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  1. They are working towards a Tilia online bank IMHO independent from SL. Just like Paypal is (at least in Europe). So they need adequate security in place to proceed. This optional extra identification is likely only a first step. I have the strong feeling that LL's main interest isn't SL's future but rolling Tilia further out. SL proceeds a nice stash of cash to finance those efforts. So the use of tape and shiny and the lack of a SL development roadmap to keep it going are explained. We are cash cows, nothing more.
  2. I think that you perfectly understand what I mean, but choose (for whatever reason) to act as if that is not the case. Kudos for you man.
  3. I worked almost 40 years with kids in RL. So you might think I know where I'm talking about when it comes to kids. Well, I never met a child avatar in SL that even came close to the way they think, act and talk. They can look cute, but the moment they start talking, the illusion is totally gone. That's why I don't like to deal with child avatars in SL. Everyone has the right to be who he/she wants to be in SL, but child avatars please, pretty please, don't try to involve me in your play. Ignore me, like I will ignore you when inworld.
  4. Most of the times optional is the first step towards mandatory. Only just a matter of time.
  5. I, and only I decide what comes on my smartphone and what not. Because I'm the one who pays the bills for it. And I don't see why I should. Therefore the moment LL forces me to put an identification app for them on my smartphone, I'm done with SL. They already take and sometimes pay money from and to me for 14+ years without any problems, so please don't start making some now. So I hope it stays with being optional.
  6. Cut them some slack. Afteral we are talking about a LL implementation. "NEVER the first time right" is part of their TAO, no?
  7. No ID copy for anything but serious RL business, like opening a bank account, register a new car, buy a house. For the rest people can ask my ID in person, but never ever copy my ID. Why? Because with an ID (copy) you can do serious RL business, like opening a bank account, register a new car, buy a house. I can't control how serious LL (or any other company) is in storing \ destroying the copies of ID's after verifying.
  8. Sounds like chasing a lot of people out of SL when they do so. I ain't gonna scan my ID card for the use of SL. That is for sure. They take my money for 14+ years already. No need for this crap (again).
  9. I basically only read profiles when I inspect things and want more info about the creator, like where I can find their stuff.
  10. It is the same there as over here: Every pet peeve about SL is discussed by now on the forums for at least a gazillion and a half times. Every oldbie interested in the forums has said everything that can and has to be said several times in his/her lifetime by now. So regulars are drifting slowly away over here and over there. It shows that SL has 18 years on its shoulders and very little new exciting stuff to offer. I notice it with my own posting habits as well. It is slowly decreasing from several posts a day to several a week. I still read a lot at both sides, but often don't bother to react again on the same old topics. It is almost impossible when one is 10+ years with Circus Second Life, that one is still as enthusiastic as in the early days to discuss the show and share about it. And most regular forum members are in the 10+ club.
  11. An 18 years profitable run, is a pretty good score for a game/platform. Let's enjoy it while it is there. There are still years left in it with these user base numbers. But we should stop dreaming that SL will ever become more than what it is now. Sure there are things that can\need to be improved, so that SL can hang on for a longer time. But if you are dreaming for a platform with other usability and infrastructures than the current SL without displeasing and loosing chunks of the current users...... keep dreaming. SL oldbies are pretty conservative about the way they want their browser, land and what not to look like.
  12. People who are really good at socializing most of the time don't need SL to do so.
  13. I can't speak for others, but if SL were to go under, I'm done with virtual worlds. No way that I start somewhere all over again.
  14. But Woodstock didn't attrackt truck loads of 60+ ers and their top of the bills didn't play 40 years old music either.
  15. Their two new singles seem not to take off at all very well on Spotify. I get the feeling that ABBA misjudged where they stand in 2021 after such a long absence. It is no certainty their shows will be a hit with these low listening numbers for their new songs. No hyping going on. Their original fans are 60+, not the average concert audience. Maybe a lot of technical and financial investment for very little outcome.
  16. The big questions are: Do the average mainstream people really want a metaverse? And if yes, where do they want to use it for and spend their money on related to that metaverse? IMHO it isn't so that there are millions and millions more who are desperately waiting to dress up barbies, live in a virtual world, hold a virtual jobs to earn some virtual peanut money, watch their avatar virtual dancing or having virtual sex, go to virtual entertainment acts. There has to be more connection and to RL and more usability in RL and its economy, otherwise a metaverse will stay in the dreaming stages IMHO.
  17. For a future Metaverse ever to be really successful and attract the masses IMHO there are a few things that are inevitable: It has to be extremely easy to use, it needs at least to be accessible from smartphone and tablet, it needs usability in many different settings including RL commerce and education and it has to be affordable for many. Doesn't really sound like SL as it is today, does it? And combine that with LL that doesn't seem to have outlined future development plans at the moment ...* * If they do have them, they are really masters in hiding them for everyone outside the company.
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