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  1. Dear Lindens, how about a new round of Linden Bears to be released in 2015, Maybe for SL11, I am sure there are some new faces, that not had the opportunity to show us their creative flare with a bear.
  2. hi folks, I have a project that I am presently working on, and need some guidance please. Firstly I want to say if you can post links to recommended learning pages or offer commented examples, that would be wonderful, as I have Goggled and Wiki'd (seems a lot now) over the last days in search of info, A) I got it, but seemed to not answer my thoughts on what I have to do, or B) seemed way over my understanding, I could not find the middle ground, with SL to off world communication. What I try and do.: I would like to Start a MetaBolt scripted AV, via a in world script. Now I get t
  3. Yes! exactly, the gotcha was I did't realize I had to tier down( I had tier down the AV, but not the group)... very aware of now though
  4. Ok thanks for the replies, Innula, thats exactly what I will do I think.... it not a cost thing, just I not wish to pay for twice, just being over cautious I guess- ( i still carry scares from being charged land fees, when had Nil land holding for a couple months, and not understand where me US $ were going)... Thanks again for the swift responces. and I will add coment on that Jira enjoy your SL everyone *waves*
  5. HI, folks, How do I cancel a Market place order..? I placed a order, it's been two days since the order was placed, and no delivery, it sitting there with the Mustard coloured window saying it qued for delivery, we seemed to have passed the 8 hr delivery test time, clearly the delivery isn't going to happen. So yep I can go to inworld store and purchase... or find simular and purchase.... My concern is( and the way things function in my life this is exactly what will happen), as soon as I find and purchase the alternative, the electrons will work themselves out(either by someo
  6. Hi Teddie, I am curious about how you are finding the Laptop performance with Second Life, did you end up getting the i5 with the ATI Modility 5450.. How are you finding it's performance.
  7. Is there any Official confirmation that zfRedZone is banned.? I am confused as what I have read between SLuniverse the RedZone Forums and here, the only Official word has been that the systems can nolonger disclose ALT information(a win ..huge win)..... I see that the System is still available for sale at the store- I am guessing that it has been modified to no longer disclose ALT information ( the word on the RedZone Forums)... I note with interest that Soft Linden encourages us to AR the system and those using it, and goes on to qualify this some re-enforcing
  8. *BumP*, They may need Your Help this spammer has been about for about 5 weeks now!!..
  9. *taps on Screen realy realy annoyingly, and huffs* WHerE's The General Discussion Gone ( AKA GD ),..!! *gasps* O My has Redzone given it the death Ray..! With it's IP matching.... *Gulps* Sheesh are we all, now part of the same Alt Cluster OMG Run!! Hide!!! Now Seriously, how can the focal point of the Forums be Taken away, When was this discussed, did I miss that discussion.?? when did the Memo fly across my desk..?? Lexie can you please Note that, in Lindens endevor to make things better they have removed the focal point o
  10. Is nice to know Ardra, moves the furniture when she vacuums ......... OMG I had to laugh when the 'Ol Days" where mentioned, over grown crotch hair .. and questions like..... "uuummm! what's that bling coming out your arse.??" and " when you walk your arse cheeks go.. Click Clack" " xXSteveXx XXXX gave you Rotten Wood " ( texture) Oh and what sort of money do I get from a Bookie that you make 3K post by Tuesday before 12am (SL)..Way to go Bob... 91 posts till 3k.. excellent work.. and not read every one of them...... but all I have, have either been
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