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  1. I'm a huge fan of LAQ skins, I use my own shape, spent many, many hours getting my avi to look as I want her..but there are a lot good skins out there, you just have to keep looking until you find the one that is you. GL with your search.
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Trap-Gelf-Ears/4206201 Best I could find....maybe the same
  3. Gadget Portal wrote: This is something I can't figure out about SL. Why is there such adversity towards honesty? Even the simple things, people use the option to show offline to their friends instead of saying "Not now". You regularly hear stories about people's significant others using alts to "cheat", and other such stories. I mean, sure. People lie, and sure, SL makes it easy... But why does it seem like SL increases it as an overal activity? Because some people like playing games and don't care who they hurt in SL to get their kicks. They can't get away with it in RL, but SL they
  4. Perrie Juran wrote: Summer Tison wrote: That certainly does not look like the hub at Help Island, Perrie, you were at Help Island Public? No, that was one of the Info Hubs. I didn't even know they still existed till I was out sailing one day a few months ago and ran into it. Ok, no wonder I didn't recognise it
  5. That certainly does not look like the hub at Help Island, Perrie, you were at Help Island Public?
  6. Orca Flotta wrote: Hmm, I always wondered what these places are good for, really. I know when something goes awry during a TP you end up at one of those unwelcome centers and no-help islands. Then you take another LM and TP the fock outta there. I also know that some peepel actually like to hang out at these places. WTF??? Poor souls, bored and boring @$$wipes having nothing else to do than to mutually grief themselfishes. It's in fact the social underbelly of the SL population and no self-respecting avatar should spend any time at those sad sad locations. GUILTY AS CHARGED :matte-motes-
  7. Are you sure you mean Help Island, and not Orientation Island? I'm a regular at Help, and on the whole, other regulars are very nice, and so helpful. Sure, you get the odd troll and griefer, like any other Welcome Area, but most people that are regulars are not youngsters, but adults of an older age group. If you think Help Island is a bad place...steer clear of Korea, Ahern and Violet...scrap that, never go to any of the old Welcome Areas, they are all a hotbed of weirdos like me
  8. Nagumi Yazimoto wrote: I need new frends to go to "key sims" and speak and interact with the residents there on my behalf. After having learned my ways and ideas regarding dealing with these sims in the residents/visitors in them, I feel it will be a great learning event for both new and old users. And thank you Nancy, I will contact you as soon as soon I am able. As I've said, I am hoping to help new and old players, and make new friends, nothing regarding harming other users. Thank you for your repys all. This sounds so odd, if you like helping new residents why not find new places? Wh
  9. LoriLexa wrote: Hi Summer I didn't spend that much, about 100L. My mistake was not trying the demo. I usually try demos 95% of the time but I just grabbed these because I was happy that it had a hud with about 8 different color selections for the shoes & naills. From now on I'm trying demos 100% of the time. I will look into GOS, thank you for the recommendation. Hi Lori, You won't be disappointed but you may find yourself with a huge shoe fetish If you join the GOS Boutique group you'll get a 10% credit for every pair you buy (make sure to always wear the group tag whe
  10. They look better than they did, but it looks like your legs may need to be a little thinner, or try a large size shoe maybe. The colour match will always be an issue, simply because of lighting/other people's windlight setting, etc. I'm not sure how expensive the shoes were but I know I have spent 1000's of Lindens in the past on shoes I just couldn't get right, now I buy from GOS, no more colour matching, and a perfect fit everytime, they are not cheap, but worth every L$.
  11. GiaDefranco wrote: I couldn't find an ao liked either, your best bet is to make your own ! Its kind of a chore but that's the only way you will get one that your completely happy with. Almost all Ao's are the top. Vista is horrid when it comes to head movements by the way your avie will look every except in the direction of the person your talking too ! That was a pet peeve of mine as well. Not to mention they cost a fortune. why would you want to pay 1800 lindens just to keep your avie paused in one pose? that makes no sense. just saying. however if you don't want to make your own
  12. Try out some of the AO's at Vista Animations, you can stop the AO at one animation so you're not running through that whole sequence, so while some are quite animated others are more sedentary.
  13. I occassionally hang out at Help Island. There are a regular group of people there who I chat with. None of them ask about my personal life and I never ask about theirs either. Over time I have got to know where most are from and the sort of age group they belong to, but that is because of stuff that is spoken about in local chat, so you have the choice to add a little about yourself if you wish, or not, doesn't seem to make any difference. Of course, that doesn't stop the random IMs off people passing through, it can be tedious answering the same questions, 'how are you'? 'where are you fr
  14. My favourite used to be LAQ/ Laqroki, I stuck to the same hair for 3 years...now I buy hair from most of the places already mentioned and tend to change my style frequently, depending on what I wear. Flexi can be great, but it depends on your AO, some are very animated and the longer styles can disappear into the body. So try as many Demo styles as you can, see which work with your AO best, and don't get stuck in a rut like I once did. P.S. if you like to wear gowns for dancing, nothing looks nicer than an updo, it shows off the dress and if you get a flexi one with loose curls it moves bea
  15. I used to be called Barbie, so many people said my avatar looked like Barbie, until one day someone said I looked like Paris Hilton...that was a step too far!! I've evolved since then and now I just look like Summer (who likes to think she's a celeb in her own right ). You see all sorts around the grid, Michael Jacksons, Superman etc, each to their own, but individuality does it for me every time. If you do find your JayZ, make sure he puts a ring on it.
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