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  1. Yes it was very helpful and that it's so complicated is not her fault. At least someone answered with details!
  2. "Beta grid doesn't require PIoF, the L$ you work with there is like monopoly money, looks good, feels good, but its worthless" Yes I am aware of that (they post 40000$L on my account), of course just for testing purposes! If I now could just get access to the grid but the wiki says I need to go there and when I go there it tells me to apply payment info to get access to beta and when I try to set it, it says server not found
  3. thank you for your detailed answer I really appreciate but God why is this so complicated >.< It's not like I want to start a professional shop and stuff just want to create clothing for fun and now I have to buy everything twice just to try if I like it on the long run. Can't there be like just rigged base meshs? Yes yes that's what I am doing right now! I sculpt which usually looks like a mess on the wireframe because it creates a load of triangle thingies of different sizes that are impossible to rig and weight paint and texture and so I use Blender tools to create
  4. I just recently started experiments with Blender and it can do so much! Just learning sculpting and did my fist steps in retopology methods and thought it could be a good practice to create fashion for SL since retopo is basically just putting a new mesh on an existing one. I figured like everyone uses Blender by now for clothings but I couldn't find any tutorials that cover the very basics like from scratch to build clothings and stuff for SL mesh avatars. Especially I am looking for how to create a piece of garment and have it autofit to the most used mesh bodies. Are there SDKs? The documen
  5. Thank you for the information. Fake wandering flyer I can't use because it needs to work over any prim. I think keyframes is the best option here
  6. Yes, land rezzing takes longer too. Sometimes need to wait minutes before all grey textures finally disappeared. I am just on a sim with 3 people on it and it takes ages for everything to rez when I cam around. I just ran a few speedtests and I get full speed from the test servers.
  7. Oh so that only walks on land or on prims market as walkable? No, never got the animesh thingies. I am trying to create just a wandering orb thingy. Can that be used for flying objects at all?
  8. Yes all times better than the last few days. Even conferences with just a few people lag. I need to send messages to groups two or three times and the server tells me, that the message might have been dropped before they appear sometime later. Last time I experienced so poor group chat performance was years ago.
  9. What can I do to find out why http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlWanderWithin is not doing anything? Same for all other llCreateCharacter scripts. I already tried several sandboxes, it just does nothing
  10. Is this just me or are group chat experiencing heavy lag just recently? It's nearly impossible to talk in a group or conference chat right now... Also I notice that lands seem to rez way slower and my av needs longer to download after logging in.
  11. as HL says, I am looking for a natural clean skin (without printed on lashes, since they are extra on the head layer), no makeup, lipgloss, tattoos ect, just plain natural as born with. Freckles or spots okay. White or slightly tanned. Maitreya and omega appliers or BoM Any suggestions to try?
  12. Please note that I already adressed that in my OP: "(Btw yes I noticed the different "Environment" values on both huds but changing it on the Omega applier to 70 or any other value does nothing)." There is everything set to 0, no glossy turned on at all. Sorry that doesn't work either. The Maitreya skin gets replaced by the Maitreya Applier and the tint is set to all white. The neck fix only works for Maitreya's original skin it doesn't get affected by the applier at all: I even can have the darkest skin set, then the neckfix appears as a dark brown "collar" but the Kimbe
  13. I already contacted both, head creator's group and skin creator but no help so far... I have Maitreya body and Utilizator head and I applied the skin to both of them but I can't get them to fit seamless. I don't know what I am doing wrong. (Btw yes I noticed the different "Environment" values on both huds but changing it on the Omega applier to 70 or any other value does nothing). Head: UTILIZATOR Normie Head Body: Maitreya Lara Skin: KG Kimberly Skin
  14. I have a head from UTILIZATOR and a skin from another vendor. I applied the skin to avatar, put the tatoo layers on it and then to the head via Omega hud but it did not apply the tatoos, just the plain skin. The Omega applier aplied the skin to Maitreya body and the head properly... just the tatoos are missing.
  15. I have a skin with an omega applier but for some reason the tatoo layers that provide lipstick, freckles, lashes ect won't get applied to my bento head just the plain skin. How do I get tatoo on my head?
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