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  1. I was charged for gifting a 5010L head to someone. I didn't buy this and don't know the person. I submitted a ticket but as usual haven't heard anything. Does anyone know what I can do about this?
  2. So I have to abandon the 1024 meter land I have to get a house boat, Not happening I paid a lot for the little piece of land. Besides my account says I have that much but when I try to buy the boat it says I don't.
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    I tried to get House boat, but it says I have to upgrade account to have 1024. Well I already have that much land but it says I don't when I go for boat. Any idea what is up with that? I have been a premium member for over 14 years.
  4. I have bought a few ready made mesh things, they come with uv map and alpha, is there a tutorial somewhere that I can learn to use these? As it is now they are useless to me and I would like to learn to use them. I don't want to make them just how to use the ones that come with things I buy. Trying to learn but don't know where to look.
  5. I can hear streams everywhere I go in SL. When I go to hear one performer in the last week I can't hear her stream, this has happened at several venues with same performer. I have also tried putting it in Winamp and singularity. Any idea? I have also done a clean install of firestorm.
  6. I see L500 in my transaction history and I have no idea what it is, how do I find out who it went to? There is nothing new in my inventory to check it against and I don't remember buying anything for that amount today.
  7. I know there are cetains land but i forget them.
  8. Among other things I can no longer do in SL using the distant draw is one of them. Could someone tell me where it went. Wish there was a complete guide for Viewer 2, the ones i have seen are pretty basic and don't tell a lot. Hope someone can help.
  9. This is about the forth time i have tried to us viewer2, omg. Can't see what altitude I am, can't find number of items in inventory. Im's the way they work is just a royal pain in the A--. Please dont ever force us to use it, the other was so easy. You came to sl and you could jump right in doing things, but not with viewer 2. Let us choose which one we want to use please.
  10. Ariaias may not be spelling bee champs, knowledgeable about proper wording and all the other things you you think yourself to be, but they have a valid point. For those of us that are common everyday people and like to play SL the new viewers suck. I am not ignorant about the workings of SL I have been here over 5 years and I still am of the opinion viewer 2 sucks. If the Lindens had a viewer that was people friendly then maybe so many would not be bailing on SL and finding other games. after all it is a game to be enjoyed by all geek and "ignorant gallery" alike. You must not of had a very nice Christmas to be so mean the day after. Try to get your point across without getting so nasty. Now welcome to rip me up.
  11. Geeh i wonder if 2.4 will be any worse than 2.0, omg they need to go back to old screen where you can actually do things and find them. If it wasn't for other viewers I would leave SL because of viewer 2.
  12. Can't wait till Rod takes over. Maybe he will be able to breathe new life in to SL. Hope he can bring it back to what it once was, a great place to have fun and be creative. Welcome aboard.
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