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  1. That wasn't the question, though. The question was "How do you find this product in the store?" -- and that's not a dumb question because it's not obvious at all. Even though the Lara body is such a big deal, it's kind of tucked away in a corner, and locating it is not obvious at all.
  2. Sorry, but the name account name "princess" is already taken. You can either go with BLOSSOM777ME or create a new account with a username no on has taken yet. As of this moment, these are available: FederalPrincess, PrincessOfEarth, RealLivePrincess, PrincessEugenie, MagicalPrincessOfLove, YesIAmAPrincess, BattleAxePrincess, ... The point is, you need to use a little creativity and patience to find a name you can live with. Then, create the account. If you like living with that name, then you go premium by logging into https://secondlife.com, and click Account > Premium Membership in the menu on the left.
  3. I wasn't. And if I don't pay attention I talk mostly about myself, and try to one-up whatever anyone else says. But I learned two things that make me seem like a good conversationalist: (1) Get other people to talk about things they are interested in. I learned this one in a conversation with a very clever woman. We had dinner together, and afterward I felt like it was a really GREAT conversation -- but when I thought back on what was actually said, I realized that she kept getting me to talk more and more about stuff that I'm interested in. Note that I don't say "get them to talk about themselves" which gets to the second thing: (2) Don't ask a bunch of questions, especially personal questions. Try to talk about STUFF, whatever that is. I learned that from a very irritating guy I worked with who always used to stand too close and ask endless questions. I always felt that I was being interrogated, which was very unpleasant.
  4. thanks, @Emma Krokus !
  5. I bought a few necklaces on marketplace from various vendors, and of course had to adjust them when I wore them. That's expected. For one, I needed to remove my hair so I could grab it behind my neck and move it to the right position. That's all natural, expected, and fine. BUT -- one of them is buried inside my chest somewhere, and I don't see even the smallest piece sticking out. How can I select this item that I can't see?
  6. I always refuse friend requests from people I don't know, especially people who open by sending one. I pretty much accept any friend request if I spent a little time with a person, but on subsequent logins I tend to turn off their ability to see when I'm online. If I don't run into them again after about a month, I delete them. I'm a pretty friendly person, but I don't like people seeing when I log in and out, and I dislike finding that someone has started a conversation with me before I've even finished logging in. When I actually like someone, and hope to see them again, I tell them, "I'm sorry, but I don't like the friends list -- I'd rather run into you when I'm on this sim." That's the way it works in real life -- there are people you might see at work, or at the coffee shop. In RL, people don't see your name light up on a list when you wake up in the morning. If they did, it would be very creepy, and that's how I feel about the friends list.
  7. Okay, I know it's American Idol, but this is the best version of the song ever:
  8. When I used to build in public sandboxes, I wore that very avatar to keep away the guys who didn't understand, "I'm busy building. I need to concentrate and don't want to talk." It worked for the most part, but there was one doofus who kept on coming anyway. So I switched to a male avatar, and that didn't dissuade him, either. He figured persistence would win me over in the end, but it only made me change sandbox. So yeah, if someone's already seen in you in a female avatar, the butterflies avatar might not help.
  9. A great way to make regular Monday meetings worse is to SOMETIMES provide breakfast but NEVER to announce ahead of time whether breakfast will be there or no. I worked for a company once that had a meeting every Monday that lasted until noon. Everyone in my section had to be there, but the meeting was really for the managers. The rest of us used to take seats against the wall - the lucky ones could sleep without their heads dropping; the less fortunate passed three hours of being woken by their head falling forward. When I left the company they insisted on giving me an exit interview, and the last question was "What would I change at the company if I could?" So I said, "Let everyone who is not a manager skip the Monday meeting." The guy was really astonished that I'd say that, but then they went and did it! If I knew they were amenable to suggestions, I would have asked the second week.
  10. I have the same desire -- for realistic hair -- but I always end up buying the style that works for my head. In any case, I think these are worth checking out: Limerence, Wasabi, Lamb, pr!tty, Doux, Exxess, Dura
  11. You only wear one set of hands, @pwrofwhy. Wear the Bento hands and not the classic hands. Yes, it gets better. All the things that are confusing or difficult become easier. There is a support group inworld -- I couldn't find it just now in the search, but I'll get it tonight. It's very helpful and timely when you're inworld. But you can also always ask questions here.
  12. One option I'd like to see in Marketplace search is one that would: - only display one item per vendor until all vendors have displayed one item, and so on AND - you can mark vendors to be excluded from the displayed results Example: You search for "maitreya AND romper" -- a butt-load of results are found, from a total of 30 vendors (in the first 1000 results, say). The first 30 results you'll see are the first results from each of the thirty vendors. The next 30 will be the second results from each of the thirty vendors. If you hit one that is crap, you can mark that vendor to exclude them from the next batches of results. Just incidentally, when I'm searching for something, I usually branch off once I've seen something nice from one or two or three stores, and I dig into those stores and abandon the original search.
  13. I think it has something to do with Star Wars. Pangolins I think is the word? But monkeys work too!
  14. This morning I shared an elevator with a guy who was holding a store-bought apple pie. I almost asked him whether today was someone's birthday, but he had a kind of weird expression on his face like he was embarrassed about the pie, so I didn't say anything. Of course I had no idea that today is Pi Day. I don't celebrate it; I'm a nonbeliever. But for those of you who are, here is a pie. I don't know what is up with this pie, but it is happening, or has happened at least once:
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