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  1. This was happening before the asset server went poop, so I know it wasn't the cause. I use Firestorm on a Mac, version 4.7.5 When I click upload, a file picker opens for me to select a picture, even if I choose not to select the picture, the client will crash and tell me it was an application error. If I pick a photo, I go back to the game and it flashes really quickly, then does the same in terms of crashing due to an application error. My friends were and still are able to upload photos but I cannot. I disabled the OpenGL Vertex Buffer and it persists. Please help
  2. I was at the TSL weapons testin sandbox, up about 2,000 feet in the air, and building. Everything is fine for a couple hours. Then, the items I'm working on, all dissapear. I swear to you when I say I check the latest and I mean LATEST lost and found entry, it isn't in there. It is also not in my trash bin (I checked despite me not deleting it) Where the hell are my items at?!
  3. Uhm my items are still all unavailable, how do I fix this? =/
  4. Uhm my items are still all unavailable, how do I fix this? =/
  5. I've decided I'm settling on the Nvidia GT 425 M Graphics card on an i7 Quad Core processor. It only has 4GB RAM but I'm pretty sure I can just upgrade that! Thanks everyone!
  6. Thank you so much everyone for your speedy replies and feedback! The other option I was considering was a 425M Nvidia Graphics Card, but upon comparing it to the Radeon, it doesn't do as well when it comes to gaming as the ATI. Your opinions helped me greatly, and all in all I think that now this is a good choice of laptop for me to buy! Thanks again!
  7. Hello everyone, I am pleased to inform you as well as myself that I am purchasing a new laptop, in the dearest of hopes that my Second Life experience will at least be playable. With my current laptop it seems as if that would only be a dream considering the current specs are : 4GB Ram AMD - Turion Dual Core - M520 (2.3GHz) ATI - Mobility Radeon - 4200 I am looking to make the leap to : 6GB Ram Intel Dual Core i5 Processor (2.66 GHz with overclocking at 3.33GHz) OR an i7 640M (2.80Ghz with overclocking at 3.46GHz) ATI - HD Mobility Radeon - 5650 All of this is achievable, but my questions are Will it be enough to run at least MEDIUM settings on Second Life without a problem? As in as fast as some of the videos are promoting the game? Should I go with the i5 dual core processor of the i7? Is there that much of a difference other than extra money? If you are also wondering, this laptop is a Sony Vaio that I am purchasing. My current is an HP Pavilion. Thank you!
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