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  1. Thanks Cinnamon ! There is always one person on my mind ..love of my life..my wife Sammy :matte-motes-smile:
  2. More Pics :matte-motes-smile: Not current look but some of my best ( i think lol) i clicked
  3. @ Emmett : Thank You @ Wynn : Thanks @ Cinnamon : Thanks I dont play any music it was just for posing..but wish I could play!
  4. Hi there I have just started using Hexagon myself. There is no DAE format in 2.5. However, you can export /save as in OBJ & 3DS format and then import it to any other software and thereon save it in DAE format. Also, Google SketchUp can be used to create mesh as well with DAE format. Happy Meshing!
  5. STX system- staxx Hird http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stx%20Tech/128/128/23 Its a terminal payment system rather than a traditional box system which means all payments at 1 place rather than going and checking each box. Its fully configured on website however that depends which product version you are purchasing. There are various product variety you can find in the store to suit your needs. And if you do not need a terminal system, then you can try HIPPO LITE. That is, as name suggest, a less scripty version of standard Hippo Rent Box. Hope it helps. All the best!
  6. I joined SL way back in 2006. Then into the university, I did my dissertation in 2008 on brightening prospects of SL. And now in 2011, I wonder why I wasted my 1 year on "brightening prospects of SL" The only good times I can recall in SL is when Mr. Philip was the leader. Seeing the downside SL is going, I am reminded of a phrase which one of my classmate said. "There is not much of a difference between dog and the company.Without leader, the company is like dog without its tail. With a sound and sensible leader, the company always steer in right direction. Nothing can bring it down, lik
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