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  1. Through the years....to exactly 2010 2020
  2. The covenant on the OLD Linden homes doesn't address security orbs at all. It is only Bellisseria that has those restrictions. So really, there is nothing wrong with the ad.
  3. Where do I say anything remotely close to this? I believe that's what I said below. Here is the important part of this that everyone seems to have missed. I talk to a LOT of people on a daily basis...this topic comes up often. So now that you've made much ado about nothing - and yes, I probably shouldn't have bothered posting - I'm adjourning.
  4. That is not at all what I said. Read it again. Slowly this time, and don't make assumptions.
  5. Decided that just might get me in trouble with the powers that be
  6. LOL...boy, do you have it wrong. I don't give af how you or anyone else dresses. I was simply reminding designers that there is more to fashion life than T&A. And that conservative little picture you had going there....incorrect.
  7. It already was hours ago https://gyazo.com/b1e86fdef58248d5f5603ab4e7a59e46
  8. It is actually correct, per the Firestorm group, and my own settings: /*Windlight Sky: "blackskymoon"RegionOverride*/
  9. My current membership was up for renewal January 21. It was great timing. Not sure if I'll do my alt's, but she does hold the house I'm keeping, so maybe.
  10. You'll find artistic photos, some nudes dated years ago, and exactly ONE that comes close to "letting it hang out" in the past 5 years. Thank you for judging. And yes, I completely acknowledge that there is a large market for T&A. I'm sure the market for clothes that actually cover someone is much smaller. But the money we spend is just as good as the T&A crowd's money. All I'm saying is if that's all someone offers, I very probably won't go back.
  11. Oh, I know there's definitely a market for it....but it's not the ONLY market. Please drop me your lm in world. I'm definitely hunting for stores that offer more than the same old same old.
  12. Dear Designers, Take a look around your store. If 99% of what you're selling is "club wear" with T&A hanging out...you can trust that I won't be shopping in your store, and probably won't even be back. While it's fine for some, not everyone wants to dress like that. While I may only be one shopper, believe me, there are more of us out there than you know and collectively, it will add up. Sign me, A mature woman who doesn't feel the need to let it all hang out
  13. I just bought a 512 on Harbourne....there are several of those 16/32s there. While looking for a parcel to buy, I saw them all over the place.
  14. I had the whole log, but didn't want to name names
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