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  1. As much as I do prefer the sidebar, I could probably get somewhat used to the new toolbars, that is if I could actually get them to show up again. But I would prefer to get the old sidebar back.
  2. I see what they were trying to do with 3.2, making things more customizable but, I don't like having everything that I open pop up as a random window in the middle of my screen and having to dig through multiple things to do what I want. With the sidebar, If I needed more than one window open I could just pull the window out of the sidebar and do what I needed to and then after I was done I could just send it back to the sidebar, keeping things nice and neat on my screen. The only thing I like so far is the new position of notifications, when they were at the bottom they would get blocked by other programs on my computer giving me notifications and with the second life notifications at the top where they are more noticable, but as for 3.2 thats about the only thing I like. I also preferred the chat box staying at the bottom of the screen, being able to click in and start typing instead of having the chat window floating around my screen.
  3. A few weeks ago I breifly tried the 3.2 beta and I really did not like the new UI set up and after a using it for a few hours I ended up going back to the regular v3.x release client because I preferred the functionality of the sidebar, now that I have updated to 3.2 none of the toolbars are showing up and I have no idea how to get anything back. I would much rather have the previous UI than the current one.
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