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  1. Also! That hovertext was from a script I popped into it when messing around with it, and I didn't bother removing the hovertext after deleting the script. The script just would detect if someone was standing on it and squish the prim, and the hovertext would updated how many people stood on it. I played around with that a lot since the texture moves whenever there is movement, so I thought it'd be silly to have it squishable and watch the texture go crazy.
  2. Oops! I got busy and forgot about this thread. I do have a newer one already since it was only 25L to get it as a fix. But I mostly just wanted to share this weirdness! I did find that I could take a copy into my inventory and when that copy is rezzed it shares the messed up properties. It does feel like the way animation scripts stick to objects after the script is removed, but that still doesn't explain how it only animates when the screen moves or is visually updated in some way. My friend has reported that when he navigates his inventory and UI the texture moves as well, but I haven't p
  3. I don't really know where to put this or what to even say about it.. I was going through my inventory rezzing stuff to see what they were when I found this old arcade cabinet nyan cat game... and for some reason the texture was rotating on its own! There were scripts in the object, but this was... unlike anything I've ever seen in SL. The texture only moves when something onscreen changes. So I cam around, texture moves, stop camming, texture stops. I grab in edit mode, texture is still, move around/rotate/resize, texture moves! It wasn't local to me, either, since my friend was present with m
  4. So I've had a few of my items on the marketplace removed, and I know well and understand the reasoning behind it. The items in question were gestures for various songs, and they were removed because I don't have the rights to sell them. I really have no problem with the reasoning, and the fact that they were removed. What does bother me, is that other merchants have similar items, most selling for more than I did, and not a thing has happened to them. I would like to know if anyone understands why my items only seemed to be singled out. I don't know where else to go with this, and figured this
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