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  1. Wondering if Auto Refresh alerts if it sees a home during the time between refreshes or just at the time of a refresh? Everytime I have heard an alert I get so excited and haven't noticed where in the refresh cycle it was.
  2. I was out touring Donovan, checking out the new release and ran across your parcel. It is perfect! Congrats, RaeLee!!!
  3. It worked, tootsieipop!! Thank you so much. Of course I was too slow but it felt good to actually see a Bellissserian home
  4. Thank you for the tip, tootsiepop!! I will let you know how it goes!
  5. It amazes me how many LHs you see, RaeLeeH! I have not seen one house in a couple months. I am using Chrome with the Auto Refresh set to 75 secs. It will occasionally alert me, but the page I see is for a Meadowbrook LH. I have double and triple checked my spelling of Bellisseria. I am using a laptop with WiFi….perhaps that is an issue? *just noticed you headed to bed, RaeleeH. Rest well
  6. Thank you Shield. Is there a reason for the extra 10-20 seconds for refreshing?
  7. When refreshing to get a Belli home and working with the 10 refreshes per 10mins limitation, is it best to do a refresh every minute or 10 refreshes in a row and wait 10mins to do it again?
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