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  1. This too has happened to me for years now. I always enjoy checking my email to see the missing piece of the puzzle in the conversation I'd been having. I'm interested to know why it happens too.
  2. That would explain why I never heard from them.
  3. I remember the Mentors and actually I applied to be one several years later. I figured I would pay it forward considering the dragon helped me. I never heard from LL so instead I became a SL model. Do they still have the Mentor program?
  4. A little over 13 years ago I read an article about Second Life in our local newspaper and it sounded interesting so I went home, created an avatar and logged on. I ended up on Orientation Island at first and then I ended up being teleported to Korea9 when I clicked on a billboard. I stayed there for an entire week because I didn't know how to use my map or search or teleport anywhere else. I met a dragon (some really young kid in RL) who taught me how to teleport and then a whole new set of options opened up for me. It was a good thing he did because I was just about ready to leave Second Life for good since I couldn't understand the point if I never did anything or went anywhere. Anyway, I never did thank the dragon, though, because once I left Korea9 I never went back.
  5. Continue to work because you know damn well that one way or another that "handsome" person will rip your heart out somehow by lying, cheating, drinking too much or using you because you make more money than he does. The fantasy is always better than the reality so admire from afar as you would a nice painting.
  6. I would have guessed that pic was at least circa 10 years ago and not 2. 🤐 On another note, I'd look into the theft matter.
  7. HipHop is not my thing but if I was passionate about it and didn't find many DJ's or clubs playing it, I'd research the desire for it and if the desire and public response warranted it, I'd open my own club. You can hire DJ's to play that type of music (and I use that term loosely here lol) and most will work for their own tips. Your investment would be rent (unless you already own enough land to place a club), structures/furnishings and advertising. It's just a suggestion to give some thought to.
  8. If you need more than 5, create and/or use another email address. The 5 alt limit has been around for years.
  9. Sometimes when this happens you have to open the boxes the old fashioned way. That means physically placing the box on the ground and opening from there instead of adding/wearing the box and opening.
  10. I guess I don't totally dislike system avi's but I personally wouldn't go back to wearing one. I enjoy having realistic features and taking advantage of the strides that creators have made so that we can now enjoy the "better things in SLife" as far as our avi bodies are concerned. Whenever I go to clubs I'm amazed at how many people still have system avi's, flexi hair, club hands and bulging eyeballs so I guess you're not entirely outdated. I don't judge but I do laugh to myself as I remember what I once looked like. I don't think you can ask if it would make a difference in the people you'll meet or the jobs because everyone has different preferences. I certainly would speak with you in SL if I met you but I'd never date you if you were a guy and you hadn't updated your avi. That's just me, though, and I speak for no one else.
  11. 8 years is a long time! Welcome back and be sure to take things one step at a time and some deep breaths because a lot has changed. I think it's different when you've never been in SL before, opposed to someone who has been and left and then returns. I'd say one of the main things that changed (and changed how we look) is that everything is mesh.
  12. Linda Reddevil

    Any Idea?

    Those upturned lips remind me more of Catwa heads.
  13. I rarely give it much thought. I wear what I think will look good and only sometimes do I get floored by how high my complexity is. I won't change what I'm wearing but I am mindful of it, and will wear another outfit (hair) with less complexity if I'm attending a crowded event or club.
  14. I've been in SL almost 13 years and there's still so much I don't know!
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