs created ghost servers or at least servers in most of the main user countries, then the download rate of content would not be so bad. Its something Linden Labs should start seriously investigating. many other game companies have several servers in several
  5. Picture this, you find a great place in SL, you get the camera angle right and click to post a feed. The shapshot sticks on processing for what seems an age. You relog and try again - same scenario, so you relog again... and lo and behold same processing time failure. So therefore you lost your picture and no feed. For what seems a while now, the wonderful new social stream that is the Second Life Feeds seems to be having yet more tantrums regarding the downloading of snapshots. Seems a shame, as the feed is a great idea that should give instant info on cool places and things going on that nor
  6. I agree with Vivienne totally on this matter. For a long time we as metazens have been creating a circle of economy for Second Life, while they themselves develop a leech system in order to take all - give nothing back. And when it does something - its too little too late , or the factors of it is totally out of step and sync with its customer base. Lets look at it this way - Linden Labs are in essence charging people to make content for them in order to create a stable economy for themselves, not place anything back to the people who have invested into it. As Second Life is indeed branded a
  7. I left you a message on SL, I'm interested on your comments which rightly so should be highlighted. I agree with you an many points although I feel your approach is somewhat flippant, but useful none the less. Better to have a solution as well as your personal feeling. Hope to hear from you soon
  8. lol...good on you dearie - I'm not gonna give you the comedy award yet though
  9. LOL...The very reason you answered my opinion on that subject with a flippant and somewhat obtuse remark based on nothing, yet attacking me publically and somewhat rudely on this matter must have hit you on a personal note. LOL - so I'm right. Yes there is massive room for improvement for the current way Second life deals with its engine and its working physics. I myself am not happy with the way SL deals with many things, especially to the many content providers that place things for free here. If LL bothered themselves to create better and direct links with content providers to listen to w
  10. AS I am currently creating a project in SL, of which at the moment requires long hours building, the appeal of mesh based imports would be a god-send. Detail is perhaps for me one of the key points of Second Life and mesh building would have aided in both time and creative imagination. The only thing I have concerns for is how expensive such mesh creations will be, seeing how few in number of people who are talented enough to use them. I worry that this might create a bigger exploitation of such inworld materials then there is already. I myself am learning to use blender, it is not an easy
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