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  1. Yes, I've tried that. Althought it has gotten better, it is still taking a while to load everything. Like I said, I'm pretty sure it is not my internet, as it runs everything else with no problems at all. It is just SecondLife.
  2. Hey there, I've recently downloaded SecondLife and everything is just so laggy and takes ages to load that it is just impossible to really play (I've been in a zone for 5 minutes and only now has it fully loaded). but even then whenever I walk I keep hitting invisible walls... it just isn't running smoothly. My PC is pretty new and top of the range, so I know it isn't my computer (my PC runs WoW on ultra graphics, SWTOR on Ultra etc etc). My internet connection isn't that great because of my area, but it runs everything else well (inlcuding stuff like IMVU and even There when it was still
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