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  1. Unfortunately not, he's trying to access the marketplace right now and all it does is send him back to the original page before he tried logging in, while he is still logged out.
  2. Hello! My partner, Ayyker, has been unable to log into the website all day. He's able to log into the viewer, however. Any idea as to how to maybe fix this, or should he contact support? I have to ask this question due to him being unable to sign in.
  3. Thank you, I moved to a better area and hid the textures in a smaller hidden part. Works perfectly, glad to have this knowledge for the future. 🙂
  4. After a good hour or two of fiddling with a script, I've gotten it to switch between 3 textures (the first and last one being the same texture so it goes back to normal) on a random interval. However, every time it switches the texture to the new ones, it goes blurry like it isn't loading. Is there something wrong with maybe my area having too many textures, or is it because the texture is too large and can't load when it switches very fast? This is on a mesh object as well. I've tried slowing the time it takes to switch textures in the script so maybe it could have some time to load, but
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