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  1. Yes that is a drafting table, I got it from AppleFall when I had a tiny little cottage before I'm a big fan of keeping it airy (plus it wouldn't play havoc to my camera if I made it all into rooms!) The neon light I thought it to give it something to look at instead of a flat ceiling
  2. I'll throw my 2 cents in. I have had this avatar for 14 years, haven't had premium for years until last month (I know I'm late to the premium boat party), but judging from the high popularity of certain homes on Bellisseria, I already knew there was a low chance of me finding the perfect home, let alone location. I did try with traditional, victorians and it didn't fit my modern sleek bachelor pad feel, so hence started my search for houseboats where I figured was a better look and fit for what I wanted. Yet as many are aware, houseboats are as rare as ever, especially living in a time zone wh
  3. Must be me stepping into your shoes now! This is my first place as well, thanks to some members of the community for helping me find a houseboat too! (as seen on the other threads). So after decorating it, it sure does make it feel like.a place to call home! Feel free to visit my place if you need to get that feeling PM me for the location!
  4. True, I just bish, bash, bosh something to make it look like a sleek, modern, bachelor pad where if people do come and visit can rest and chat! Now the boat is a different matter entirely, completely lost finding my way back! 🤣
  5. Posted my erm "decorating skills" into the Photo thread here Hopefully it passes the test that its not a pile of meshy prims
  6. Figured I would share the interior of my houseboat for your scrutiny, I am a very indecisive as to what goes into a home, more so houseboat!
  7. No, thank YOU for attempting to help me (plus all the hidden tricks of the trade! )And I'll be sure to try and post some images, if my interior decorating is to be desired... (I'm still open for interior designers!)
  8. I will do @Mercedes Avon and thanks @Christhiana Like a kid at a candy store with all that shops!
  9. Sweet! Once I get mine set up will post some embarrassing photos of a bachelors pad Thanks @Claire Atheria for those stores too! Gives me chance to look around more stores too!
  10. This sure looks just what I need! Are you open for interior designing consulting? You would be perfect for clueless shoppers like myself! It's great to see what other residents go to furniture stores as people like myself has never heard of them! Here's another one for you too, how about a perfect spot to get a boat?
  11. Modern and sleek... kind of like the below (If there was an IKEA or an interior designer, one perfect bachelor's pad)
  12. Settled for the Windlass Style, and now spoilt for choice to find the perfect sofa Do recommend stores if you know
  13. Usually, I would be a little shy at posting on Community forums, but I have to say that this week, a few of you has either messaged me or pinged me inworld, offering their help to end my search of playing Game of Houseboats by offering their Houseboats for me! Would like to thank @karynmaria, @Marisa Starbrook and @Sienna Rossini for their kind offers, a few that I was too slow to grab (shakes fist at his Internet), I've finally made my home with Sienna's help! Thank you! One very happy boater and soon to be one very sad wallet at shopping for boats...
  14. Time to start up Game of Houseboats once more! Man I am unlucky, popped up and gone in a flash! Right when it was processing >.>
  15. I won't mind, but you got first dibs Was pondering how life travelling in a boat would be like and hence playing Game of Houseboats
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