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  1. If you really think i am looking to just have someone as a furniture, you clearly did not read my post or you did and did not understood what the words on it means. as Roleplaying is not just posing someone so, just with that word cannot be what you meant.
  2. Creo que has interpretedo "incorrectamente" mi respuesta. Yo no dije que no afecten, claramente si tines algo que consume recursos mientras lo tengas abierto el resto andara mas lento pero la pergunta aquie es si lo "daña". y no no lo daña a menos que la computadora sea de mala calidad. dañar significa que luego de ser usado y ya habiendo apagado el programa la computadora no funcione como corresponde. Ahora sufrir no va a sufrir, las computadoras no sufren, si puede que recaliente pero eso solo sucedera, si es de mala calidad. o si por ejemplo sabes que tienes una placa de video de
  3. Como alguien explicó es imposible saber si te bloquearon pero claramente te hayan bloqueado o no, si tu mandas 20 mensajes cada vez que se conectan y no te contestan es porque te bloquea o te ignora. ya que si alguien me manda un mensaje y estoy AFK aunque sea cuando vuelvo contesto por simple educacion. y si no lo hace (y simplemente no tiene esa gentileza) quiza mas vale perder el contacto de dicha persona.
  4. La unica posibilidad que hace que paresca que un programa dañe tu pc es, solamente si tu pc no anda como corresponde. y en ese caso simplemente second life estaria "mostrando" los problemas no creandolos. Escuche a un amigo que el tecnico que le instalo su pc le decia "los juegos de computadora dañan la pc asi que no uses ninguno" el le creyo pero el problema es, que su producto era de Muy muy malisima calidad, por eso decia que lo rompian, pora que no cargue la computadora a su maximo y la persona note los errores. En realidad los juegos (incluyendo second life) son la mejor fo
  5. Looking for any female roleplayer which is more focused on roleplaying than just looks, for a technological, sexual and long term roleplaying. Looking for someone that really wants to be objetized without loosing its hability to decide when given the choice but that will understand its position and willing to give up its own freedom. (on sl only of course). Alts are accepted but not mesh bodies because they do not allow full morphing capabilities. Of coure the graphic part is important but the roleplayer should be able to give that option to its owner as it will become an object
  6. you are never going to find someone that its paid after all is finished, becaue, due to scam and people leaving and not paying most scripters will have learn to not do that either. And if you cannot trust someone with more than 5 years on being on sl, then just means you do not want to pay. (if you has been scammed by anyone with more than 5 years being on sl you should know you can easily make a ticket and getting that one expelled.
  7. My best roleplay was when one of my friends was still well enough to rp with my other best friend, we play a story of superheroes where one interpreted supergirl and the other wonder woman. which involved an alternative origin for both heroes and also time travel and conversion. we took a month to develop everything from start to end. but was truly great. So was mostly hero based but not following any real story.
  8. Also some (not all) places, try to be lucrative, without giving much as reward. and those who do not need to keep something to do. Truly I agree with the idea of "the owner way or no way" as there is needed some ground rules. Of course if the owner places too many, people will not go. but the same will happen with sims that. Do not allow to rez anything but do not have enough furniture to play with. Or they allow to rez but just 5 minutes (and have not enough rezed). or you have to do a lot of things (like creating an acount on a site) or be too limited on your choices
  9. Normally i do not rp on a sim, because is just boring, at least on the sims i may enjoy. in order of the most awfull to the better ones. 1)Gorean for my taste sucks fully 2) They have so many rules I cannot do anything of what i want to do (and i do not want to harras anyone). 3) they do not have any furniture and they do not allow rezing. (so you cant do much there) 4) the people are not the style i want (for example i do not like tg people that looks a mix between male and female) or there are some with power and all the others are powerless and those can do anything to t
  10. must add none of those previous post worked, and some of them are obsolete and no longer represents the idea so, looking them is not exactly right.
  11. I prefer to be myself and for that reason, to set myself Male. I do a lot of rp but even so its always the same continuation (as if it whre truly another life). Just a detail because is sl and i know its an rp, I do not agree on being able to be killed (if you say you kill me show me the blood and the hole/decapitation/ whatever). of course for this reason my rp's are not about shooting or other dangerous things.
  12. Hello, I am not new to sl and i only have one main avatar. You can read my pics and even so not know me fully. even if reading them will give you a start aproach. Even so, I was told everything by a lot of people, from good to bad, even if most of them say good things. I am looking for someone that wants to pretend to be a machine but. with some of the benefits of remember being human once. Why you may ask, will not be better to be a robot and then not have feelings because that is what they are supposed to do? Also really important, it must be female (no sex change, no double s
  13. I understand you and, I do not think you are stuck in the past, those who freely chang from one thing to anything else, in my opinion can be that they do not take it seriously enough, or, that they do not know what they want to be (still searching themselves). For example you (and me too), I feel perfect with my current avatar, and, I also feel not only satisfied but impervious to what others may think. you have a nice avatar by the way. But people like you I think that feel they are them (with the actual true limit anyway). For example most people does not care on having a lot
  14. I am not english speaker so may be not writing it down, what I tried to mean is, exagerating to the point of ridiculus. For example, because I said system avatar, someone on purpose set a PLAIN as you start avatar, meanwhile as Elsie Galtier said before. You can actually do great bodies with the system avatar. (and yes hairs are hard to make) Even so I never said, you could not buy anything, just, not mesh. So they get things out of proportion, but I know they are trolling, thanks Elsie to show my point.
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