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  1. I've read old threads about what texture organizers people were using. But it's almost 2020 and new products develop all the time. What texture organizer have you found that works the best? If it doesn't delete duplicates, that's a no from me.
  2. Saw one wayyyyy worse than that...three big outhouses, trash everywhere, broken down cars stacked up in the driveway. I found that WAY more offensive than bright snow on the ground. But....none of my business how someone decorates their house so off I went.
  3. [2019/11/08 14:15] Patch Linden: Once upon a time, there was 3 huge newklear reaktors... and that area was also named 3 Meter Island [2019/11/08 14:15] Patch Linden: Residents found this, and partied their hearts out in the cooling towers [2019/11/08 14:16] Patch Linden: Little did they know of the spent cooling rods strew about the ground in those cooling towers [2019/11/08 14:16] Patch Linden: Suddenly green glowing things, 3-eyed fish and other strange things started happening [2019/11/08 14:17] Patch Linden: A certain evil cat even lost a life there from the radiation poisoning [2019/11/08 14:18] Patch Linden: Then came the cover.... err clean up [2019/11/08 14:18] Patch Linden: A beautiful park now resides at this location, but beware of strange happenings and DO NOT drink the water. I've always wondered why it's unusually warm in the water there to... and it's not yellow! [2019/11/08 14:20] Patch Linden: Someone should capture this story and put it in the history books of Bellisseria [2019/11/08 14:21] Patch Linden: There are ghosts for sure, but I haven't seen aliens... yet [2019/11/08 14:21] Patch Linden: The forums might be a good place to store history [2019/11/08 14:21] Patch Linden: I mean I could add in what brought it on [2019/11/08 14:22] Patch Linden: Once upon a time.... in this very group, we were talking about the amount of power required to run my house at Christmas [2019/11/08 14:23] Whitney Linden: True story [2019/11/08 14:23] Patch Linden: I said it'll require it's own newklear reaktors.... and thus forth it was built. Something has to feed my Griswold like habits. [2019/11/08 14:24] Whitney Linden: /me thinks every Friday should end with Storytime with Patch [2019/11/08 14:25] Patch Linden: Squishy planted a bomb in the base of one of them, and when people started dancing on it...... well that didn't end well.
  4. It was an innocent question, I swear! Has learned the true meaning of "brouhaha".
  5. lol....sounds like north Texas, except for 2011 when we got 11" and the world stood still for a week.
  6. That isn't what I said. I said: the rationale for no snow would also mean no Christmas decorations. (Emphasis added.) Snow is my decoration. I saw some houses tricked out for Halloween that were completely crazy and made the houses look different. I just don't think it's going to hurt anyone to look at artificial snow in an artificial world for a few weeks, just like I had to look at things that gross me out or terrify me for a month. I really can't even believe this is such a major discussion
  7. I am not the only one who dislikes Halloween, believe me. Do I honestly need to name names?
  8. And not everyone celebrates Halloween....but we tolerated it because other people DO.
  9. I personally despise all things Halloween. If I saw something I didn't like, I derendered. I sure as heck didn't tell people they couldn't put it out.
  10. It's not like we're putting up pink and purple snow and that it's going to stay forever. It's Christmas.....the rationale for no snow would also mean no Christmas decorations.
  11. The Lindens have already indicated they will not do overall snow *pouts*
  12. I just want snow for the holidays. It's not breaking the theme, the house doesn't change, it just gets added snow.
  13. Are any of you creative types working on a "snow covered roof" add-on for the trads?
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