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  1. I'm giveing away free shop's/land but not to just anyone. What's required:- The item's you're salling need to be your's The item's need to be of good quality. You're shop need's to be able to bring good traffic. You need to IM me WoodyHickey about the shop's LM>>> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ironshore/57/186/22
  2. Low cost shop's for rent L$150 Prims 100 L$250 Prims 200 If you need extra primes there L$2 each IM me for more info WoodyHickey You can come and look at are shop's or rent one http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ironshore/57/190/22
  3. Take out a shop with us and get 2 weeks free http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ironshore/58/188/22
  4. I have some really nice shops for rent come and have a look http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ironshore/56/187/22
  5. Looking for someone that is really good with mesh to build a realistic club/mall. Need to have voice as I can tell you exactly what I want done IM me WoodyHickey Resident
  6. Free Land for shop owners. I wil let you put up a shop within my club as long as what your selling is good you it gets good traffic IM me for more info.
  7. FILL THIS OUT AND SEND BACK IN A NC. Make sure you read the rules ask for them to be sent to you. Pay is based on traffic info is in the rules NC read #1 & #9 Start of job app \/ copy from here \/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are taking on cam/voice girls fill this app out if you like to work for us. All Red Escort's employees must follow the rules and meet all of our requirements to maintain employment within the club. Staff that does not take the rules seriously are subject to dismissal. Any fees (i.e. adboards) are not refunded. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Red Escort's REQUIREMENTS: # Must be at least 18 years old RL # Must be at least 14 days old in Second Life # Have a good looking avatar (skin/hair/clothes) # If you want to offer webcam services you need to be verified by WoodyHickey # Put Red Escort's in picks on your profile # Do not hide our staff group "Red Escort's" in your profile Today date: Avi Name: Avi Age: Avi Height: Avi Pic: What is your sex SL: What is your sex RL: RL age: What position are you applying for: (mark with a X) DJ: Host: Manager: Dancer: Cam: Voice: Both: (For Dancers only) Need a sample of how you would introduce yourself and greet customers. And also how you react to a tip. Quality it best but don't get crazy :P What is your country and time zone in RL: Times you can typically work for these days... Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday: Send back to WoodyHickey. Jump on the train>>> Red Escort's-...-...-...-...
  8. Are you looking for a good paying job we pay you to work at are club pulse you get 70% of yor tips no club will ever pay you as much as we do IM me for an app or jump on this train http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropea/198/96/3501
  9. Looking for girl dancers, escorts and voice/cam escorts dancers get 100% tips and L$200 an hour only on events IM me for more info. LM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropea/221/95/3501
  10. Dose anyone know why I can't sing in it keeps saying unable to connect to a simulator.
  11. Hey been away from SL for a long time had to make a new account as I can't remember my any of my details so love to make a some new friends I'm all ready setting up a new club so if any one whants to join me just join me Red Escort's
  12. Looking for Dancer's, Escort's, Host, DJ and Manager IM me for a job app or pick one up from Red Escort's
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