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  1. must add none of those previous post worked, and some of them are obsolete and no longer represents the idea so, looking them is not exactly right.
  2. I prefer to be myself and for that reason, to set myself Male. I do a lot of rp but even so its always the same continuation (as if it whre truly another life). Just a detail because is sl and i know its an rp, I do not agree on being able to be killed (if you say you kill me show me the blood and the hole/decapitation/ whatever). of course for this reason my rp's are not about shooting or other dangerous things.
  3. Hello, I am not new to sl and i only have one main avatar. You can read my pics and even so not know me fully. even if reading them will give you a start aproach. Even so, I was told everything by a lot of people, from good to bad, even if most of them say good things. I am looking for someone that wants to pretend to be a machine but. with some of the benefits of remember being human once. Why you may ask, will not be better to be a robot and then not have feelings because that is what they are supposed to do? Also really important, it must be female (no sex change, no double sex, no lack of sex). I do not care of what you are in real life, but for this rp you need to be female on sl (and act fully as one too). The minute i know you are not a female then will no longer work. At first that idea may seem wise, but is not, why? Well, if you are acting like that, several things may happen. 1) You try to emulate that but you fail, and you make excuses to not do what you are supposed to do without a logical explanation. For example, you play being a drone, and as such i created you, so, anything i tell you to do you should do but, the real you do not like it so tries not to do it. Or 2) You actually do it but you do not like it, and deep inside it makes you feel bad. because as you are not supposed to feel i cannot take any care on what I tell you to do. 3) you really do all you are told and you enjoy it, you actually feel good yourself but you character pretends it does not, Wrong, if you actually enjoy it your rp will show it even if you try not to. 4) you actually do all and you manage to "feel nothing" from all of it as a real drone but, this makes you feel just boring. ((by the way i made all the previous mistakes and when asked why i just got this explanations)). how do i solve it. My gynoids are made from original humans which means has memories and emotions, even so they are 100% inorganic and as such just machines, but, as their mind was originally the same, they can still feel and decide things. Even so as i made their mind i have a way to make them sense (not feel) anything i want or even make them believe something else. How this works, well of course does not work for everyone, you must agree that i can do all this, and try to follow what I "program into you" of course its not true programming, as you are not truly a robot. but its as close as sl allows. I already have other robots even if not many. and only 2 and in rare ocasion 3 of them work at all. Even so what i am looking is to integrate new gynoids to my ongoing roleplay. And the actual gynoids i already have enjoy being with other gynoids too, which means that the new gynoid, cannot be jealous, and cannot pretend to be in the center of attention the 100% of the time. I can multitask but to a limit. What can i provide. 1) A really good source of Roleplaying (good ideas, even if not that good scenarios). 2) friendly group. (in other words leave drama out, anyone that tries to create drama will actually just eject itself when they see it does not work) 3) being owned and total control: well you are a gynoid, you cannot im anyone else, you cannot freely teleport, and sometimes even your inventory and chat is locked. You will dress and act as programmed (after some training). and after fully programmed even changed automatically by your owner. 4) being pleasured and pleasure at th same time: Do i have pixel sex, no, do i have sl sex? yes, whats the difference? well you are supposed to be sexually atractive in shape and atitude, but not just to sit in a poseball and let it go its course. in other ways you should enjoy such and be active even if sit in a poseball, there are a lot of ways of doing it. (now is this realistic, probably not, people do not talk that much while having sex but, its sl, if you do not chat nothing happens). 5) Being Teached: yes, i do not expect to give you something and just say "you are now gynoid act like it" no the idea is to teach you, tutor, explain you, and anything related. 6) The hud i use for making others a gynoid (free of charge meanwhile you do not just runaway). What you need: 1) To want to enjoy being a gynoid and try to please and enjoy as you do things correctly. 2) To not use mesh. (I know a lot of second life users will say what means no mesh) but so far mesh is not flexible enough for all the parts i use. All those who say "but mine is mod and i can change it"end saying "no its not that much mod". (unless you can actually create your own mesh from blender in such case if you agree me to explain you how we can talk about it) 3) To enjoy following orders but, at the same time think when its required and not just to be a drone. (to a limit depending on how you are programed) 4) To be able to remember several programs (aka scenearios), so can be changed from one scenario to another and not be confused. 5) To be able to purchase any skin/hair/eye or accessorie required, and to accept to look as your owner prefers. (can be talked but within limit, i must actually like it): about this, you may thing, why i should do the purchase if you own me? well in truth i do not own you, i do not own your acount and cannot just sell all your acount and get the money(and good i cannot do that), also you can always runaway and leave so, why should i give you things for free? you are supposed to be doing this because you enjoy rp'ing it not for me to give you things. 6) Again, to not be just a drone. 7) to be able to have time between 1pm and 5 pm at least once a week. If any female likes this please contact me. Take notice i will not answer things here my second life name is Fox Paragorn you can search me on the sl viewer. PD: depending on what you also enjoy the total amount to be a full gynoid (complete at all) may be between 3000 and 5000 (some skins and hairs are expensive than others thats why the difference). (does not include any clothing) PD2: I forgot to add, due to this being so strict, I do allow alts (secondary avatars not the main or the main and you still can get on sl), why, well whenyou use the avatar that is a gynoid you are my gynoid, if not, you are yourself. this way you can go with friends when i am not around. and you do not have to "runaway" to be with them.
  4. I understand you and, I do not think you are stuck in the past, those who freely chang from one thing to anything else, in my opinion can be that they do not take it seriously enough, or, that they do not know what they want to be (still searching themselves). For example you (and me too), I feel perfect with my current avatar, and, I also feel not only satisfied but impervious to what others may think. you have a nice avatar by the way. But people like you I think that feel they are them (with the actual true limit anyway). For example most people does not care on having a lot of alts, I Only have one, and its only for testing scripts (because the owner has some privileges and then sometimes that does not work) if not for that, i will not have any alt.
  5. I am not english speaker so may be not writing it down, what I tried to mean is, exagerating to the point of ridiculus. For example, because I said system avatar, someone on purpose set a PLAIN as you start avatar, meanwhile as Elsie Galtier said before. You can actually do great bodies with the system avatar. (and yes hairs are hard to make) Even so I never said, you could not buy anything, just, not mesh. So they get things out of proportion, but I know they are trolling, thanks Elsie to show my point.
  6. yea well, of course NOT!!!. do not take things out of context, you can have good hairs, shapes and skins without using mesh. But of course people that think mesh is great, will do anything to tergiversate.
  7. ugly bodies can be made no matter the system. Or you are saying that you did not saw bodies with each breast bigger than the person head and the ass that big as well, in any of the systems, also, the amount of make up they use on mesh ones sometimes its so much that is almost the same bad as my reference.
  8. people that do not talk to not mesh in sl, do not deserve my attention any way, so no loose for me. And i better do not say what I think of them.
  9. at least one that undesrtand why I ask for no mesh. Thanks.
  10. the wrong with mesh is really bad, first, sl was not designed for it, it works but it causes a lot of lag (no matter what anyone says because i tested it). In other words 1 mesh avatar may be the same as 5 to 10 system avatars. And Second life is NOT to look something as it is. we are all toons there. There is no system yet where you can actually look exactly as you are, deal with it and stop lagging the server. Now if you want to use it, no worry, just do not get into my sim to lag it. Compared to reality for me is like saying, do not use fuel based car, when you can use an electric one. mesh is like a ferrary , and system is like a tesla car in comparation. And yes a lot ofpeople choose the ferrary, I think that means they have something to compensate for. And you name it, people that use mesh normally is try to impress or compensate something else, and I am not on sl for the look, (i will just see rl for that and will be far better with so many wonderfull females I have in my life), sl is recreative for me and the most important part is how people react and behave (even if its just minor move and chat mostly)
  11. Clearly none of you are understing and, truly, I do not care to explain anymore. Want to think I am a freak, or an idiot or whatever you want, go on. but the same can be done by anything people do in second life. and I almost feel tempted to give an example and be mean. But I am not going to be as low as you are. Thanks but, I will ignore anyone not answering me to truly do it. And even so, I actually do a long "checkup" before accepting to see if the person truly wants it. Most people only want me to give them stuff, or, they are looking for someone to pay attention to them and nothing more. (and that is actually true on 400 cases, except 5)
  12. I mean people that are mean and when they see someone enjoying something they want to break it as any way they can. Did I say anything bad of the ones that want to be a furry, or alien or anything, no, I let them play whatever they want, in fact I sometimes even rp with them (and not even they are not gynoids), not all are bad. Even so, most people are mean, and person I was playing with just stopped because everyone else except me treated her badly, examples, they ignore them, if she say anything they interrupt her as if noone was talking and so on, of course if i was around I will react to it by the same way as if they treat bad a person. And if you do not undesrtand how bad that is, then I truly do not care how you feel or what you say.
  13. Well seem to people that post here does not know you can set data as harware without the posibility of that being overriten. Than happen when you talk of things you do not understand, but for easy, that is called ROM, goole it. if you read things right it does not allow the robot to comit any crime, they cannot kill. Also, if you truly think it in a Logical and not emotional way. because its unable to change it owner, cannot do things that will harm its owner on the long run. So, in that context cannot comit a crime, because it knows his owner will have to respond on it. there is always the way to rationalize something if you wand and you are willing to not think it fully. Humans can do that, because they tend to forget the inconvenients and details, but a robot will not. I do not even know why i answer if no matter what I say you will try to tergiversate or get out of context (also the reason why i do not like normal people, if it where for me the human raze will go extinct, because does not deserve what it has, or at least most of them if not look what we are doing to oun planet, and the same way most treat each other).
  14. because if they do not do that on story, WHERE is the story? but the truth is, that will never happen. (unless a terrible malfunction). For example something more "realistic" if you can say realistic will be the old "Jony 5" movie. that makes a lot MORE sense than most of the rest of them. But think about this, if in the story, you say it ends with the robot falling in love with its creator and continue doing what it was,what will you say about the story? most people will say "what, thats it?" Writers want to hook your attention so they are not going to do something correctly. On the other side, why in comedies, they do every unimaginable stupidity, that normal people will never do, Answer: because its a movie, what you say only happen for the same reason, Its fiction, A computer on reality, can do no more of what is programmed for. And there is a 100% easy way of not lettint an AI to rebel anyway, and this will be set on HARDWARE, not software that can be wiped or replaced. Rule 1: Never harm your Owner by action or inaction ((the most important rule if there are any kind of conflict with other rules this will take precedence)). Rule 2: Always Obey your owner orders ((and will do so unless the order will harm its owner)). Rule 3: Always protect your Owners property by action or inaction. Including to NOT change anything your owner owns. ((this means she cannot break something you own, not even itself, nor can alterate itself in any way, so, cannot do what they do on I robot)). Rule 4: Always protect organic beings by action or inaction. ((so unless any of the 3 above rules aply will try to protect life in every possible way)). One last hidden thing, if any of this 4 rules do change, the robot self destruct (I am a computer programmer so i know you can create a hash or checksum to verify all the above) in fact you can do the same by 3 different methods, so even if you can change one and make the checksum be right ((even if thats metagaming because the robot does not even know it has such)), fixing only one, will not prevent its doom. and its impossible to actually change the 3 of them at the same time. Tell me how with all this rules in order, you can actually do what they do in movies or books. Also for the one that said , make and alt and play with yourself, thats totally stupid, for that i do not even log and talk to myself all day, I mean what will be the point on doing something like that, totally pointless. doing such will be like play any card games (played by more than one player) and also cheat yourself on it.
  15. If you consider that just dressing as one is a good sim, thats the problem, the only places I saw that are still working are those that are fully comercial. In other words they keep the place going because you have to buy stuff for them to be there. Even if, they roleplay a bit, is not the kind of roleplay I am searching for. So that was my point. ((and by the way I do not consider someone a gynoid because it just disguises as such, the attitude is at least 80% of it))
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