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  1. New gaming system is looking for animations! We are hiring two animators to work with our new gaming system. Requirements: Bento Animations High priority Looped & Unlooped Variety Will pay per pack or per animation! Please contact Krysta Ember in world!
  2. We are currently looking for a responsible dependable individual with experience in photoshop and photography to do our vendor ads for an upcoming business. Payment will be made in lindens per ad. Please contact Krysta Ember for more information inworld!
  3. DLS is looking for a scripter! Are you comfortable with LSL? Love databases? Do you play with PHP and MYSQL For fun??? Then you are exactly who we are looking for! If you are great at working with a team of people dedicated to quality design, marketing, and creation then this is the place for you....contact Krysta Ember in world for more information! Required: Knowledge in LSL, PHP, MYSQL, and database work.
  4. Digital Living System is looking for an original mesh designer to help create mesh items for a living system. Requirements: Blender Proficient Able to Texture all mesh items Ability to meet deadlines Creative Takes Constructive Criticism and Direction well A team player Rigging is not required, but the desire to learn it eventually is a big plus. Professionalism Discreet Examples of Mesh Work Needed: Food Dishes Furniture Items Decor Items This is a long-term project that will offer consistent work for quality mesh designers. If you are interested please contact Krysta Ember inworld or send a notecard for more information. We look forward to working with you!
  5. We are looking for a few good animations to go along with our game development within SecondLife. We will pay for each animation full perm and will require anywhere from 12 to 15 animations. Requirement: Ability to create and upload seamless animations. Ability to take feedback and apply any changes needed. Examples of what we may need: Some one wiping brow and slowly moving down to a sit position to rest Someone tapping chin or glancing at watch bored Please contact Krysta Ember in world for more information!
  6. We are currently looking for qualified scripters to work on a long-term project. Knowledge of LSL, PHP, and MYSQL is required. Requirements: Working Knowledge and Understanding of LSL, PHP, and MYSQL. Non-Compete Contract Signature Ability to take feedback and work with other coders and designers to an end product. This is for the beginning stages of game development within SecondLife. Please contact Krysta Ember in-world for more information.
  7. I think the customer should maybe state the issue was taken care of....but as a designer, I wouldn't ask them to change it. I'd hope they would, but I wouldn't ask.
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