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  1. slBEYONCE


    i understand and thats why i apologized for that aspect of it. but i just think its funny how people want to keep pointing out my mistakes with the rules, but no one really gives a sh!t that these people were extremely rude for no reason. its okay though, im not going to let people i dont even know or give two sh!ts about on the internet upset me any further. everyone have fun, done with this thread
  2. slBEYONCE


    respecting the rules is one thing, and i never meant to show disrespect for rules, so for that i apologize but slamming people for fun isnt cool.
  3. slBEYONCE


    what is the big deal? if you guys think im stupid or have a problem with my post i dont understand why you arent mature enough to just ignore it. celebrity skins etc are sold on MP. does it really bother you all so bad that i just wanted to see if anyone was interested?
  4. slBEYONCE


    okay, well if you wanna be rude you should have just ignored this post
  5. slBEYONCE


    hey everyone! Ive created a beautiful beyonce avatar. just for fun. if anyone wants to chill please let me know. im actually interested in finding a jay z. i think that would be hilarious and someone has made a pretty good looking jay z avatar that is for sale on MP. im thinking of creating a new avi for him myself but i dont know how i would let someone play on the account without them having access to my CC info so ill figure that one out later. actually, wouldnt it be fun to have a little celebrity entourage? if any of you have any celeb avis at all plz add me so we can hang out. add me , SLBEYONCE
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