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  1. Hi :) I'm creating a HUD right now but i want that its only useable when its attached. Thats why its a hud :) I want when people rez this HUD on the ground instead of wearing it, that all inventory will get removed. Is that possible at all with LSL ? Thanks very much for help ^^
  2. Hi :) I have a question.. I got a rezz machine.. Script not modifiable.. However the machine is operating on a channel and i can set the channel of the machine via notecard.. Is there any way that i can listen what the machine says on that channel ? I need to know that because i want to script some improvements.. something like.. If the machine says BLA, do SOMETHING :) I tried to set the channel to 0 to see what the machine says but this doesnt work.. it says i cannot use channel 0 for llRegionSay() Is there a way i can listen what the machine says on her board channel channel ? Thanks much in advance ^^
  3. Aww thank you very much. They work perfectly ^^ hmm and it was sooo easy Anyway.. thanks again.. At least i learned something
  4. Hi. Im not so good in scripting so far :) So i would need your help please^^ I have the script to load an URL on touch. Means when someone touches the prim a menu pops up and you can choose if you want to go to the page or you can cancel. string text = "Visit my Website"; string url = "http://MyWebsite.com"; //must include 'http://' default { touch_start(integer num_detected) { llLoadURL(llDetectedKey(0), text, url); } } I just wanted to ask if its possible to get the same effect (the upcoming menu) on rezz. ?? So when someone rezzes a prim the menu pops up and you ccan choose if you want to go to the site or cancel. If its possible what do i need to change in the script ? Thanks much for your help <3
  5. Awwww, i love love-songs Here is my small selection (^-^)
  6. Hello Thanks for answering. Ok im trying to explain it better. Its not on rezz because i got the message before i accept the delivery. It happened a few times so far that i purchased an item through the marketplace and at the same moment i received the item inworld i got a message in local chat from this merchant's magic box. It says that this message is sent by the magic box, thats why im asking how to do it
  7. Hello. Sorry but this is not what im asking for.. Im thankful for any helpful answers. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi. I want to open my first store soon and i had a question about the magic box. I have seen a few merchants' magic boxes are sending an auto message to the customer like "Thanks for your purchase, for any questions please call me ...." for example. How can i do this? Would be great if someone could tell me how to do this :) TY
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