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  1. Ok, I'll look it up. Somewhat new to BD, so this is useful info!
  2. Hi all. Does anyone know how to enable advance lighting in BD? I'm currently in the middle of a photoshoot, but can't seem to find the AL feature. I have looked high and low and couldn't find a form dedicated to anything related to the Black Dragon viewer, so I figured I'd post my message here. Thanks in advance.
  3. None of the above pertains to me. It started acting up hours ago, others were saying the same thing, and now, it's fine.
  4. As are you. It's working fine now, so that's that. Thanks for your input anyway.
  5. That's you though! And I tried logging in with the LL viewer and it works. Again, Firestorm is having issues.
  6. It's not my computer nor my connection, for both are always in perfect order. And as I said before, I never have issues with the viewer, so it's not me, it's Firestorm.
  7. Yes! I did everything but download the LL viewer.
  8. I don't have the original SL viewer on my laptop. Jeez, I haven't had that viewer in years lol. But I probably should give it a try. You know, I was thinking the same thing regarding them fixing the viewer. I sure hope it's soon. And I deleted the recent version that was out shortly after installing of the newer version. I now regret this! Thanks for your reply.
  9. Hi. I'm having serious issues with Firestorm at the moment and I'm not quite sure why! For starters, I never have issues with loading, updates or anything involving signing in, so you can imagine my level of frustration at the moment. Now, everything has been running smoothly with the current updated. Then today, a major case of lagging began to kick in, and suddenly Firestorm just stopped working all together. I signed back in only to see the orange poof that appears during rezz...and nothing else. The landscape shows up, but not completely. And now, as of this very moment, I'm not able to si
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