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  1. To those who replied here recently - thank you for your posts and I'm really glad to hear there is so much interest in this! The group is currently full, but I will make note of who was interested here in case any slots open up later on. Also I'll talk with the group about having spectators during some sessions. If they are comfortable with that it would be ok with me. I'll update here once we have that decided.
  2. Oh it's an honor to have you visiting the thread! Without your wonderful tabletop system I'd probably not be doing this. Thanks for the reminder about the notice board in the hall I will definitely try that! And thanks for the heads up on Saving Throw - will have to check that out. Lewis it would be great to have you in the group! The time of the game sessions will vary quite a bit, the 8 PM thing last night was only for a coordinating meeting, making characters etc. The actual first play session we've scheduled is 2 PM SLT on Sept 27th. We may be able to shift that slightly earlier t
  3. Looking for 1-3 more D&D 5E players to join a sandbox campaign in my homebrew world using a virtual tabletop within Second Life. We have 2 players so far and this is the very beginning of the campaign. All genders and orientations welcome. Furries are welcome (we have one ratfolk so far) and the setting supports just about any anthropomorphic animal you'd want to play. I'm very open to homebrewing any custom races people have in mind (within reason). All levels of D&D experience welcome! I've played since the 80's but our 2 players so far are very new to the game. Age 18 minimum (
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