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  1. So basically what they are doing is cutting off the wings of the Phoenix that feeds them her eggs. What are they gonna do if the creators just decide to cash out their lindens now before January and then take out everything from the MP, lock their inworld stores, or even pick up their store and return land, going hiatus or just simply stand in one spot doing nothing anymore? On the long run, the one that would suffer the most if something like this happens (hopefully not) is Linden Labs... Yes, creators will also suffer, especially the new ones who depend on buyers or even the well-known brands who depend on their reputation, but not as much as LL. It is a shame how they want to milk out of a wounded animal even tho they know it is their fault it was wounded in the first place. Sorry but I am pro the boycott if they want to do it lol
  2. WE looking for talented DJs and Dancers to stomp the pods & shatter the airwaves. Grab, Fill & Turn in an application! Come show us what you got!!! Genre: Metal, Industrial, EBM, Rock, Alternative, Hard Techno, Alternative, Goth Rock & Aggressive Dubstep. (ps, we recently opened up our genres a bit, so far no rap, no R&B, no country and no Bieber :P) AM SLT - needed PM SLT - can be scheduled If interested please contact us in World! Temptress Melody, Wynd Writer, Kohlar Resident & Haruka Catteneo.
  3. oh right... "facedesks" thank you for reminding me i honestly thought same thing... and also thought it could be mesh items... and i search for it aswell but nothing pops up
  4. I been wrecking eyes on MP trying to find this face markings, not sure if they are tattoos or mesh add ons... perhaps neither... does anyone know this? http://gyazo.com/87b543f53f41d0cee9b30a43e92e27b1
  5. A question... is it slink feet, prim feet or system feet? Can you provide a picture aswell?
  6. Gawk, Razor and Deetalez that i know off... i own from these stores and they are lovely
  7. Hmmm what about this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NEW-SUPER-DIVA-xXTREME-Shoes-Black/5674574 or maybe this?: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NyDesign-Slink-Ultra-Latex-Platform-Heels-Elementary-Pack/5998180 found this too: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Liaison-50cal-Extreme-Heels/5862496
  8. lol.. i was searching for those rabbit ears for 2 days now and i ended up finding them with the hair... the hair is at FaMESHed and is Tableau Vivant – Valentin Unixex Hair by Marilyn Magic I didnt see it on their MP but here is the link to their MP https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/147454 and or the LM to FaMESHed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fresco/202/179/37
  9. To Tourmaline Did you try searching for just his name? Cuz, when my ex suddenly disappeared from game, i knew he had deleted his account simple cuz his name disappeared from all the groups we were in together BUT on his profile it still says he in the groups, also since he is on my friendlist i can still see his full profile unchanged for the last 5 yrs, while his account has been deleted 5 yrs ago... try searching his name it wont pop up, mine didnt every year i tried to see if he was activating or not (ps is not like i was stalking i was worried until i stopped being a stupid fool )
  10. Always try rebaking first, hold ctrl alt R together should rebake you and if that doesnt work, den u have to test ur avatar and reset it to default
  11. ! i love the bottom one too except the nose but it looks so great~ Job well done Viv ^^
  12. ... it is Ty Griffing ... when enterin the store its on the far left counter
  13. I always find cute stuff through the market place, when i see something i mite like i go visit the store inworld to see what all it has to offer
  14. yay! ur able to rez ur stuff now! and i agree, there are no stupid questions... everything is known by asking
  15. i dun see the pucker slider and i sometimes too have this issue >.>
  16. Hmmm it does look like the one above me ^^
  17. Im missin around 6k of items, where there is a complete missing folder.... well 2 missing folders, but 1 has a complete beach set, furnitures, palms, fishes, house, etc etc... i sent a ticket case: 01082874, BUT i been sent here instead just cuz i downgraded for being away in rl. I hope i can get help here. I did all what you guided me to to Innula, all steps and stuff... but still nothing, they still missing and im still missin d folders I guess ima have to upgrade again and yes, they are worth it, specially my beach theme, imagen settin up ur sim with all ur needings for decor, that is in my beach theme folder >_<
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