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  1. as HL says, I am looking for a natural clean skin (without printed on lashes, since they are extra on the head layer), no makeup, lipgloss, tattoos ect, just plain natural as born with. Freckles or spots okay. White or slightly tanned. Maitreya and omega appliers or BoM Any suggestions to try?
  2. Please note that I already adressed that in my OP: "(Btw yes I noticed the different "Environment" values on both huds but changing it on the Omega applier to 70 or any other value does nothing)." There is everything set to 0, no glossy turned on at all. Sorry that doesn't work either. The Maitreya skin gets replaced by the Maitreya Applier and the tint is set to all white. The neck fix only works for Maitreya's original skin it doesn't get affected by the applier at all: I even can have the darkest skin set, then the neckfix appears as a dark brown "collar" but the Kimberly Skin is still normal and not tinted. We already spoke about this in world but here for everyone else again: Yes it's the environment settings when I have shadow off, I get the heavy seam with shadows on, the seam disappears mostly. That hoewever means, that everyone around me who doesn't have shadow shaders on sees me with a seam...
  3. I already contacted both, head creator's group and skin creator but no help so far... I have Maitreya body and Utilizator head and I applied the skin to both of them but I can't get them to fit seamless. I don't know what I am doing wrong. (Btw yes I noticed the different "Environment" values on both huds but changing it on the Omega applier to 70 or any other value does nothing). Head: UTILIZATOR Normie Head Body: Maitreya Lara Skin: KG Kimberly Skin
  4. I have a head from UTILIZATOR and a skin from another vendor. I applied the skin to avatar, put the tatoo layers on it and then to the head via Omega hud but it did not apply the tatoos, just the plain skin. The Omega applier aplied the skin to Maitreya body and the head properly... just the tatoos are missing.
  5. I have a skin with an omega applier but for some reason the tatoo layers that provide lipstick, freckles, lashes ect won't get applied to my bento head just the plain skin. How do I get tatoo on my head?
  6. Thanks for the explaination. It have come a long way through. I think, the next thing they should invent should be something like geoshells. Automatically fitting attachments with extra steps and their own alpha layer. https://daz3d.com/forums/discussion/68454/simple-geoshell-tutorial
  7. Omg even more stuff to look at *sigh* I looked into my head and there is an "Omega System Listener" script in it. Sorry that I ask so many questions but before I spend hundreds on skins and head stuff I want to make sure it works. It's just so many new things to learn
  8. To be specific, the shop page says: "This head Is SLUV/Omega compatible so you have a wide selection of skins, makeup, hair bases and other options. The head is full mod too so you can add those finishing touches." Ok Omega = Omega I need an applier skin for that. And SLUV is SL UV, the original avatar? So it should support original skins?
  9. Yes I stumbled upon the BoM thing in a Maitreya group discussion and I understood nothing. I was off from second life for a while and when I came back everyone was bragging about their mesh bodies and Omegas and what not and I understand nothing anymore.
  10. I have none of such all my skins are like 10 years old. Do I need to buy new skins for that? PS: Just looked at the marketplace and there are products that say "PLEASE NOTE APPLIERS ONLY" That means I need the skin texture? And then? Does that have to be worn on my Mesh or just in inventory? This is so confusing.... PS2: Some skins say they come with appliers for mesh bodies but nothing about the specific head creator I wanted to use it for. It get's even more confusing. So the skin applies to mesh body and SL head only or would it just work on another creator's head?
  11. I am totally confused with this. I got a mesh head demo (UTILIZATOR) and it's completely white. The description says it comes with omega so I have a wide range of skins ... but how? I have tried like a zillion skins from my inventory and it never applied to my head. What is this? How do I put a texture on the head mesh?
  12. Phoebe Hazelnut


  13. The flickering appears with the wiki code, with your original and with my modification so it's probably not the code but the client. Also had that thing on a sandbox and on some rather empty random land. It runs super smooth after I moved my camera around a bit. I wasn't really able to find out when exactly the flickering appears. I also tried to make a screenshot using Print Screen button but while the flickering distorted the wheel creating zig-zag edges, the screenshot looks clean. (EDIT: The flickering also doesn't disappear when the wheel slows down with my code.) "keep my old SLPPF movement on some old things" What's SLPPF?
  14. Well yes it's difficult if you have different behaviours on different computers. I got actually quite good performance in sl with around 60 fps in normal filled places and 100-200 in an empty skybox. Here is what I made of Nova's script: Some wheel of fortune like turning thingy. But I always have to adjust my camera back and forth and left and right until it appears smoothly turning. float braking;integer steps;rotation r;float t;vector angle;float motion_time( float mt){ mt = llRound(45.0*mt)/45.0; if ( mt > 0.11111111 ) return mt; else return 0.11111111;} default{ touch_start(integer total_number) { llSetTimerEvent(0.5); braking = 1/(llFrand(100.0)+1); llOwnerSay((string)braking); } timer() { steps++; braking = llPow(0.05*steps, 2); r = llEuler2Rot(<0.0,0.0,TWO_PI/3>); t = motion_time(braking); llSetText((string)steps+"\n"+(string)braking, <1,1,1>, 1); if(braking > 20.0) { llSetKeyframedMotion([],[]); angle = llRot2Euler(llGetRot())*RAD_TO_DEG; llSetText((string)(angle.z), <1,1,1>, 1); llSetTimerEvent(0); steps = 0; } else { llSetKeyframedMotion([r,t, r,t, r,t],[KFM_DATA,KFM_ROTATION, KFM_MODE,KFM_LOOP]); } }}
  15. Hm this still has strange display behaviour. The turning jitters but looks smooth when I turn the view. When I zoom in and out it jitters and then occasionaly runs smooth again. Could that have something to do with my viewer fps (between 100 and 200fps depending on how I turned the camera)? 'I never have this weird display with llTargetOmega.
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