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  1. Thank you both for your infomation Sparkle Aftermath
  2. Hello there, I have a small question. Apple have reviled that a new API called "Metal for Mac" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_(Apple_API)) and was wondering if the Second Life Viewer shall take advantage of this new API in the future? The reason why I ask, is because Apple reports (along with some gaming companies like Unreal and such) almost 50% performance boots to graphic tasks and gaming. Hope this question isn't confusing at all XD Sparkle Aftermath
  3. Nice chair, i was wondering about this as well and tryed it out myself but Blender says 0 vertices where removed (So i was like "ok....") and the mesh still seams fine to me. even uploading it on to SL shows my object it under 200 vertices so i must be doing something right, lol Sparkle Aftermath
  4. I have done this and it all seams fine, apart from a small amount of problems (and i so mean tiny). As for the unseen vertices, i don't know what you mean as i have not encounted this, but i'll experiment on. Sparkle Aftermath P.S, as a quick note, i have also been testing textiles and they seam ok as well
  5. I would just like to point out that i am not trying to compare Sketchup with Blender at all, im just running experments on how they are handeld by Second Life. So far, i have not seen anything that has been stated here. So i do not see any problems with Sketchups mesh making capabilities (so far, touch wood) but will experiment more Sparkle Aftermath
  6. Hello all, i have been reading up about mesh in Sketchup, how to make them and upload them on to secondlife. however i did read that only Sketchup 7 (Windows Only) can only be used link shown http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Exporting_a_mesh_from_SketchUp So me being me, i thought to myself "Challenge accepted" and begun work on how to get around this (Me being a Mac user as well) and i found a method that worked. 1. Make your model as normal (In this case i did a simple "x" frame) 2. Click File => Export => 3D Model 3. Select the format .dae (Collada) but clickin
  7. Called them up just 5 mins ago, have been asked to report it as abuse somewhere on a wiki page, nice lady i must say ^.^ Sparkle Aftermath
  8. im not sure..., all my Transaction History say is that i paid this guy (XXX69 Fella) L$1,932, i've never heard of Commerce Linden before.. i'll be honest. I have bought things from the market place before and it hasn't done anything like this before.. Sparkle Aftermath (note: wait, i just looked and it does say Commerce Linden, L$250, maybe thats the trasation im thinking about, but it does not explain about the L$1,932 thou...) (Note again: ok i checked with the Market place, the L$250 was for some cloth that i bought...., not the other item that i was supost to get from XXX69 Fella)
  9. correct, im now worryed it been some sort of trick... yay.. Sparkle Aftermath
  10. Thank you for the quick reply, i have and it says i have paid him (xxx69 Fella), but it wasn't 1,932L$, it was only 10L$, i now just feel like i've been robbed... ;.; Sparkle Aftermath
  11. Hi all ^.^, i hope you can help me i do not know how this has happened to me, one day i had L$1,900ish on my account, after paying xxx96.feila on market place for an item (This was late at night) and went to bed. the next morning i loged in, it was all gone... I havn't rezzed anything that has asked if i wanted to take money from me or anything. I have also tryed to pay for someone L$1 to see if it would refresh, nothing (Have tryed it the other way and nothing) i hope you guys can help me >.<; Sparkle Aftermath
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