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  1. I got one today from a well known, rather pricey, long-time designer....with a TWO minute demo. I was glad I tried it on at home! AND every piece had a demo box hanging off of it. Sorry, pass.
  2. Ahhh, so you're the one responsible for Cindi. I "met" her today and have been searching for info on her ever since. Can you tell me a little more about her? What is a NPC? Does she do anything besides run/walk and say hello?
  3. It was actually Patch that said it, and he did not say it the way that you're presenting it here, or at all maliciously. What he said was: "I'm going to remind once again, reduced capabilities on these homes is a feature. If you desire that level of freedom, then perhaps you have outgrown the Linden Homes product." - Patch Linden I have never had a quarrel with you Garnet. Just getting the statement right. I also don't believe that Gingir was referring to you, but I don't know that for a fact. JMO.
  4. You obviously missed the post right above that. Why do you people in this forum have to be so freaking petty? I just don't get it.
  5. I just got the same message from the "Far Far Away HOA Server". AR'd the owner, a 5 day old. Then another guy shows up, dressed as a newb and he tried to speak to me in voice. Eject/ban. Security system now in place, which irritates me to no end.
  6. I haven't been back over there since my post 2 hours ago....but I do think demand has slowed down. For waterside parcels to just sit? Unheard of!
  7. So you're saying if one person, somewhere, runs his backhoe through one singular wire...the entire internet could go dark?
  8. I believe they're on auto-release now. I've been seeing them go at some pretty odd times.
  9. You scared the hell out of me!! Next time cough or something to let me know you're there!
  10. Nothing like sitting in the back of a boat all by yourself and then THIS dropping in!
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