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  1. I just checked this out a while. It's wonderful :D. I'm 47 BTW. I think this and other things like it is what SL has been needing; some interactive activities put on by the folks that run the show. It helps me feel like they are taking an active part in the world that is SL and not simply cashing in on it. I hope it's jst the beginning of things like this we will be seeing. Not that everything has to be Spyro revisited (loved Spyro btw as a family activity!) but it seems to me like anyone with a design sense that goes and has a look should be able to easily see the mass potential here.

    There was only one problem. I wasn't dressed appropriately for it. Guess I'll have to go spend some money in some of you folk's stores before I go back and make my way to the bottom of Devil's canyon.

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