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  1. Would be nice if we knew when new last names are going to be released...like every 2 months or whatever, to know if I should hold and wait for new ones or not...
  2. Well you're clearly not wearing the body skin meant for your face skin, the tones are completely different...
  3. I recently upgraded my PC, and I thought I'd finally be able to run ultra graphics on kind of "graphic heavy" sims. But it still runs very bad with shadows on. If I turn shadows off then it's all good. specs: i7-8700 6core 16gb ram (2x8 corsair 2400) gtx 1060 6gb SSD So...? Does SL need an i9, 24gb+ ram, gtx 2080 to run smoothly?...It's a shame how badly optimized SL is, and it's going to stay like that forever because it's so old.
  4. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/171607 as you can see there is very dark brown eyes like this one https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Hayaru-Jung-Mesh-eyes/10125705 I've bought a few there, they are really good.
  5. I think they refund the money to your second life USD balance, not your card/bank/paypal. Go to your https://secondlife.com/my/ then Account Summary and check the US Dollar balance.
  6. In your https://secondlife.com/my/ Account - Delete account
  7. Sigh same here...Bought on friday, charged but never received. I submitted a ticket but still no answer. Even though it says the billing department is available 24/7, it still seems they don't do much on weekends.
  8. Hey, so there is an AO I have and I like the animations but what I don't like is that they too slow? it's like I'm in slow motion. Is there a way to make the animations play a bit faster?
  9. I hope this doesn't mean that now mesh clothes are going to look like you are wearing a bodysuit and it taking the shape of every curve you have in your body. Just like the breasts of the woman in the video, real clothes don't stick to your breasts like that. They are not supposed to look like the clothes are part of your skin. If a dress is supposed to look loose around your chest area and not take in the whole form of your chest I hope it stays that way and it won't look like you are wearing a very tight bodysuit.
  10. Well he said he wants to buy Lindens, not buy Premium Membership so why would there need to be recurring payments?
  11. So...did they bring back the Nearby local lights setting back in the preferences?
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