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  1. Hoping i put this in the right spot in the forums :) Anyway, im looking for a good rental box system to setup, i was looking at the Hippotech and uhm, wow it has a LOT of scripts. What i really need for a rental box- -prim count -can charge day/week/month -no commission (all money goes to me) -payment can go to more then one person -says how much time is left -adds tenat to group when they rent Thats all i really need! If you can recomend one, id love to know! Hippotech is a LOT of scripts idk if id want that many scripts running. Id prefer price to be less then 2k (a little over isnt to bad tho) Also if its easy to configure (like by notecard) that would be awesome :D Please and ty <3
  2. Ive been searching inworld for a few days now, and no luck D: What im Looking for- 1-All 4 Dryads (as meepets only) 2-ANY 5 meeroos in the 5 halloween costumes (as meepets only) 3-Any meeroo in the black light skeleton costume (perferably meepet but dosent have to be) What i have to offer- A kabuki, Female Lazy, Toy meeroos that total 17070 in regard (some elderly) And some L (name your price) IF you have Any of theese PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IM me :D Kandee Koray <3 Come see the nest and meeroos here? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nestlefire/138/45/3536
  3. Hello once again SL forums! :matte-motes-big-grin: Im looking for a skybox or platform, it dosent have to be verry big, and i need about 20 permanent prims BUT id like the option to put down like 50-100 at a time temporarily (for building) All i will have there is a small photo studio that is about 15 prims, and id be there maybe one a week. Id use it when i make clothing/skins etc. Please IM me inworld if you have an area like that for me, and how much it would cost ^^ please and ty (also, i really hope i put this in the right area in the forums) -Kandee Koray :matte-motes-wink:
  4. Is there anyway to clean up the top searched/top selling items? i have items i dont sell anymore there and its really bugging me. I look there often you know, to see how things are going, but items that i dont sell anymore are just cluttering it up :/ If theres a way to clean it let me know please! Does anyone else have that bugging them too? >_<
  5. OOO i choose Kandee after Kandee Johnson, i LOVE her, shes one of my heros :3 and i choose Koray as my last name cause. . .idk i was gonna have it as Kandee Kira (cause kira is my first name) but i accidentally refreshed and i couldnt v_v
  6. So it started on firestorm, so i switched to v2 and now its doing it here too. My avatar, my huds and my SL interface go invisible, or completely black. Ive been in SL for a few years with the same computer, and never had this issue, ive seen posts similar to this question, and people say its different things, but i cant find a solution, this problem didnt come up for me until mesh did. (not saying its because of mesh just giving a time period) and its keeping me from logging in as much as id like to cause im so frustrated by it. Anyway, its only on firestorm or v2 (v2 beta or whatever) I dont use phoenix and i dont want to. So Id like to know whats causing this, and more importantly, how can i fix it? (i can get Screen shots too if it will help try to explain what im saying)
  7. Oh im well aware of groups, ive joined a couple meeroos groups, that ive been in for almost 3months, and have made a total of 1 friend, and in the hunts, i make a friend, and after the hunt i never hear from them again Ive tried usuing groups, but i figured theres a forum here for making friends i can use aswell >.<
  8. I am in 1 meeroo group that i talk in, but dont make many friends, and i DO NOT hate RL children, i love kids, i have 2 little sisters irl and i babysit irl i love rl kids. I just have a dark humor sometimes.
  9. SO Ive been in SL for almost 4 years (although this avi is less then a year old) And i find so many times where my friends list is empty, cause i want my friends list to be just that, friends. Not people i talk to once or twice and never hear from again. Im not good at making friends. . like at all, but heres some stuff about me anyways :D I LOVE talking about meeroos, like i could talk about them for hours (especially to someone who dosent know a whole lot about them but will listen to me blah blah blah ;D) I am 20 :D i live in n/w USA (thats all you get about my RL) I am happily taken rl and sl by the same person, whom i love soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I love making skins, and clothing and building (even tho i dont think im all too good at it) Sometimes i talk ALOT sometimes im just way to quiet. Im childish (i do have a child alt too xD) I love movies, and documentaries and learning :D I go to online highschool but im online off and on as i can be. Im abit darkhumored sometimes (for example Q:How would you picture a bus full of children die? A: Hit by another bus full of children :D") i know its sick, but i lold :3 Sometimes i need someone to rant at, sometimes i need to ask an opinion, sometimes i need a shopping buddy! or a Lucky chair hunter, or a hunt-hunter. Mostly, im looking for someone who i "click" with and can just talk to, and that i dont talk to once and never talk to again, cause i end up deleteing you from my FL, i just get bored, of having no one around, this isnt really the best way to find friends, but due to my shy nature around groups of people (even in SL) i just, would like some close friends :) -Kandee K.
  10. Woohoo! So ive been wanting to make one for a while, and i want it to be really good, but it wont be like most furrys, itll be abit different, because it wont have a big furry head! What i need tho, is ill make all the skins and textures except for one, little part, that im having trouble with, and its a fur part on the skin, i want it to line up so its seamless like a skin, so what i need is a fur "layer" i can have full perm to apply to the skin, i really dont want to pay more then 1k or so for it, but i can pay, plus id give you the avatars aswell :D below is some concept work i did today, you can see on the skin part the fur, this is concept art, so its photos in sl, but really really really edited. SO IM me inworld please, if intrested as i tend to forget to check here, or if you have an idea or feedback it would also be apreciated. OH almost forgot, the ears and tail are from Chimera, and the paws are smalltime, BUT if its possible theres a sculptor out there who can make some super cheap for me full perm, id really love that :3
  11. So i have payment info, it says thats all good, and i took the test (more then once) and it says at the end of the test that i can upload mesh, but when i go to, it tells me the test hasnt been finished, and its become kinda annoying, i did buy a full perm mesh tanktop (made to edit and resell) wich i LOVE and have already set it up for sale on marketplace, but it wont let me choose 100% mesh in the options D: is it because of the test problem im having already? id really like to know, so it can get fixed, anyway, ive already spent a good few k on mesh items and im forcing myself on a Sl veiwer instead of pheonix (wich i would never do if it werent for mesh) I didnt know what mesh was at first, but now i love mesh, just wish i could start uploading my own, and such >.<
  12. Thank you everyone, all this has been really helpful
  13. I personally love documentaries, and ive seen "When Strangers Click" and "You Only Live Twice", i think When Strangers Click, was a step in the right direction, because it showed the relationship between a couple, and that was a softer side and a more kind side of second life. I will be watching the Documentary, because im curious of what "outsiders" will be fed on what SL is. I watched the preview and the first thing that went thru my mind was "why is it with a new doumentary people still have shitty avatars" it dosent do justice to SL when there are THOUSANDS of beautiful avatars, but people keep showing the ass-ugly ones. and why dosent anyone do a documentary on the ART in second life, creating skins, and sculpts and textures, they arent easy and they are an art, or even Photography in SL. Things that make SL beautiful, and wonderful, and the place we "live" not just the addiction, or the shady side. Itd be so nice to see a documentary on the beautiful art, and amazing artists in second life, and shows just how amazing it is.
  14. So, when i first started my store, it was inworld and on marketplace, but i had no traffic, and was doing it all alone, now i only sell on marketplace, and ive been told and asked by some people if i have an inworld store, and that i should get one. Ive been offered free space inworld, and all sorts of places, but i dont think im ready, i dont believe i have enough items, or a set theme, and none of my pictures match. I dont have regular items coming out. I think i need more help with getting it ready, with a steady flow of sales before i can have anything inworld. So i think i need people helping me. I guess, what im trying to say is, what are the "keys" to a good store, weather in-world or on marketplace or both. To any other Merchants, do you have any tips, as a buyer or a seller? it would be so apreciated :)
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