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  1. The Blue Orchid District is a sim created for fun, dine, & shop - a truly unique atmosphere that combines our nature to shop and enjoy live music and poetry. The Blue Orchid District provides our patron an enjoyable roleplay dining experience that is perfect for a romantic diner while enjoying our beautiful landscape. Each month our owners host a Live Poetry Slam that includes some of the best spoken word artist in the community and is open for all of SL. In addition, residents can ride the trolley over 12 different roleplay communities or travel via our air balloon. In the spirit of diversity we at the Blue Orchid welcome everyone to be who they are while respecting individuality. If you're seeking a favorite spot in SL that focuses on a good time without judgement, a place to shop, relax or just chill, The Blue Orchid District is definitely the destination for you!
  2. Sigma Upsilon Nu. is an official non-profit organization! We continue to unselfishly dedicated our time in raising funds and awareness for Lupus throughout the full month of May and this year there is no difference. Last year we raised $1,856.00 which all went to Lupus of America and Lupus of UK. This year we added a few more attractions and event for the month that includes our artist circle with contributions from some of the most amazing artists on the grid. Blue Orchid restaurant is finally open for a great role play experience and our 3 sim travel balloon ride has been added. The Blue Orchid District is open 24/7 with all proceeds accumulated with benefit the awareness of lupus! Please join us and make sure to participate in our photo campaign.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm Cleopatra Kellman - most people call me Cleo. I've been on the grid (on and off) since 2008. I don't do too much roleplaying although I was partnered for 2 years as Cleo and about 3 years on my alt (yes I have an alt don't you?) I am fairly active but I take multiple sabbaticals from SL due to real life. Over the years I've made several good friends as well as met some really really bad people here. I enjoy decorating and shopping (typical) and I haven't really decided yet but I think I want to design home accessories. I've been on the grid long enough to know I should be able to create content (if only I didn't have adult attention deficit 😄)
  4. After being in SL so long I've come to realized that this is a great platform to bring awareness to real life interests. One of my interest has always been about giving back, whether it is time, resources or funds I have made it a fundamental character for my family. I subconsciously brought that same mindset into second life after starting our sorority, Sigma Upsilon Nu. Since 2010, Lupus Awareness has been Sigma Upsilon Nu's charity of choice. We have unselfishly dedicated our time in raising funds and awareness throughout the full month of May. With the help of our SL sponsors, designers, and supporters we have raised $1,856.00 this year. As promised these proceeds will be donated to Lupus of America and Lupus of UK. We would like to thank everyone who participated by attending our events, supported as a sponsor, a contributor, a planner, a designer or just simply forwarded our information. We appreciated all your efforts! See you next year. Because of Covid we've realized that we could and should do more. In January 2012 we submitted paperwork for our 501c3 and moved forward in our decision to maintain The Lupus Awareness Foundation inworld. Our goal is to host support groups in the SL community for lupus survivors as well as family and friends. With the help of informed volunteers & committed supporters, we will be able to increase awareness of lupus, provide support groups & services, rally support for those who are affected by lupus & advocate on their behalf, & raise money to support research & education programs in the US & UK. Here are a few photos of those who supported our 2021 photo campaign.
  5. Is the Linden viewer updated with the Bento skeleton?
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    I had a full sim that was lost what do I have to do to get it back and have the items rolled back? I lost the land in March. The region was "The Red Door" the owner was Jewel Twine.
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