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  1. How much land you can own with paid membership without extra fees? I bought land 512 m2 when I got this that was the max you can have without extra fees. Now if I am not mistaken its changed to 1024 m2 without extra fees other than the paid membership. Is this correct? I border on Linden land and wonder if they would sell me another 512 next to it so I do not have to sell or abandon my home and find a lot of 1024? Its nice linden did this if I got this right. I build and like having a private place to make stuff. I do not sell on my property since do not want it public access.
  2. Yes I have seen that. I take it as yes I have to go thru every item for sale in unassoicated and delet it? Very crude.
  3. I did not take them out of the boxes. How Do I redo that and take them out of the boxes? So How do I update and change items since I can not get to them? I have 71 unassoicated items. Do I have to edit each one and delete it? The rest of my inventory says direct delivery. But two items had to do that manualy.
  4. Was not aware of what the report. General contractors will ask for my tax id because they have to report nearly everything. But even if they do not have to report it the IRS expects you to report all income.
  5. I have been a licensed contractor for 30 years. I know what the IRS sees as income. But most people do not report income from small un-reported sources since there is no way they could find it even if they did an audit. As long as it stays in Lindens the IRS is not concerned that is just play money as far as they are concerned, thought I believe there was some congress hearings on that because of the second life economy is larger than many countries! If if becomes US dollars then it is income. My question was if there was a simpler way to just to get linden to USD. I know about the monthly reports just seems to be a lot of trouble but if that is they only was oh well. Thanks for everyone input. Thought I might have missed something.
  6. Plagiarism is used for copying someone else writing. What Linden has to deal with is copyrights and patents and registered trademarks. Most would be considered copyrights a patent is a device usually. But in SL a object that does the same thing can be a violation of a RL patent. Intelectual property is the new buzz word do to the Electronic connection ie internet computer files, art writing etc. You were not clear on what and who. A room design not plagiarism. But Linden is the one that decides, unless the company or creator is involved. Most companies have not found SL or are concerned on copying. But this does not seem to be plagiarism more like copywrites. The guy did not do his homework. I think they just underestimate its potential. I pulled over $300 real money out of SL last year. Does not sound like much but that is just what I took out into paypal. I paid for my membership and had spending money as well. As long as you keep the income as Lindens it is not seen as income by the IRS. Once it is USD even if kept in second life account, it is income. In the US if you write something you have a copyright on it automatically. You can register it but it is not necessary. What works if you are on a low budget, is to keep all drafts dated, computer copy and hard copy, so you can prove you made it if you have to sue. Even when you register a work of art, written text, books, web pages or documents on the web, programs, scripts or treatment all they do is to date it and put it in a vault, including the Patent office and Screen Writer’s Guild. (I know because I have). It is up to you to sue anyone that you feel copied it. There is no copyright search before getting a copyright. You are expected to do a patent search before patenting a “new” device. There are companies that will do that for you. Sometime the patent office will override it or ask for a more specific patent on a part in your invention. You could end up with a number of patents. Just FY. From my experience in Second Life if you copy something exactly you will get in trouble, (maybe) same as real life. I knew a head of a law firm that did patents and copyrights. He had a room full of stuffed animals including Snoopy. Even he said it was tricky to sue. All they have to do is to use the same design and change it enough. You know they copied it but there is nothing you can do. Some companies like BBC do not seem to mind the SL violations, Dr who, Red dwarf stuff is all over. On the other hand if you make a spider man or wonder woman costume or any Disney character, that looks like the original or uses their trademark name, it will be taken off by Linden. I had Buds beer and Dads root beer and it was taken. I made a SL root beer and Beer (original labels) and am giving it away. Trademarks can be registered but do not have to be. Microsoft has a trademark on the word Windows and a copyright on the OS windows. But you can make and sell windows, just do not make a piece of software and call it windows. Oh giving something away is not always a protection. Companies have sued for someone making their stuff, and giving them away. Do not be fooled by people saying that giving it a way is ok. They lose money if someone gives away copies of their products.
  7. Cori Sabena

    Income tax

    What is the best way to get a list of all the Linden I sold to Usd so I can report it as income? I can get the pay pal transfers but all lindens that became US dollars is then technically income. Thanks
  8. If you are like me and pick up EVERY free thing you can find it makes you inventory a mess. To much in inventory can cause lag. Here is some tips. As a computer technician this is how I organize my computers. First in objects folder create folders with these names. to A B to E F to H I to M N to Q R to T U to Z Then sort objects by name and highlight the times (shift to select more than one) and put them in the correct folders. Depending on what you have you can make fewer folders. Do the same for Clothing and any other folders that are a mess. Make a folder called Avatars Make one called Boxed Avatars Make one called Boxed Free stuff. In each of these do the same. I made one called copy Transferable avatars boxed for giving away. Then put all the stuff in the correct folder. The only thing in the root folder "Inventory" should be folders and system folders. You should be able to sort all this stuff to folders in inventory. Like into clothes, avatars, boxed stuff, boxed avatars, house items, houses etc. Etc. Once in the folders you can then sort by date or name and star deleting stuff. You will see duplicate folders and items and then can delete one of them.
  9. Anyone know any GP SIMs that have free vendor space available? I just have a 2 prim vendor. I do Ok on the Marketplace but would like on in SL. I have a classified add saying I am in the Marketplace only.
  10. Also, Items are usually boxed. You can lose the box easy enought in your inventory, and it might not be named as you might expect. Look in objects and sort by date.
  11. I bought an item and did not get it. I hung around in front of the vendor for 30 minutes and still did not get it. I sent a Im to the builder and after about 4 weeks got the item totally frogot I never got it! Be patient. This is not RL even if some take it to seriously. SL can be laggy. You magic box might be buisy or the sim laggy or shutting down. If you TP before you get it you will not get it, I did that once. I have never put a negative comment on a vendor, even if I did not like it. Some do not log on SL much so it takes time for them to get back. Also IM's get lost. Send a note they will get that, Usually.
  12. Just wondering to see how my sales compares to other vendors.
  13. Over the years of selling on Ebay and craigs list I came to the conclusion it is about key words. You have to guess on what someone will be looking for that is similar to your products. In eBay and searching the internet misspellings, abbreviations and all in caps all in small letters and capitalize sometimes does make a difference in your keywords. I feel my site is fairly successful because I keep the prices down and try to get the right keywords without spamming. If you repeat the keyworld or use keywords that have nothing to do with you product that is Spamming. I do not intentionally do that. But if someone is searching for a furry avatar and you sell things that a furry avatar might want I feel it is OK to put in the key word for avatars. Also I do not have a store in SL. The SIMs charge to much. I understand their problem they try to support the sim with vendors but for us vendors it costs to much. I have in the past had them and rarely even got enough to pay for the rent. Market place was great for us vendors but bad for SIM owners! Some more progressive SIM owners allow appropriate vendors to put up stores for free. It brings in people. We still have to pay at least $50L a week for a classified. So they get free advertisement to their sim. As far as the store, I found that when I lowered prices my sales increased when I was sell none of the item. I start up high price and if it does not sell lower the price. If it is selling at that price I keep it there. I am not worried about undercutting others. I do not do scrupled prims so they naturally cost more. My inital prices reflect what I see the same thing selling for plus my time. I am getting faster and building and making texures so I can make things faster hence lower price. Make a detailed description and a GOOD picture with good light. I made a background to take pictures and Edited them in GIMP sometimes I have to change the brightness and contrast in GIMP to make it look better. Have related items listed. And answer any questions ore problem fast. If someone says they did not get it take their word for it. If there was problem fix it and give them another one. It is not its costs you to replace it. I was a contractor in RL and sold parts so I know about service and sales. All of my items are GP. I have an alt that most is Adult. Altogether I make about $30 USD a month for the last 6 months or so. It pays for my premimum membership and I have saved my checking from overdrawing. $30 does not seem like much but it is better than nothing. Oh yes I found the hardest thing is to think of what to make that could sell. I have plenty of items that are low price that have not sold one and others that nearly sell every day!
  14. Thanks that is what I will do. I put in a bug report. They restarted the sim but it is not any better. 
  15. Because one of them complained. They do not have licenses either. The squeaky wheel gets the attention.
  16. I have the home so I can build with full prims. There is very few if any people on the sim but when I rez or attach object it take forever if it works at all. I go to any other sim and it is instant. What is the deal? Is this normal now? It was not a problem a few weeks ago. Do I need to move again?
  17. Ok got it. Some care and some do not. But it still seems to be a Linden desision. Dads, Budwiser Walle, Eve but not M-O. As I said I did the walle because my kids sugessted it and I saw it as a chalange. They came out geat and I sold a few. But that is was it as far as trade market stuff.
  18. Might also be why Linden is reluctant to do anything about without complaints. In the RL they would sue for being that close but might not win. I would cost lots to sue someone for SL sales and gain what? I made maybe $10 selling my Walle, EVE and Mo. Hardly worth anyone in the RL to sue. Make a few changes or reverse engineer and you get away with it. Not sure what that show for the future of copyrights and patents. FYI if one is diligent you can get a company to reverse engineer your product or circuit then make one from that and then you patents that as well. You can also change it a bit and get patents for all variants. Like misspellings. Microsoft got away with stealing the look and feel of Lotus when they made Excel, They got away with stealing the THE look and fee of the Mac OS when they made windows. They got away with stealing the look and fee of Novells NDS when they made active directory which looks nearly identical. So much for intellectual property.
  19. Badger you need to to your homework. I had Walle EVE and Mo and that is all of Disney stuff. The Dads root beer and Bud beer was a bonus for Linen to take away. That surprised me, but they Missed M-O! There are vendors that sell only someone else's intellectual property (or nearly) but Linden does nothing about them That is my point of this thread. Maybe I will start searching (in all my alts) and reporting all intellectual property violations I find in SL. That will keep Linden busy! They will have to put most of their staff working on it! and shut down hundreds of vendors and sims!
  20. I need to have a texture rotated clockwise around the cylinder or cone. It goes in circles counter clockwise. Here is one I used. float rotate; default { state_entry() { rotate = 0; llSetTimerEvent(.1); } timer() { rotate = rotate + .1; if (rotate==10.1) { rotate = 0; } llRotateTexture(rotate,ALL_SIDES); } } Here is the other one. default { state_entry() { llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | LOOP | SMOOTH | ROTATE, ALL_SIDES, 1, 1, 1, 1, .01); } } made a lot of changes but never got the look I want.
  21. My point really is Be fair Linden. You take my Wall-e but Dr who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Barbie, Red Dwarf stuff etc is still being sold I doubt BBC gave permission! I doubt that Disney knows about Second Life or cares if they did or George Lucas. And if Disney did know about SL they why do they let all their stuff be sold? If you pick on my stuff then that is favoritism to the others. I am not questioning rights I am an artist, programmer and am working a couple of patents myself. I wrote an application that was planning on selling. I made Walle and EVE for a programming and build exercise and because my kids suggested it. But why not take MO? I would like to see Linden consistent. By the way they did not even comment on this thread. How could they explain not doing anything about all the other violations but picking on us that are selling the stuff we make. Or some envious merchant that cannot sell stuff turning us in. I think I will file a complaint requesting all copyrighted stuff be removed from SL, and see what they do. Because I am sure someone other than Disney complained about my products. By the way I did it in good taste just like in the movie, nothing they would have a problem with unlike some of the other Disney rip off stuff I have seen. I do not want linden to get into the "turn in your neighbor for violations' Like Hitler told his people to do and county and city building inspection has no problem with. I am surprised they do not give prizes and or awarded for turning in people. Linden is missing out on that! Be fair just get rid of all private copywritten property everywhere not just when someone complains. Oh by the way “most” content in SL may be original but I bet the big sellers are the stuff people are familiar with, Star wars, Star Trek, Dr Who, Red Dwarf, Tron, Harry Potter, Disney princess, etc. I have seen this stuff all over and purchased a lot of it, I have a TARDUS. Just search, You will find Disney princess costumes, Alice in wonderland stuff, just like the movie, Disney Dwarfs etc. If Linden took all of it would put a big nasty whole in content being sold. Not doubt some merchants would disappear completely from what I have seen in my traveling. Some Sims are totally intellectual property. So I am sure that is why linden does not do it. FYI I am making enough $L to pay my premium membership and money to spend outside of SL as well. Just bought a Barbie PC game for my daughter with money from SL. The stuff I sell gives Linden money because of the Market place fees. So am I pushing being banded, no doubt? People have been banned by linden for doing less, just because someone complained about them falsely.
  22. I understand Linden having to protect copywrites intellectual property but . . . . . . . . They should be consistent. I had Budweiser beer, dads root beer pulled and Walle, Eve robot toy pulled. I understand the walle and EVE I said in the description that if Disney has a problem with I will not sell it. But What about the Star wars, red Dwarf, Star trek, Doctor Who, Sailor moon, Anime, Harry potter, TRON, super hero stuff all violating copywrites. I have a few of them my self like a TARDUS. Lets be fair and stop all copywrite violations not just some who were successful as selling them! That would be my guess someone who cannot sell stuff complained. I sold a Walle, Eve and Mo robot toy and in 24 hours Linden pulled Walle and Eve the root beer and beer products . I will make a SL beer and root beer and make my own label. If Disney want part of the profit I have no problems or all of it for that matter. The toys were fun, Walle made a cube of garbage and said TaDa. Eve fired lasers and said walle with a shrug to name just two things they did. If anyone wants them free just IM me. Maybe i will put them up on the market place for free.
  23. Where is the link to my subscriptions or threads. I cannot even get the search to find them.
  24. I made a Walle, Eve and Mo robot toys. I sold a number of them. The last sales was all three by the same person. Within a day Linden took Eve and Walle off for copyright violation, but not M-O. No problem I said in my descriptions if Disney did not like me selling it I will stop. My problem Is why do people get away with selling other Disney stuff like TRON, Star Wars, Harry potter, Dr Who, Star Trek, Red Dwarf, Mattel (Barbie and ken, Marvel etc? You know if all the intelectual property was removed from SL. Linden might lose most of it's income. Most of my sales is and was stuff I made up, like mail boxes and newspaper delivery, no copywrite voilations but some places sell only someone elses RL creations. I have a TARDIS by the way. Is it possible to get permission from Disney? I did not sell a lot but the were fun and did a lot. And a good experence at scripting and building.
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