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  1. Hi, I have this weird shadow type thing around my eyelashes. Anyone know what it is and how I can get rid of it? I've tried changing lashes and playing around with the blend/mask in Catwa HUD but nothing works.
  2. I'm about to download FS viewer for the first time and I'm guessing that I need to download the basic install as opposed to the clean install. Is that correct? I've looked everywhere for an answer but I could only find info for the clean install.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to contact support for MINA Hair. The n/c says to contact support here - secondlife:///app/agent/38693ba5-0c98-461b-9410-b7fb692a3fc5/about - but where should I copy and paste this?
  4. You guys are just wonderful! I'm logged out now but will try what you both said when I log in later. Thanks for the invite to the support group Skell - I will definitely join it
  5. Hey Skell (or should I say Batman 😉), thanks for your long and clear explanation I tried everything you said and watched the video but it's still not working. I think the problem lies with the eyeshadow I'm using... it's "Pink Fuel - LAQ eyeshadow" and includes an Omega applier which is what I used. After doing steps 1-3, I applied the eyeshadow and (as you can see from the photo) it still looks odd. I tried moving the blend slider for the blush and eyebrows from right to left but it didn't fix it. I'm wearing a Catwa Catya head. I thought I could use this eyeshadow as I have the Omega Catwa relay HUD but maybe it's the wrong one for me?
  6. I've tried what you both said but I still don't get it. Thank you for your answers tho
  7. There are funny marks around my eyes (where the green arrows are) when I put on some eyeshadows and I can't get rid of them. Does anyone know what I've done wrong and how I can fix it please?
  8. Aww thank you both sooo much! My face is back now lol xx
  9. I was looking fine then suddenly I turned like this (see picture). It looks like my default face is trying to come out of my Catwa head lol. I've tried messing with the Catwa Hud but nothing fixes it. Does anyone know what's happened and can help please?
  10. Hey Lindal, can you also give me landmarks of where I can learn about SL today please? It's so confusing out there! Thank you
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