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  1. Looking for a true slave that is interested into ASFR (alt.sex.fetish.robots) and roleplaying. I do not do RL and not interested to pass anything into RL only talking about SL. Not someone that is interested into me being her suggar daddy. and for me true slave means someone that is willing to be owned all the time (at least with that avatar) and please its owner in every possible way, which includes, using the outfits he enjoys and having the skin/shape that he likes. Things someone that say its a slave but ends up not being a true slave: prefering to be with friends instead of their owner, wearing anything (mesh or clasic) that his owner does not like, dressing in ways his owner does not like, behaving in ways his owner do not like. These are the most clasic situation of slaves pretending to be slaves (for me at least, and i am saying what I do enjoy here, if you do not enjoy, feel free to just not call me, but, do not call me to complain about it as so many did before). Clearly i am looking to have someone on a long term situation even if will not ask for anyone to decide it just because they read my post here, will understand a trial period is recomended. As those that say its not are the ones that will flee or just no log in again. Also not interested on those that want to be rented to others or bimbo's or statues. As i say on the top the idea here is to roleplay about ASFR. If Interest contact my avatar directly on Second Life because any question i will prefer to be asked directly and not to answer to everyone. If you are not interested on what i say, please do not ask because i know what i am looking here. Just so people to know, i will not answer things on the forum.
  2. Personally in my 9 years of exeperience, the best is to find friends with relative similar tastes that you are looking for, and posting on forums for the position/situation you want exactly and making your profile as best as possible explain what you seek. If not you end up roleplaying once or going to places that only want your money and they do not care of anything else.
  3. If you do understand then you are really trolling here and as such will no longer add any other response to this, if you want to discuss anything do it on sl that i am online right now.
  4. clearly you are trying to troll here, because its 100% obvious that blind, and no have chat is only when they are "powered" down, there is no way to roleplay if you do that all the time. So now i am 100% sure you are trolling me about this. second, I already learned that will not give anything to anyone that they can keep, or will have millons of pretenders just to give them stuff. and they will leave as soon as i stop doing so. If you are happy with that way of doing go ahead, but do not comply that someone learned that is not the way to go. And finally this is only for people that want to fee and experience being a gynoid, clearly none of you are so you will will never understand it. (and i truly doubt you are even trying more and more i think you are just trying to troll me) but you truly have no idea how much you make me laugh. (I mean if you truly read it and you do not understand its really funy).
  5. If you are afraid that a conversation you say its saved, means you may not be responsable for your own words. If not you should not be afraid in any way. and i save conversation because a lot of people like to take them out of context, its easy to do that with just a phrase but not with a whole conversation.
  6. Clearly you are not undesrtanding it, so its not for you and who evenr "master/mistress" pay for their pets means they are with you to get them stuff only and not because they want to be. I am sorry for you thinking the other way around. But its good you do this because anoyone reading this post and agreeing with you just means it will not do be what i want.
  7. First, i am online from 8 am sl time to 4 pm sl time almost always except briefly for lunch, so its not as if they have to wait much when the time happens, second you need to understand that i want someone that wants to have the "closest" experience to actually being a gynoid, which implies that they are owned. But this is just IC, and when you are not online (clearly does not mean you must be online all the time just that when you are you need to be using rlv), you can do anything you want. I am not even saying you have to be on every day. in fact i said "will be good enough to be online 2 hours once a week" at some point so who ever is asking that clearly did not read all, just read a few lines and extrapolated the worst possible way. Textually said that at some point so its clear that noone is required to be 24/7 loggued. About the alt and dropping all will be up to them if they enjoy it as much as i do they will clearly be waiting for it. or even be waiting turned off for me to show up in case by any weird situation i am not around. And the line is simply that this is roleplaying , i will not ask you to do anything in real life not even with other alt and will not even will ask you to change what you think. only asking your the character you select to be a gynoid to act as such. And in the worst case if after some time you think"this is not for me" you can even ask me on im and i will clearly set you free from it, no need to evade me or mute me or hide from me, I am not a stalker and my idea is to find people that enjoy doing this. But i also understand none of you do know me. if you knew me you will understand it better. Its a simple matter of taste, and clearly if you do not share mine then just do not answer. This is about of both agreeing all.
  8. Yes that avatar will be a gynoid to not be able to do anything, its about TPE and if you do not like it you should not do it. And i say that when i am not around you can use an alt. you clearly are just trying to ruin this for eveyone else and make it look far worst than it is.
  9. Clearly you have it wrong, you do not need to be logged 24/7 just have rlv on when you are online. (I never said it was required to be loggued 24/7). And the roleplay is better with more than 2 people 4 will be the best to tell the truth and the perfect balance. And even if i have that many most of them will almost sure not be on at the same time. Truly anyone that think that roleplaying with just 2 people i the best dos not know what roleplaying means.
  10. Normally I do not answer but I am doing it because it was worth it by the number of details you mentioned: 1) About rlv 24/7 yes that is a must but is a must in that avatar, Such avatar will have no im, locked, blinded and not even open chat. but will happen only on the choosen avatar. And I explained before that is why i do allow alts, so you can have an alt to have an normal life (or just have an alt to be the gynoid on that one). Clearly the idea is to turn the gynoid on as soon as i am around. But this gives it the realistic required. And i am not forcing anyone as i have 2 gynoids that do not have alts but they are gynoids all the time (guess is a matter of trust). 2) About my english, yes is not perfect, I am not english speaker, and for those that are elitists about how well the english is written, you can forget it if you do not accept a few mistakes. 3) All the things you showed are not valid, I explained they look more human like, and clearly is a bit more human like than what you show, their face shold be visible 100% for example. and the shape of the body is almost 100% human like. Normally the only thing that shows different are ears, eye and skin. (will wish to have those that are made in parts but its not done on sl to be BOM). So as i said for now only "no mesh" works. About this I forgot to say, I do not like furries, sorry but looks too unrealistic.
  11. Hello, I am looking for a roleplayer that can roleplay under certain kind of rules, but also that when its online its active and not afk, or semi afk. The roleplay itself its about sci fi situations so also you cannot just "be yourself" because are situations that will never happen on real life. Even so i do like to roleplay it as if it where real, there are a lot of people that mix in the middle of the roleplay "you know what yesterday my day was so bad", or "today i have rice for lunch". that is mood killer for anyone trying to pretend the roleplay is good. and finally after a few trial days, the idea is to do it for long term, and be able to log in periodically at least a couple of hours / week. On the other side personally i do not have a lot of free time, in most cases may use just 3 hours, and as such due to how the roleplay i have in mind works, its ok to have an alt to do it meanwhile such alt is used ONLY for this roleplay. And finally because of the scarse time, to roleplay properly needs to be someone that can read and write at a certain degree. This is not to make anyone thinking they are not good enough but it it takes someone 10 minutes to write 2 lines, it will not work because in that time you totally loose the idea of what you are doing plus you can only say 3 sentences each in an hour. (Just imagine real life if you only can say one phrase every 10 minutes, how much time will take to chat with anyome). To do this you may need to be able to at least write half of what anyone is saying speed, and clearly, para-roleplaying is a sure not becaue of this, and because on this rp you are not going to know everything from the start (so you any para-roleplayer will emote a lot that are not able to). Take a pause to be sure you are ok with all that and if you are on read the next. The idea of this position is for a gynoid, even so if i say that it will not work because a gynoid only means "a female looking robot". and that does not describe 100% the position I seek to fill. On my roleplaying I am a gynoid builder, but not just the drone kind or Artificial Intelligent ones, in my version the human (or humanoid) female, gets her mind processed and passed over an electronic minde inside a machine body ((similar to Gosth in the shell, except that in that movie the machine had a brain in my version not even that stays organic)). So she in every physical way becames a machine, but in mind she may still feel being human, even so due to the fact she is in a machine body that does not feel exactly the same and that such body may be stop being controlled by herself depending on external parameters, she may feel she is more and more machine. In fact her survival depends on such. as now her body REQUIRES being owned or will self destroy. If at this point you do not like it then i suggest you do not call me, because all this is not changing. (if you want something similar but that for example does not require being owned play it but not with me). Of course all this is 100% roleplay, you will always own your avatar and, you can always leave roleplaying as its sl after al. Anyone that thinks that I will in any how pretend to enforce this beyound the roleplaying has some loose screws on the head. That is why they can me IM me at any time and im's are unless said used as OOC talking. (unless agreed not to for some reason). This is not to try to enslave anyone against their will, clearly I am asking for people concent before doing this. But that is important this is not either using anyone as a thing at 100% because the idea is that they react and they have some degree of choice. (if not why even ask some avatar i will just program a bot and use it). That also counts the other way, the idea is not to get someone and pose it as a statue, or keep it blinded or ignore it, but the same way i do not want that i do no want to be ignored either when online. Finally if you enjoyed this far, To really be the character I want such character at some point should understand and accept it is a machine, and its no longer a she but an it from then forward ((again OOC not IC)), but as such it should look pretty for it's owner more than for itself, and that includes, how it talks, how it looks and how its dressed. Including the fact that, mesh bodies do NOT work with gynoids yet. ((to tell the truth i am working on it but not that good so if anyone want to help on doing a lot of weigthing and rigging after that is done they will be able to use mesh bodies but if such only while they are gynoids with that body)). And finally but if anyone read this point, RLV is clearly required 24/7 and when I am not around the gynoid will be off (again that is why i do allow alts). The minimal amount required to become a gynoid (not to be paid to me but to get enough good stuff, is about 2000L which really is not that much when any head costs about 5000). But again I will not own your avatar so to be fair I will not be paying for the changes either. My normal online time is from for sure from 8 am to 4 pm sl time (yes 8 hours) most of the time I am even a bit earlier. but on such time I have to go to lunch at some point. If you reached this point and you think you will enjoy it search for Fox Paragorn from inside sl as I rarely check the forum a lot. For those that reach this point, thanks in advance even if probably will not call me, for those that will not read this fully and complain about it, you will hear from me online in a one to one. Thanks for reading. PD: was going to add how a gynoid more or less look but, I changed my mind, and will only show it for anyone that is willing to do it.
  12. I must say that if it takes you more than a minute to do more than 5 words you need to learn to write first. All i am posting here is written in less than a minute. In fact I though what to answer and then i have more time than I expected and, i do not expect others to be this fast, but .. (and this was really a minute) but it seems as if someone where just watching a movie and answering whenever they want. (less than 2 minutes total including this)
  13. Necesitas explicar los datos de tu pc, y en que modo grafico lo usas. deberias probar de bajarle los graficos a 640 x 480 a ver si tambien se te cuelga. de ser eso, listo encontraste que es. (y es lo mas seguro). Sino podria ser un problema de poca memoria ram en tu sistema.
  14. Para- RP is just too slow, i do not have time to wait 10 minutes for something to post on something. because you do not need to describe what others see. its sl you are seeing what others see or its not there. you want to roleplay correctly make first a full description of the room, but after that use just one sentence and then let the other reply back. but that has to be like a ping pong, a minute tops. The people i play with we sometimes make 3 phrases each in just one minute or even faster. if not to roleplay anything you need 8 hours just to move from the entrance to the next room.
  15. If you really think i am looking to just have someone as a furniture, you clearly did not read my post or you did and did not understood what the words on it means. as Roleplaying is not just posing someone so, just with that word cannot be what you meant.
  16. Creo que has interpretedo "incorrectamente" mi respuesta. Yo no dije que no afecten, claramente si tines algo que consume recursos mientras lo tengas abierto el resto andara mas lento pero la pergunta aquie es si lo "daña". y no no lo daña a menos que la computadora sea de mala calidad. dañar significa que luego de ser usado y ya habiendo apagado el programa la computadora no funcione como corresponde. Ahora sufrir no va a sufrir, las computadoras no sufren, si puede que recaliente pero eso solo sucedera, si es de mala calidad. o si por ejemplo sabes que tienes una placa de video de mala calidad, y aun asi le pones todo ultra con todas las texturas al maximo. pero hacer eso es claramente tonto, y no solo se afectaria por sl pero tambien por caulquier programa de diseño de graficos que tambien usa mucho la placa de video. Como todo, y haciendo referencia a un simil con un auto, no puedes pretender con una motocicleta, arrastrar lo mismo que con un camion. Si lo haces no es que "SL dañe tu pc" sino que estas utilizando una computadora que no deberias estar utilizando para eso. incluso si la usas siempre puedes poner una configuracion que no la exija (claro que en ese caso se vera horrible), pero no puedes culpar al programa. Y de nuevo no estamos diciendo que no afecte el rendimiento, TODOS los programas en una computadora afectan el rendimiento en mayor o menor grado esa no era la cuestión. Por ejemplo algo que muchos usuarios hacen y luego se quejan, es bajar peliculas o hacer streaming mientras juegan a second life, y luego pretenden que no afecte. claramente afectara, ya que el streeming requiere mucho ancho de banda, y second life tambien por ser como es. esto no es algo de que quejarse es un requerimiento. pero lo important es, si tu pc esta diseñada para funcionar con second life no se dañara en lo mas minimo.
  17. Como alguien explicó es imposible saber si te bloquearon pero claramente te hayan bloqueado o no, si tu mandas 20 mensajes cada vez que se conectan y no te contestan es porque te bloquea o te ignora. ya que si alguien me manda un mensaje y estoy AFK aunque sea cuando vuelvo contesto por simple educacion. y si no lo hace (y simplemente no tiene esa gentileza) quiza mas vale perder el contacto de dicha persona.
  18. La unica posibilidad que hace que paresca que un programa dañe tu pc es, solamente si tu pc no anda como corresponde. y en ese caso simplemente second life estaria "mostrando" los problemas no creandolos. Escuche a un amigo que el tecnico que le instalo su pc le decia "los juegos de computadora dañan la pc asi que no uses ninguno" el le creyo pero el problema es, que su producto era de Muy muy malisima calidad, por eso decia que lo rompian, pora que no cargue la computadora a su maximo y la persona note los errores. En realidad los juegos (incluyendo second life) son la mejor forma de testear si una computadora tiene problemas, ya que si los tiene seguramente pinchara, o se reseteara o algo. si lo hace recomiendo que la hagas revisar.
  19. Looking for any female roleplayer which is more focused on roleplaying than just looks, for a technological, sexual and long term roleplaying. Looking for someone that really wants to be objetized without loosing its hability to decide when given the choice but that will understand its position and willing to give up its own freedom. (on sl only of course). Alts are accepted but not mesh bodies because they do not allow full morphing capabilities. Of coure the graphic part is important but the roleplayer should be able to give that option to its owner as it will become an object. and objects do not choose how they look. If interested email to stelarfox@gmail.com or contact online to Fox Paragorn. I will not answer this thred on the forum.
  20. you are never going to find someone that its paid after all is finished, becaue, due to scam and people leaving and not paying most scripters will have learn to not do that either. And if you cannot trust someone with more than 5 years on being on sl, then just means you do not want to pay. (if you has been scammed by anyone with more than 5 years being on sl you should know you can easily make a ticket and getting that one expelled.
  21. My best roleplay was when one of my friends was still well enough to rp with my other best friend, we play a story of superheroes where one interpreted supergirl and the other wonder woman. which involved an alternative origin for both heroes and also time travel and conversion. we took a month to develop everything from start to end. but was truly great. So was mostly hero based but not following any real story.
  22. Also some (not all) places, try to be lucrative, without giving much as reward. and those who do not need to keep something to do. Truly I agree with the idea of "the owner way or no way" as there is needed some ground rules. Of course if the owner places too many, people will not go. but the same will happen with sims that. Do not allow to rez anything but do not have enough furniture to play with. Or they allow to rez but just 5 minutes (and have not enough rezed). or you have to do a lot of things (like creating an acount on a site) or be too limited on your choices. Personally i do not go anywhere where you need a special hud even if its free to get. First becaue i am a scripter and as such i know what can be done with them. so i tend to not trust anyone into wearing things. sl is rather secure even so. but I will not risk it. Second, if you are using something they can move you, or just do a lot of stuff (including forcing animations). the last issue is when limit races or situations. so it truly limits what you want to do. I play as one character and each sim for me is a new planet (or universe). or even region of other planet. so if i cannot be myself there for any restriction, will just not be there or be ooc only to see around. and as that I think that a lot of people do the same or similar enough so this kinds of sims end up not having enough people.
  23. Normally i do not rp on a sim, because is just boring, at least on the sims i may enjoy. in order of the most awfull to the better ones. 1)Gorean for my taste sucks fully 2) They have so many rules I cannot do anything of what i want to do (and i do not want to harras anyone). 3) they do not have any furniture and they do not allow rezing. (so you cant do much there) 4) the people are not the style i want (for example i do not like tg people that looks a mix between male and female) or there are some with power and all the others are powerless and those can do anything to the others or they are banned. 5) there are too many requirements like "you have to always be ready to fight even if you do not want" or "you need this and that weapon". If i wanted to fight i will play some FP shooter not sl. (which in time it sucks as one). 6) then there are the ones that are good if not because they require you to not have any script at all to ridiculus amount (i had only one hud and was too much). 7) so the only ones are the free ones as scara brae where they have almost no requirements but then noone goes there. So truly i just rp where i can with people i already know or i get from some place. do not try to find them on that sim or follow a sim because its useless. I sometimes think on making my own but, I tried one and none even go to it so whats the point. (and cannot pay it as much either way) but the only problem is that a lot is for money. if not the good designers will not be in either. For example most places lag like hell now as everyone uses mesh and head bodies even if in comparation they suck. why because they want to see themselves beautiful but not care on how bad it makes to move or do anything. I still have a good body but normal. and normal clothes.
  24. must add none of those previous post worked, and some of them are obsolete and no longer represents the idea so, looking them is not exactly right.
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