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  1. I just recommended SL yesterday to a Facebook friend who's daughter is a senior in high school. I guess the daughter and her friends were joking around about having a virtual prom since they can't have a real one this year. Of course, I piped in and said it wasn't a bad idea and left a link to Second Life and told her if they needed help to let me know.
  2. It's amazing how many people won't contact the seller. I've had to do it a number of times especially when I'm at an event and can't buy something they forgot to set for sale. A number of occasions the sellers told me they wondered why no one was buying their items. If they don't know, they can't fix it!
  3. Guess everyone has to have some sort of mission in life.
  4. I can only imagine the uproar if Ebbe was a woman and you posted this same type of thing wishing that she looked more like a business woman instead of a supermodel. 🙄
  5. Marketing! Back then you'd find articles about SL in newspapers and magazines. Even TV shows hopped on the wagon and created episodes about SL even if they didn't actually say the name Second Life. If people know about it, via some sort of marketing, they'll at least be curious and log in like I did almost 14 years ago. Whenever I mention SL to anyone now, they give me this blank stare and ask what the hell is SL. This explains why all of the Welcome Areas are empty!
  6. I think I wrote that it was kind of him to explain, didn't I? I feel so....so misunderstood. Geesh.
  7. You're not hurting my feelings or going to get a rise out of me. I voted for the guy and will again. I appreciate your attempt though. Lol
  8. Thought I was but hey, you can read into it what you want. Btw, it's to "AN" account.
  9. If they didn't ask, there'd be a post about the many ways you could sue LL for not verifying who you are. Again, there is no number you can call, in this day and age, that your identity isn't verified FIRST!
  10. Rule of thumb is that if you initiated the call and they ask those questions then you're OK to answer. It's for your protection! What if your simple non-account specific questions turned into more account specific? Also, there is no where you can call nowadays that doesn't ask you security questions first and to verify your identity, so I don't really understand why you felt so put out.
  11. I never liked Plurk either. One more thing I forgot to mention is to apply to "blogger feeds" such as Be Happy in SL. Once your blog is accepted, it will reach far more people. If you post on Flickr, also post it to numerous groups there for exposure. Don't forget to follow people and fave. Same thing applies to Facebook. If you want exposure, you're going to have to do some work to get it. 👍 Http://www.lindareddevil.com (thought I'd slip that in there) lol
  12. Flickr is still quite active! Discord also has groups or servers you can join for bloggers and post a link to your recent post there. Join in-world blogger support groups and advertise your blog there too.
  13. I only post when I feel I can be helpful or I just have to voice my opinion. I don't do it for any likes or to increase the amount of posts I have.
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