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  1. Okay weird.. I just finally got 2 email sales notices and the L$ into my balance from the unpaid 2 separate sales that were the issue for me. Only took 2 and half days. Still no response yet on my support ticket. But my issue has been corrected thankfully. Now I'll just hope they fix things properly for you Pamela.
  2. For the record... in my case, I use 2 magic boxes (3.0.11) on 2 sims. Neither sim are RC sims anymore as far as I know (one was bluesteel about a year or so ago, but then was dropped from RC back to normal). So the magic box not being updated isn't the issue in my case. And I still haven't even gotten any response to my support ticket and based on one Pamela got I guess I shouldn't expect one. *sighs*
  3. I had the same thing happen 2 days ago, Oct 5th. 2 separate orders by same person. I got magic box notices of delivery, but no sales order notices. So I IMed the customer yesterday and confirmed he received. Still no L$s today and on SLM still showing as "undelivered" or "being delivered". So I just filed a support ticket. The sales before and after this have all been fine and luckily the L$ amounts for me are minor compared to your loss Pamela.
  4. I've reinstalled 3.1 also. I do agree the UI needed to be more customizable and quite a few things could definitely be made to use less clicks to accomplish (i.e. like editing permissions of multiple items at once instead of one by one). But making everything a cluttered mess taking up too much screen space again and making local chat an inconvenient pop-up afterthought isn't the route to go towards improvement.
  5. Viewer 3.2 is a total nightmare. I totally agree with everyone above. Though I don't think I can get used to this new hot mess at all, primarily because of the lack of integrated and easily accessible chat bar. It may please some of the folks that hated viewer 2 and stuck with viewer 1.23.x or switched to TPV. But I think this new one only shows the advantages of viewer 2 to 3.1... tidiness and less clutter.
  6. It isn't just you. I can't get but 5 basic options to show up and no scroll. This isn't good when as a group owner I can't even administer my groups properly. God things have been so messed up in the viewer since the 2.7.0 and 2.7.1 updates. * Flexi prims attachments acting jittery * Camera has really bad focus problems (bounces to face opposite direction of focus) * /me emotes not working/showing properly in local chat * inability to edit role permissions on group chat /me considering going back to 2.6.9 until LL gets it freaking act together and stops making things worse instead of better with viewer updates.
  7. Yes direct delivery is coming, eventually. However according to the Direct Delivery FAQ in the wiki: "ANS will be replaced with a similar functionality in Direct Delivery to address the same goals and will use the same format as is currently in use to ease migration." So may not be that pointless.
  8. What you're talking about or looking for is a essentially a separate script that works in conjunction with a Magic Box w/ ANS. A magic box w/ ANS allows you to somehow tie magic box notifications into other things. I've never used so I don't know too much about it. But here's some SLM links to possibly get you started.... Magic Box w/ ANS - SLM listings of ANS Magic Box What is ANS? And how can it help a merchant? - archived forum thread about ANS Auto Message I don't make that product nor have I ever used.. is simply first one I found on a quick SLM search. Hope this helps. And maybe someone with more knowledge will poke their head in too.
  9. Update: guess I finally got mine at about 6pm SLT. I guess LL just hit a big snag or delay on stipends this week, but did come through after all at least for me.
  10. Still no stipend here for me either. They apparently had no problems taking out the search listing fee, but still no stipend.
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