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  1. Hello All, the WINK APP has just be release for the xChip SmartHUD exclusively at UBER July 25th! SLUR included in the flickr ad: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mike_denneny/28486770446
  2. One of the reasons I've heard they don't talk about some of their projects is because they don't want people to think they are getting something until they know they can do it. There have been a lot of cool projects they started, but canceled because the scope became to big. I personally think that its not that big of a deal if they talked about what they were working on as long as it was clear that its not a promissed project and the reasons it was canceled were clear.
  3. Any chance there will be functionality to allow everyone to see realtime actions an avatar is making to a website? "Scrolling, clicking, playing videos in sync" I believe in a virtual world being able to share the experience in real time would be very important.
  4. A question I have is in regards to user engagement/ influence on secondlife platform. Currently in secondlife there are three user groups that meet on a weekly basis, but are pretty much free-for-all conversations around technical issues. I'm wondering if the linden lab team is interested in composing a team of dedicated "Power Users/ Creators" that can articulate themselves well while having an influence in secondlife and large connections to communities/ user base. I believe a focused team like this could be very useful in helping linden lab make decisions in prioritising projects/tasks and having a more immediate understanding of the impact of those decisions. I feel right now there is a lot of grey area between users and the lab. Though there are certainly pipelines that can be taken, I've experienced first hand how easily ideas can get shot down with disengaging responses due to limited capacity. This can be improved by offloading some of that required capacity/ effort to dedicated users. Please advise, Mike
  5. "We're thinking of cheaper and larger land supporting more scalable experiences. This will make it easier to create and successfully operate these types of experiences. " When you mention "cheaper/ more scalable land" are you talking about project sansar or the second life platform?
  6. Ebbe, I see you answered TYR's addtional questions, but the main focus of her post was around if linden lab is interested in sponsoring projects that provide "non business" related fun experiences. Currently sims that want to create fun experiences need to create revenue and often face financial issues because of this. I'm also interested if this is a path linden lab would want to go down to promote new user engagement and logitivity of experiences that retain users. Mike
  7. During the talk I brought up if there was any talks with NVIDIA to get offical support from them. I was particularly interested because of how much NVIDIA has invested in their streaming service that has been very successful in terms of speed/ latency and quality. Heres a link: http://shield.nvidia.com/grid-game-streaming Would it be an interest to see more what they could offer project sansar?
  8. Anything like this would require a full re-write of the viewer which LL are pretty much avoiding at all costs. Project sansar will support all platforms and will use the latest API's to allow the best experience!
  9. I believe I had to change my password to get it to refresh.
  10. Please do not defrag your Storage if it is an SSD. You should definitely consider clearing your cache though. Also take a screen shot of your graphics settings.
  11. If you need to be zoomed out further but want .125 increments then change your snap settings to .0625 etc. Thats how I deal with that.
  12. I have this same issue and I have a very solid pc I've built . I can't get AA to work even by forcing it in the hardware settings via nvidia control panel
  13. I have a 660 ti and don't crash often.
  14. Maybe they will read this thread and answer our question haha
  15. That makes sense, I also have heard that 512 is just an ammount they set to try to save memory. The actual cap is 4gb, but idk I would need the confirmed.
  16. Very interesting, I hope they do consider this as part of the benchmark viewer.
  17. Yeah that JIRA is where I pulled the bitbucket link, but it seems to have no progress on it.
  18. Hmm, it sure would be nice to see what the progress is on that.
  19. Now that we have alpha masking does anyone know if Linden Lab intends on bringing back Global Illuminations ?
  20. I asked in the JIRA if there has been any more progress on fixing this long time issue with the memory cap, but haven't heard anything. Does anyone know if there has been progress. This is the last thing I've seen: https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-tiger/commits/8425f76bbb1de290c9c4956a2e0579d4a05a0112
  21. I actually did file a jira, which turned out to be a duplicate of a locked topic, which I had re-opened, but you still can't vote on it I I understand that inworld building isn't as important with external mesh, but when bringing in multiple mesh objects it can be very useful to edit at the root! So I really hope it can be re-considered as valuable and most likely easy to implement.
  22. This is one feature that has had me using firestorm for the longest time. If Linden lab could implement it, it would certainly make me and other builders more interested in making it our default viewer. Anyone know if this is a likely enhancement?
  23. Specs: 4930K hexacore @ 4ghz 16GB DDR3 at 1866mhz Dual GTX 660 TI's in SLI Dual 28inch 1080p Monitors 512GB SDD @ 550MB/S 50Mb's Download, 5Mb's upload. I average 60FPS with VSYNC enabled to reduce tearing. I often have 3DS Max open while rendering, Photoshop, Mutltiple Google Chrome Tabs ("pandora,youtube etc") , Skype, Microsoft Word etc..
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