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  1. I've made a lot of shapes, and while yes you can start by creating a new shape from scratch and moving the sliders, it can take a lot of time and a LOT of patience, because the shape isn't just the sum of the pieces. The pieces interact to make a whole, and this is especially true in the face. It's a lot easier to start with a shape that is something like what you want; make a copy of it and start fixing it. There is a learning curve even to doing just that. Also, many little tweaks over weeks and months can add up. If you get to a point that you like, but want to go on tweaking, make a copy and give it a different name so you don't lose all the work you've put in. If you take a part, like the breasts or nose, there are several sliders involved, and when I'm trying to get it right, I'll add or subtract 20 to the current value, to see exactly what the slider is affecting. Then I back it off by ten, then five, then two or three. When you see the big change that you're looking for, back down from that by two or three points, so it looks more natural. Anyway, you might find exactly the shape you want in the marketplace, but if not, you can make your own. Just remember that it takes time and several sessions (if you're anything like me).
  2. shoot -- sorry -- I forgot that someone already posted this one here.
  3. I don't know what happens in that video, but I liked how the dog waited outside while she went into the coffee shop. That doesn't happen in RL, at least in Boston.
  4. They could offer this: a web page where you could search for available names. name change as a paid service that would take X number of days. no more than one name change per account per Y number of months. If it's so freaking complicated and inconvenient, LL should get paid for it. If it's actually simple and quick, it's still an upsell that people would pay for. If you had to temporarily stop using your account while the name gets changed, that would simply be one of the conditions of name change.
  5. None. I like the feeling when I'm able to NOT post a reply to someone who's really made me angry.
  6. @Saraya Starr - those Beck songs are among my favorites. I often have to bite my tongue to stop singing "I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me" in public.
  7. Yeah, I wouldn't use my real name or even something remotely similar.
  8. That wasn't the question, though. The question was "How do you find this product in the store?" -- and that's not a dumb question because it's not obvious at all. Even though the Lara body is such a big deal, it's kind of tucked away in a corner, and locating it is not obvious at all.
  9. Sorry, but the name account name "princess" is already taken. You can either go with BLOSSOM777ME or create a new account with a username no on has taken yet. As of this moment, these are available: FederalPrincess, PrincessOfEarth, RealLivePrincess, PrincessEugenie, MagicalPrincessOfLove, YesIAmAPrincess, BattleAxePrincess, ... The point is, you need to use a little creativity and patience to find a name you can live with. Then, create the account. If you like living with that name, then you go premium by logging into https://secondlife.com, and click Account > Premium Membership in the menu on the left.
  10. I wasn't. And if I don't pay attention I talk mostly about myself, and try to one-up whatever anyone else says. But I learned two things that make me seem like a good conversationalist: (1) Get other people to talk about things they are interested in. I learned this one in a conversation with a very clever woman. We had dinner together, and afterward I felt like it was a really GREAT conversation -- but when I thought back on what was actually said, I realized that she kept getting me to talk more and more about stuff that I'm interested in. Note that I don't say "get them to talk about themselves" which gets to the second thing: (2) Don't ask a bunch of questions, especially personal questions. Try to talk about STUFF, whatever that is. I learned that from a very irritating guy I worked with who always used to stand too close and ask endless questions. I always felt that I was being interrogated, which was very unpleasant.
  11. thanks, @Emma Krokus !
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