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  1. I did get a cheap insert that kinda works. The same textures look completely different though on the insert and on the regular walls. I really don't know if I can adapt to people being 15m from me all the time, but all those extra prims have me drooling
  2. Thanks Lil....It's a really tough decision. My Willow home is almost right on the sim line next to the protected park. There are rarely more than 1 or 2 people on the sim, it's quiet. There's been 3-4 on Beluga since I got here. The houseboat has a Linden road right behind it, and houses across the street. I suspect it may end up having a lot of traffic. I've decided to sleep on it.
  3. So, my alt managed to get a houseboat. Now I have to make a huge decision whether to give up my extremely private Willow house (that looks out over a Linden protected park) where I've lived for many years. I just want to know whose brilliant idea it was not to let all of the walls of the Windlass model be repainted. 😐
  4. *jumps in the middle of the thread* Hiya folks, LTNS! RL is good....only logged in today for the first time this year! Just wanted to say hi Hope all is well with everyone!
  5. Fun, fun! Btw, thanks for the tips about eXxEsS (boy that's hard to type). I've now acquired 3 new hairs....love the movement!
  6. I would not have been able to wait....and I am having some serious puter envy over here!
  7. A friend of mine, every bit as old as me, messaged me the other day and said "I can't believe, after 10 years, I was still stupid enough to click that link". Ummm...no comment?
  8. Slink has a page that does automatching on a great many skins. That should help you somewhat. https://slinkstyle.com/appliers_non-applier-matches/ ETA: Trust me, I do understand the frustration and sympathize!
  9. Did you buy a body? Maitreya has feet built in....flat, medium and high.
  10. As I prepare to go to Europe in October for 2 wks, I'm kinda saving my pennies. But I do think I'll be head shopping again when possible.
  11. Been there, done that! One word repeatedly: Demo, demo, demo. Demo every head with every skin that you like. I'm happy with my Maitreya body. Still not 100% on the Catwa head I purchased.
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