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  1. Well, new problem with MyAnimate that I don't know how to solve. It refuses to export because there's no hip joint. I only have from ears to pelvis on it because it's just the ears I'm rigging and animating. Is it going to require the whole skeleton in order to make an animation?
  2. All I can find regarding signatures is to set my own. Thanks for the heads up on MyAniMATE though. Hopefully it will work out, once I can afford it.
  3. Thanks so much for the insight. Though I can't find your forum signature either here or on your profile page?
  4. Still looking for help on this if anyone has any insights.
  5. I only use rotation for animation, long known that one. And it's both on Beta and regular grid that it does this. Where do I find Qavimator? Seems like it wouldn't be any better than Maya. It animates properly, the movements are just what I made, but it crunches the skeleton for some undiscernible reason.
  6. I'm using Maya to rig and animate some mesh bare cat ears. I rig them and the offset joints are kept when I upload it. But as soon as I play an animation made for it, it reverts the joints to normal orientation. I can't figure what's wrong. I found one, I have to rig with Z being the up axis, but animate with Y being the up axis. But everything I try the animation still crunches them back to normal joint orientation and voids the offset joints. SL treats the animation as a deformation as well and undeform avatar returns them to the offset joints. I've been animating using the same offset joint rigging, but I tried it with the normal joint orientation and still get the same result. I've looked for help in Maya groups in SL, but no one seems to have experience with animating AND offset joints. I've been at this for days and it's driving me crazy.
  7. One more thing if you happen to know it, why is it in the Maya skeleton the spine is all folded up? Having trouble figuring out the proper orientation for it so that including the joint positions for a tail to be affected by the body type sliders won't wind up mucking up how stretched the avatar's middle is.
  8. Thanks, Cathy. Good to know. And a relief. I've actually been banging my head against this for three days. So I guess if one wanted to do an entirely full mesh av using all of them, it would have to be in separate parts?
  9. Having this same issue. All the joints are there, but it won't unblock the menu for skin weights. Did you ever figure out what was wrong for you?
  10. I tried the same texture, normals and specular maps on a cube, set to planar the same as I did on my mesh wall, stretched it, offset it some and all three stay aligned. But they refuse to stay aligned on the mesh wall. When I select a different face, the one I was just working on jumps it's normals and specular maps to their previous horizontal offset and refuses to stay at the new one aligned with the texture map. Not used to this page, not sure why you can't reply to further clarify. I do have them set as separate texture surfaces, but I'm talking about on the same surface, the normals and specular maps refuse to stay aligned with the texture map. I can set them up, line them up, but as soon as I deselect that surface, it snaps back to misaligned instead of staying lined up.
  11. Desperately trying to find the skeleton that works with Maya 2012 too. The only links I find are ones from Chosen and those links are all dead.
  12. What should a person do if they see an item on the marketplace that is blatantly ripped off from another video game or even worse, a whole store that uses full models taken directly out of said games?
  13. What should a person do if they see an item on the marketplace that is blatantly ripped off from another video game or even worse, a whole store that uses full models taken directly out of said games?
  14. Hey, Chosen. I don't suppose you can put that skeleton up for download again? It's the one for Maya 2012, right? It's just that I messed up my old one and can't find anywhere to redownload it and i've been having a hell of a time readjusting the joints back to normal.
  15. I tried to make an alt account today and it said it sent an activation email, but I never got one and there was none in my spam folder either. I understand they stopped using this activation method, but yet it tried to anyway. I can't log in on it, it doesn't show up in people search, yet trying to make it again it tells me the name is taken already. What can I do?
  16. This was fixed by using a different skeleton someone linked me to, but now I have a new problem. It doesn't rearrange my av's proportions to that of the skeleton, instead stretching the skeleton and mesh to fit the av.
  17. So I worked one problem out and now I have another. When I try to upload a rigged mesh av from Maya to SL, it twists it up. All the joint rotations are at 0. It should look like this But ends up like this
  18. Could you perhaps point me in the right direction as to how to do this? What exactly needs changing? I think I may be having the same problem.
  19. Only now my issue is, what the heck happened to it, it's all twisted This is what it should look like And with weights, this is what it winds up looking like. And much larger than designated when worn
  20. Had to fix 3 and that didn't do it, 1 was what was holding me up. Thank you SO much! You're a lifesaver!
  21. I am at my wits end here, tearing my hair out and about to cry. I have a properly rigged mesh created in Maya and exported as dae properly, I go to upload, it shows it just fine, but under the option for avatar models, the options are all greyed out. PLEASE HELP. What the heck am I doing wrong? I've followed tutorial after tutorial down to the letter and have the same process and yet their's works and mine won't allow for rigged mesh? What is going on?!
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