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  1. Oh, good to know...thanks!
  2. Thank you. Yes, it is that kind of tattoo and I was afraid it would require an applier. It was made by a friend of the person who gave it to me...not sure if she has a business where she would have a need for appliers...plus, it is a one-of-a-kind custom tattoo. Perhaps I can find someone who will make an applier for me if I pay them well enough. The tattoo is important enough to me that I am willing to fork out for it.
  3. I just got the Slink physique yesterday. I went with Slink because I was already using the hands and feet. My skin maker has an applier, so I was able to use my own skin (they did NOT have an applier when I looked a week ago, so that shows how fast things can change). I stuck with my own head and have no issues with the neck. I love the body. The butt in particular looks a lot more natural in different poses than a non-mesh butt. My problem is that I have a tattoo that is very special to me and I am wondering if there is anyway to get it to show. Enabling the tattoo layer on the HUD leaves on
  4. Thanks. Earthstones made the earrings. They have pearl jewelry on the second floor that is quite inexpensive but very nice.
  5. Thank you. I will look for that light. However, Theresa had earlier mentioned that being in 'Edit Appearance' can affect the lighting and that may indeed be what was happening, as I was on a posestand. Here is me on a posestand on the left and me au natural on the right. Same lighting; huge difference. Who'da thunk it? Thanks for all the replies, .
  6. Hmmmm...are there facelights someone can wear without anyone else knowing? Most I've seen light up the room like an airport runway.
  7. here is a photo of the skin. You can see the grayish shading beside her nose. To some it would not be a big deal, but others in the same lighting did not have this flaw. I was using the shape Laq recommends for this skin.
  8. Sure. Will do when I am next inworld....and thanks!
  9. Well, most of the time I was standing on a posestand, but I scanned the store and looked at others from that stationary position. My Sir was with me and He was seeing the exact thing. I also tried the demos again back home on His SIM. I do appreciate the advice and I understand what you are saying about polygons and lighting. We are just very puzzled, lol.
  10. Actually, I did mention it in my first post, : 'Others trying on demos in the store did not have this issue. Any thoughts?' Demo shapes, however, are not mod. Presumably, they are optimized for the skin they are paired with. this is why it makes no sense to me.
  11. Honestly, I am not trying to influence how anyone else sees me. The point is: I am in the store. I try on a demo skin with the recommended shape for that skin. I have weird light gray shading (subtle but noticeable) beside my nose. I try on another demo. Same thing. I look around the store at others trying on demos and no one else has this issue...under the same lighting. Looking for possible solutions, if any. Tried some nose tweaking but maybe there is a specific metric I could tweak. Thanks.
  12. The curious thing is that others demoing skins in the same store under the same lighting do not have this shading issue..
  13. I do experiment with windlights, but that only changes my view, not that of others, no?
  14. Kind of a follow-up to my question of who has the best shapes and skins. I have been trying on demos at Laq, using the recommended shape for the skin. There always seems to be a little bit of grayish shading on each side of the nose. The only suggestion I got from friends is that it may be nose size. I went ahead and bought a shape and skin so I could play with the dimensions of the nose. I can't seem to find the magic bullet to eliminate. Others trying on demos in the store did not have this issue. Any thoughts?
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